Co-Living Advice

3 Traits You Should Look For In A Roommate

Having a perfect roommate just isn’t a thing. Doesn’t mean you can’t strive for the best! Big city or small town, it’s important to know where to start when it comes to who you choose to share toilet paper and possibly most real side of yourself with. Here are 3 traits you should look for in a roommate.

  • Compatibility.
    Knowing yourself and your own personal habits will be the key to the ideal roommate. This person lives a similar lifestyle to you making for a peaceful household. If you party, don’t shack up with someone who goes to bed by 10pm. If you’re a student, find another! If you haven’t been bitten by the tidy bug it’s best not to choose a roommate who does the “white glove” check. The traits you should look for will be similar to the traits you possess. Know your lifestyle and remember, in this case- opposites do NOT attract.

  • Happy.
    Depending on how often you’re around happy people, this can be an easy one to spot. Living with a happy person is contagious. At the other end, living with a notably unhappy person can be a vacuum for your energy. Look for the type of happy vibes that aren’t superficial. If someone seems peaceful, content, and living with purpose the type of stability it can bring to their mood is palpable. THIS is who you want to be living with!

  • Trustworthy.
    Being able to tell if someone is trustworthy can be tricky. Plan a couple meetups before you choose to live with someone. Recognize how they treat your time. Do they agree on plans then bail? You can tell a person is trustworthy by how they value you and their commitment to the plans you’ve made together. At the earliest sign of shadiness, run. Living with a roommate you’re not sure can be trusted will be uncomfortable. No one deserves this.

Compatibility, trustworthiness, and happiness are 3 traits you should look for in a roommate. Roomi App can help you find roommates who get you. Once  and your perfect duo or trio have aligned use the Roomi App to find your perfectly placed, perfectly priced apartment. Happy hunting!