Cool Off This Summer With The Best Smoothies In NYC

NYC is freaking hot right now. And while the chance to wear flip flops, shorts, and sunglasses is more than welcome, having said sandal stick to the sidewalk because it started to cook while you were waiting for the bus is not. When you and your roommate are so hot you can’t even think straight enough to plan your evening, refer to this list of the best smoothies in NYC.

Blossom Du Jour: Vegan smoothies galore. Tasty and healthy, these smoothies offer a great alternative if you need something quick but find ground up Grade Sub-Z meat served at other fast food chains to be unappetizing. As it turns out, fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, unethical, or absolutely disgusting.

On their menu, you’ll see tons of options. Try the cookie dough shake if you want something sweet. Or the Blue Velvet, loaded with acai, blueberry, strawberry, banana, vanilla, and soy milk. They’ve also got totally vegan burgers, sandwiches, wraps, philly cheesesteaks, and more. Even cupcakes. You read that right. Vegan. Cupcakes. They’ve got four different locations for you and your roommate to check out.

Taïm Falafel and Smoothie Bar: Taïm, as the homepage so courteously explains, means “delicious” in Hebrew. It was started by a husband and wife team who missed the amazing eats of Tel Aviv. Taking matters into their own hands, they opened up a shop and brought amazing falafel and smoothies straight to NYC.

The smoothie bar offers a host of different options. You can get the old-standby’s, like strawberry or banana, but also kale, Thai basil, mint, and others. Add-ins to boost your nutritional intake are available as well. They have shops in West Village and Nolita. A great place to try something a little different with your roommate.

Liquiteria: For those record breaking hot days, stick to the shade and make your way over to Liquiteria with your roommate. You’ll find some of the best smoothies and cold press juices in New York City. Their menu has nine different flavors of smoothies, and even more types of cold pressed juices. Several of their smoothies serve a specific purpose. The Hangover Cure has liver-kidney-lymph detox in it. The Skinny has a fat burner. The Berry Powerful has whey protein and flax seeds. They’ve got five locations in NYC, and some in Boston too.

Juice Generation: Juice Generation’s website is enough to send any rational human being into a smoothie frenzy on a hot day. They do a masterful job of showing the quality of their drinks and ingredients in a way that just screams “refreshing.” There are fifteen smoothies on the menu. Some are nutrition and fitness oriented, others are just plain delicious. They have a big focus on the superfood acai, so if you want to try a bowl along with your drink, go for it.

They’ve been independently owned and operated since 1999, and have a solid track record of delivering healthy superfoods and amazing drinks. Salma Hayek, the famous artist, producer, and activist, is the co-founder. There is no shortage of locations in NYC, so find the one nearest you and try it out.

Summer is fun. Passing out face first from the heat in the middle of Times Square is not. Stay cool and use this list to track down some of the best smoothies in NYC and enjoy them with your roommate before you melt into each other’s arms.

And not in a good way.

What’s your favorite smoothie flavor? What’s your favorite smoothie shop? Post your comments below.