5 Tips To Hiring Trustworthy NYC Movers

You’ve completed all the packing, probably, and now you’re ready to get all your stuff to your new dream home, but how do you find NYC movers who won’t play volleyball with your fine china? These tips will help you find people to help you in your moving adventure.

Don’t be afraid to shop around.

Your mama didn’t raise no fool, and you’re probably well versed in checking multiple sites price checking different products, so why wouldn’t you do this for a moving service? Get multiple quotes, check their reviews, not only on sites like Yelp but on the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs. Most trustworthy moving companies have profiles on the BBB with star ratings, so you can see if they are worth the money they’re asking for the job. Make sure that the company you hire can do the work for the budget you have.

Get all the information you can ahead of time

Professionals are moving most, if not all of your worldly possessions, from one of your homes to another, don’t you want to know who exactly they are? Get their names, numbers if possible, and as much information about when they will be coming. Try to obtain information on the vehicle they will be using and estimated times of arrival. Confirm movers have opted for an appropriate sized moving vehicle and should they have a high level of skill in Tetris doesn’t hurt. It’s important you can trust movers as people, professionals, and the equipment.

Do everything you can possibly do before the movers get there

Even the most trustworthy movers can’t be superheroes, and some of the onus is on you to make sure things go smoothly. Movers come to do their job so make sure there is not still food in the fridge and you’re not in a robe. If movers charge hourly, save yourself money by making boxes easily accessible, big and heavy in the front, smalls in the back.

Trust, but verify

Having done your research you’ve opted for the highest rated movers in town but don’t rest on those five stars. Take pictures of your high value items and keep track of the number of boxes that will be moved. Additionally, never sign the company’s agreement without a full read-thru. Most insurances offers by moving companies provide coverage of things by weight, and up to a limited amount, so be vigilant of the small print.

Use Moved, the free service that will handle it all

There is a lot to do to make sure your belongings are in good hands. If is seems like too much the Moved does it all for you. Moved is your NYC based middle man and deals with the moving company on your behalf. Moved fulfils all the tips provided while making sure you are in the loop at all times. If you need trustworthy movers but don’t have the time for a filtering process, find your free concierge service here.

Moving should be a time of excitement and new beginnings, these tips make for a smooth moving experience.