3 Most Affordable Tech Networking Events In NYC

Are you looking for affordable tech networking events in NYC?

New York City is nicknamed The City That Never Sleeps for a good reason. There are lots of encouraging statistics about NYC’s first class opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 99% of all New York businesses are, in fact, small businesses with 100 employees or less. NYC ranks as the 5th most entrepreneurial city in the nation. The city ranked third for the highest number of US patents awarded in 2014. That’s a pretty impressive resume. And while New York has many opportunities for different industries, none stand out quite like the tech industry.

If you and your roommate came to New York in the hopes of finding your high tech dream job, or you are entrepreneurs gearing up to start your own tech company than this article is for you. Or maybe you tried a different industry and decided it wasn’t a good match, and you’re ready for a change. Here’s a list of some of the best tech networking events that are easy on the wallet for tech industries that both you and your roommate can enjoy.

NY Tech Meetup:

The NY Tech Meetup is a massive monthly event that only costs $10 to attend. Part of the New York Tech Alliance, these events are jam-packed with attendees, speakers, and opportunities to show your stuff or recruit top tech talent. Based out of the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, there is a strong website community as well that you can join for free. The website also helps with job searching, so if you want to gain some experience working for other entrepreneurs before you strike out on your own, this is a good resource for you.

Alley NYC:

The Alley hosts a variety of different events, including tech networking events, happy hours, and hackathons. Costs are manageable at 0-10 bucks. If you’ve never heard the word hackathon before, no worries. It’s a big get together of programmers, business people, graphic designers, project managers, and others who try to tackle a software project in a short time frame. Like, a day to a week tops. It’s a great time to meet people, learn cool stuff, and if you’re into that sort of thing, show everyone your technical chops. The Alley also has pitch nights so you can show everyone how awesome your ideas are.

Startup Grind New York:

Startup Grind, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, is positively enormous. At $10-$20, it’s a little pricer than the others, but check this out. While the New York City location has its own events, the global reach of this group is impressive. A million entrepreneurs over 250 cities spread across 100 countries. Yup. That’s the kind of networking opportunities you’ll have by using New York City as a gateway. One look at the gallery of previous events and you’ll see lots of established entrepreneurs offering gold mines of advice.

New York City is also called The City of Dreams. Let everyone know what you’re passionate about at these tech industry mixer events. And who knows. Maybe you and your roommate will appear on the gallery for Startup Grind before you know it.

Are you starting a business, or do you want to? What product or service do you plan to offer? Are you business partners with your roommate? Post your comments below.