4. Score It

After touring a complex or two, they will all start to feel the same. You’ll say to your housemate, “You know, that one… with the extra closet?” Even if you have an elephant’s memory, you should avoid relying on your working memory to make a crucial decision like this. Take a page out of Swiech’s book and take some notes as you go instead.

“I like to have my clients assign an ‘out of 10’ number score as we leave each apartment,” advises Swiech. “That way they pretty much explain to themselves which is their favorite over the course of the day without overthinking.”

Then it feels like a show on HGTV if there’s a scoring system involved. You can remember what you like and don’t like about each place, as well as how it compares to your other stops. By the end of the touring process, there will hopefully be one clear front runner or two, at the most.

5. Trust Yourself

It sounds too simple, but Swiech may have a point here. He’s helped hundreds of people find the right fit, so he’s seen folks mull over their options and give away to worry instead of looking at the amazing potential for a cool apartment.

“It’s a big decision, so it’s going to feel natural to beat yourself up if you don’t give the decision enough respect or incubation time,” he says. “But honestly, it’s just like anything else in life. You know more about what YOU want than anyone. Make a call, move forward, and enjoy the new adventure in that awesome new apartment!”

He’s right: It’s only a lease. No one’s asking you to sign a mortgage for a homestead in a weekend. It’s a lease to an apartment and, quite honestly, the beginning of a new adventure. Whether you’re looking for apartments in Dallas or another city with quick turnarounds, trust your gut and get ready to move into that new place with confidence.