Best Coffee Shops In NYC To Visit With Your Roommate

Stopping at a café to enjoy a cup of coffee brings up a lot of memories for most of us. Good times with friends, laughing and relaxing. Helping someone through a rough spot by giving them a chance to vent. Writing ideas feverishly on a napkin, caught in the throes of a super-charged brainstorm session. Laying out the plan for your next big road trip or hike. Whatever memories the word “coffee shop” stirs up for you, it’s safe to say we can’t get enough of them. So here is a list of the best coffee shops in NYC to visit with your roommate. Whether it’s a good day or a rough one, whether you are friends or coworkers, meet the day on your own terms. With a cup of quality coffee in your hand.

Birch Coffee: This company describes itself as putting people first and coffee as a very close second. As a testament to that, their website features professional quality videos about people, and they have a top quality coffee selection. The video series is in its third season, and it’s called “Stay Regular.” It gives you a little window into what the person next to you in line is doing with their lives. Inspiration and motivation take many forms. Thoughtful videos and delicious coffee are two top contenders. They have several locations throughout New York City, so grab some coffee with your roommate there when you have a chance.

El Ray Coffee Bar: El Ray is a highly successful coffee and luncheonette bar. They’ve got awesome coffee, but also pretty delectable food. The tasty and beautiful eats balance sweet, spicy and sour. Curated draft beer and wine are also on the list. It might sound like they’re spreading themselves a little thin, but give them a try. One trip is enough to convince most that they have pulled together several different kinds of awesome into one coffee shop, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Happy Bones: If the traditional environment of the modern coffee store bores you to tears, try Happy Bones. They have great coffee, but also great art. Edgier and more intense, they’re big on creativity and expression. They support local artists, but also bring publications from all over the world to invoke thought and emotion. They got their start in New Zealand and Italy, and their New York City location delivers a unique experience on top of truly great coffee.

Maman: One of the best things ever to partner up with a coffee shop is a bakery. With family inspired recipes from the south of France and North America, they deliver coffee and baked goods that are as delicious as they are visually beautiful. If presentation and an old-world feel are more your thing, Maman delivers a very classy establishment without losing its friendly, family owned vibe. The New York location is in Soho, so check them out with your roommate.

Hi-Collar: East meets West over coffee. During the daylight hours, they offer siphon coffee and you can get a Japanese style pork sandwich. At night, the sake comes out. Either way, you’re bound to have a good time with this fun and unique Japanese inspired environment.

What’s your favorite coffee shop in NYC? What’s your favorite type of coffee? Post your comments below.