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Roomi Acquires Study Abroad Apartments

Roomi Acquires Study Abroad Apartments

3-months ago Roomi acquired Study Abroad Apartments (SAA), firmly marking our entry into the student accommodation space and giving us a footprint in major European markets including, Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, Paris, Milan, and London; providing access to Study Abroad Apartment’s amazing network of over 105 international universities!

The big win for both SAA and Roomi is that our partnership extends the service we were both providing for our consumers and so potentially doubles the value for them too. With SAA, Roomi can now confidently serve users when they first enter the roommate market as college students. With Roomi, existing SAA customers can enjoy the same trusted room and roommate finding service for much longer into their shared housing lives. Ultimately, this extends the lifecycle of a Roomi user by 3-4 years and will have a significant impact on our Lifetime Value (LTV).

This deal was a huge one for us and we have waited a long time to make it happen!  If Roomi had launched in this student segment alone it would have taken us 3 years to acquire these partnerships. Now we have immediate access to these students. Finding the right business partner with the best credentials and a strong cultural fit for your team is a decision that deserves careful consideration. Even more important than those factors is partnering with a team that is aligned with your overall company vision and values. That alone is worth its weight in gold.  Simply because it means no matter how tough things might get, you have one common thread tying you all together at all times and a strong foundation for further success.

With Ryan Blum and Brett Newman we have instantly strengthened our team with two experts who have an excellent track record in serving students and share our vision to build more trust and transparency into the shared housing search process.