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Best Value Neighborhood Review: Astoria

Best Value Neighborhood Review: Astoria

Astoria has tons to offer for the price. At first glance, it might seem like a quiet, middle class neighborhood. And while that’s part of Astoria’s awesome personality, don’t let it fool you into thinking this place is boring. Delicious microbreweries, astounding Greek food, beautiful parks, and more are just waiting to be discovered everywhere you go in this incredibly diverse neighborhood. With so many designated bike paths, getting around town is easy if you don’t have a car.

Greek Food Lover And Microbrewery Enthusiast Paradise

If you can’t get enough Greek food and you’ve never met a microbrewery you didn’t like, then Astoria offers more happiness in a few city blocks than all of paradise combined. Beer gardens and little mom-and-pop Greek restaurants are plentiful. Even if you don’t have a specific destination in mind, just taking a stroll through your own neighborhood will reveal all manner of delights.

For Greek food, head on over to Tavern Kyclades. It isn’t just a top destination for Greek food within Astoria. It ranks as one of the absolute best Greek restaurants in all of New York City. The interior has art based on the famous island chain in Greece, complete with the distinctive blue and white homes and idealistic beaches.

For 25 microbrews on tap and full kitchen service until 1 AM, try Sunswick 35/35. The beer covers a range of options, from hoppy to mellow so everyone can find something they like. Hearty pub fare is on the menu, but so are more unusual options like wild mushroom fritters for the more explorative amongst you. They’ve also got trivia and bingo, which can be a fun way to introduce yourself to the locals when you first arrive.

Accessible And Interesting Art Galleries And Museums

Beyond its culinary experience, Astoria is a really educational place. Your first stop should be the Socrates Sculpture Park. Not only are there a bunch of outdoor sculptures for you to enjoy, but there are even art classes. They’re divided into adult, teen, and kids courses, so whether you go with friends or family, you’ll have something you can enjoy. Music, festivals, farmers markets, and yoga are also available there.

The Museum of the Moving Image teaches everyone about the different aspects of movies, film, television, and other digital media. They educate people about how digital media is made and how it affects our society. Their exhibitions change regularly as they examine different people, shows, and technologies.

The Kaufmen Arts District is very supportive of emerging artists. The RaR Bar has showcased a lot of previously undiscovered performers over the last nine years. If you enjoy discovering new music, then living in Astoria will give you access to a steady stream of up-and-coming talent.

Astoria has an average monthly rent of $1,243 on It’s really rare to find a place that is laid back yet exciting. Here, you can come back to a quiet home where you know your neighbors on a first name basis. Then take a bike ride to the nearest transit station and explore new foods, discover great beer, immerse yourself in new music, and have the one of a kind experience that New York City is famous for.

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