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Best Value Neighborhood Review: Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is an easily missed neighborhood with a small-town feel, sitting securely amidst the organized chaos of New York City. Located in Brooklyn and snuggled up against the Upper and Lower Bay of the Hudson River, this area offers a low key place to live with access to fast paced places to work. Getting to Manhattan’s Union State takes 40 minutes, which might be a bit much for some. But it also ensures that the low cost of living in the area stays that way.

What Do Bicyclists, Runners, And Stunning Seashore Views Have In Common?

Bay Ridge, as it turns out. This is a great part of town to rent a bike and cruise around, take in glistening views of the bay, watch elegant ferries float along. Stop to take in the sunset with the live action soundtrack of seagulls calling in the background. Shore Park has an especially nice bike path if you want to go for a ride. There are some entertaining and at times intense pick-up basketball games to be had if you’re feeling up to it.

If jogging or walking is more your thing, there are some nice, quiet parks to enjoy. Owl’s Head Park has gently rolling hills and views of the gorgeous Verrazano Narrows Bridge that connects Brooklyn with Staten Island. It’s also a sweet spot for a picnic or a low-key game of Frisbee if you want to relax. The shade of the park’s plentiful trees is just made for lying in.

Affordable And Amazing Food: What Small Towns Do Best

Nobody does great eats that are easy on the wallet like small towns. Nobody. Bay Ridge has a great mix of Irish, Italian, and Arabic residents and the many delicious restaurants to prove it.

The Wicked Monk offers fantastic food and beer in a unique atmosphere, which has a cathedral-turned-pub feel to it. They have great choices for lunch, brunch, dinner, and special late options for night owls. It hosts live events from music to MMA.

Middle Eastern food enthusiasts can head right on over to the Tanoreen. They have amazing options for dining in and offer catering services as well. For dessert, try the house special knafeh. Crispy layers of fillo filled dough filled with sweet cream cheese, soaked in orange blossom syrup and topped with crunchy pistachios. That blurs the line between food and a magic trick.

For something a little classier, try Ginos. Established in 1964, they boast the best Italian food and pizza in Brooklyn for over 50 years. While that’s a pretty big claim, 50 years of happy customers is a pretty big accomplishment. Just a quick heads up, they’re closed on Mondays. Which shouldn’t be a big deal. You didn’t really want to carb-load yourself on the first day of the work week, right?

Try Bay Ridge For Affordable Small Town Living In The Big Apple

Bay Ridge has apartments starting in the $924 range on It offers a chance to slow down, enjoy the ocean, and get to know your neighbors. Ditch the chain restaurants and overpriced ego-trips and become a regular at one of the delectable mom-and-pop style ethnic restaurants.

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