You Know You Live in Brooklyn When…

There really is no place to live quite like Brooklyn. If you were raised here or you’re a newcomer, here are a list of things that will remind you where you’ve been once you’ve been to Brooklyn.

You Speak (or at least recognize) Brooklynese.
When outsiders ask for a “New York” accent- you know what they’re really lookin’ for.

Positive media around living in Brooklyn makes you nervous.
Gentrification is the worst.

Biggie and The Beasti Boys are icons.
Correction, legends. And you know most if not all of their lyrics. And no matter where you are if “Juicy” plays, you’ve gotta dance.

You’re super chill.
Brooklyn raised you to keep your cool but deep down you know you’re the best because of where you’re from.

You are obsessed with artisanal cheese.
You may even loath when Manhattanites crowd your favorite cheese shop so you’ve got their timings down to a science and no when to steer clear.

You may not be a sports fan…
But you always welcome the Nets with Brooklyn pride.

Stoop sales are where its at.
Some call it a yard sale, Brooklynites know best though. You’ve wardrobe and apartment may be littered with goodies from stoop sales.

Italian ice holds a place in your heart.
Outside of Brooklyn you haven’t been able to find enjoyment in the frozen imposters. Italian ice sold in the streets of Brooklyn is irreplaceable.

You were hella old when you got your driver’s license.
You’re still not entirely sure why they gave it to you because you have zero tolerance for pedestrians.

You know there are places much better than Brooklyn…

Brooklyn is truly one of a kind and not only to those who were raised there. It’s never too late to become a Brooklynite.