Furthermore, this type of lease can actually protect the tenant in a sticky situation, according to BNI. Here’s another side of the story to consider:

“A tenant signed a year’s lease with a landlord who stated he would later sign the lease and send a copy to the tenant. The landlord then gave the keys to the tenant who moved in. The landlord did not give a copy of the signed lease to the tenant. A month later, they got in an argument.

“The landlord told the tenant that he would not sign the lease, that the tenant was on a month-to-month basis, and the landlord was giving him a month’s notice to move. Our lawyers pointed out that the intent was to have a year’s lease; the lease, which the tenant signed, was proof of what was intended and that tenant could claim a year’s oral tenancy.”

So it’s not all bad. If you’re hunting homes to rent in Baltimore, keep this in mind before agreeing to anything verbally or in writing. If you do decide to go into an oral agreement (which, again, is not recommended), be sure to question the landlord at length about the terms of the agreement, and if something goes awry, contact Maryland professionals to uphold the bargain.