What Introvert and Extrovert Roommates can Learn from Each other

It’s no secret that introverts and extroverts struggle sharing the same space. One is often perceived as taking up all the oxygen in the room,  while the other appears uninfluential. Luckily,  both of these perceptions are false, introverts and extroverts have a lot to learn about each other and can often make the most fulfilling and exciting roommate experiences of your young adult life.

Give each other a  real chance

Meeting a potential roommate can be a daunting task no matter how many rodeos you’ve been to. There is a lot weighing on your chemistry with this person – like all the plans you have for your future walk-in closet. You want to like each other for the sake of a good living arrangement. If you’re nervous during a first meeting your personality may be amplified and you may also be overly analytical of your potential future roommate. The extrovert may be overly audacious while the introvert will sink back and observe. Until you two are more comfortable of each other,  don’t give into your preconceived notion that you’re incompatible.

Extroverts will inspire you

An extroverted roommate will be a source of inspiration. This person has no issue encouraging you to study,  meal prep,  or catch the first train to work so you’re on time. If they see you trust them,  they will let nothing get in your way.

Introverts will calm you

An introvert often makes a good listener. They observe you and your patterns more than you realize. When you turn to your introverted roommate for advice or a lending ear, expect the unexpected. They know you better than they let off and their words will often be sincere and thought out.

Extroverts will bring the fun

Even if sometimes the excitement is unsolicited, you can count on your extroverted roommate to bring the energy and fun. If you’re not inclined to an early  Saturday morning pancake and bacon breakfast, it’s time to change your ways. There are times your extrovert roommate won’t respect your space, then there will be times you’ll be glad they didn’t.

Introverts will help you become less reactionary

Your introvert roommate always has a cool head. While you can’t stop talking about your terrible day,  they are still digesting theirs. Introverts often look inward for understanding and coping. These self-reliant practices will help nourish an extrovert who often looks outward for reassurance.

Living with someone exactly like yourself will prove the chemistry to be limited and superficial. By nature the introvert and extrovert need each other. Your roommate doesn’t have to be your soulmate but allowing yourself the opportunity to enjoy the best in each other will make for incredible roommate experiences.