How to Live With the Opposite Sex

How to Live With the Opposite Sex

Living with someone of the opposite sex and of no romantic interest? Let the good times roll! If you’ve ever been curious about the habits, thoughts, and lifestyle of your opposite sex- you’re about to find out. Obviously not every man or woman is alike but there are a few subtleties and living habits most of us share. Here is what to expect and how to live with the opposite sex.

Weird objects in the bathroom
You will find funny looking gadgets in the bathroom. You may even feel inclined to play with them! Don’t assume you know the purpose of each item- you’ve been warned! The massive cone shaped device with small prong protruding is actually not a medieval torture device, it’s a blow-out brush (that means she uses it for her hair). The weird buzzing tool that sits on a charger is to get rid of his nose hairs. The opposite sex is exposed to whole new world of bath and beauty products, it’s kind of intriguing.

Different health foods
Quinoa? Creatine? Your opposite sex roommate will have different concoctions they call health foods. You’ll still bond over pizza but it doesn’t hurt to ask her what a power bowl with acai and quinoa is. Or learning why he takes amino acids and creatine. The health pantry in your apartment will certainly be diverse.

Built in party
A guy and girl living together in a platonic situation makes having a little party easier and convenient. Both of you inviting a handful of friends makes for a perfect mix. He in charge of the dudes, she the dudettes. Double the hosts, double the fun.

Insight on the opposite sex
For those nights you make it to sitting down with a glass of Pinot and a Corona you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the each other struggles and successes. Both men and woman face societal, family, and work pressure but experience it differently. When you live with the opposite sex you gain insight to very contrasting perspective.

It may not always feel like the best scenes from the “New Girl” but living with the opposite sex provides a wide range of learning experiences and may cover all the emotions on the spectrum. You may gain the coolest wingman or a best pal, in any regard keep in mind the differences in bathroom etiquette, respect boundaries, and learn from each other.

Why You Should Never Live Alone in the City

Why You Should Never Live Alone in the City

If you’re thinking about living in NYC, then you should also think about getting a roommate. The truth is, that living alone in the city can be dangerous for several reasons which we’re going to get into in this post. Although some people may be nervous about getting a roommate, you may change your mind after reading this.

Here are 7 reasons why you should never live alone in the city:

  1. Increased Risk of Depression

Whether it’s a feeling of being disconnected from others or something else, this study shows that people who live alone tend to take 80% more antidepressants than those who live with other people. If you’re already prone to depression, then it’s especially important that you find yourself a roommate while living in NYC so you can avoid things getting worse.

  1. Difficult to Make New Friends

You’d think living in a big city like New York would keep you from needing a roommate in order to make friends, but despite the number of people living in NYC, it’s still hard to make new friends since so many people stick to their tight social circles. By having a roommate, you not only have at least one friend to count on, but you also have easy access to their social circles.

  1. Avoid Going Broke

It’s not a surprise that living in NYC is expensive, and even apartments in dangerous areas are usually out of most people’s price range. When you consider the added cost of utility bills, food, and everything else, it’s easy to see why it’s so hard to live in New York. Fortunately, by having a roommate, you can cut the rent and utilities in half so you can avoid going broke just to have a roof over your head.

  1. Greater Anxiety

When it comes to the Big Apple, there’s a lot of reasons to be anxious, especially if you’re new to the city and don’t know your way around. Although it’s generally safe to live in NYC as long as you’re smart about it, most people would agree that it’s much safer to live with a roommate. At the very least, having someone with you is a good way to ease anxiety, especially if you’re already an anxious person.

  1. No Help in Emergencies

Emergencies happen, whether you’re in need of medical attention or simply need to get across town as fast as possible. If you’re living in NYC without a roommate, chances are you won’t have anyone to rely on when facing an emergency, which will only make the situation worse. By having a roommate, you can breathe easy knowing that should you need help, you’ll have it.

  1. Harder to Get Around the City

If you find yourself a roommate that’s been living in NYC for a while, that makes it incredibly easy to find your way around the city. Even if your roommate is also new to the city, you can still get around much more safely and easily when you have someone with you. It also means saving money on cabs since you can split the cost, and makes all of your adventures that much more fun since you’ll have someone with you.

NYC Is The Best Place To Have Roommates


Roomi app knows New York is experiencing a massive influx of millennials looking for roommates; thanks to the rising cost of rent, falling incomes and never ending college loan payments. Are you one of the young career oriented millennials still trying to make ends meet?  You need a room worth your lifestyle yet affordable, flexible and generally offering a good experience.

Finding a roommate is really awesome if you are yet to become stable especially after college. With such applications as Roomi, it is quite convenient and easy to find one that fits your expectations. Prior discussions make it a lot easier to find a great fit factoring in important things that matter to you such amenities and house rules.

If you think you can’t afford to fly solo, travel out of town quite often or simply hate living alone, getting a roommate in NYC is the most ideal option.

You want to find a roommate who gets you? New York is the place and here is why;


There are many millennials in NYC also looking for roommates


There are quite many young people in NYC especially current students or fresh graduates just starting their careers as you. This is a generation that concentrates on lifestyle.  Making the choice of a roommate and living in a doorman building seems to be a better option than living alone in a walk-up. New York is one of the upper-life cities that millennials would love to live in but the high cost of renting forces them to live in the outer boroughs where it is a bit cheaper.

Roommates offer a cheaper option to living in NYC’s Luxury apartments

The truth is that even established older New Yorkers are today considering the option of getting a roommate to continue living in their preferred neighborhood and apartment they love. You do not have to give up on your favorite apartment simply because of changes in income, it is a lot easier to find a roommate that will supplement the rent and continue living in your favorite apartment.


There are many roommate finder type services in New York


The idea of finding a roommate that will support you to pay the rent for your favorite apartment is so thrilling. However, finding the right roommate is one of the most challenging parts of the whole process.

With a variety of these services catering for both broad-based general market and more focused roommate finder apps and sites for any kind of group of people such as Christians, you will find it easy to get a roommate in New York than any other city.

The truth is that finding a roommate in a city with over 8 million people is quite difficult but Room is a game changer. Don’t give up your favorite apartment or NYC neighborhood simply because you can’t afford the rent anymore. When it comes to your dream apartment, roommates are a genie in a bottle.

How to be a Good Roommate

be a good roommate

We are always on the hunt for good roommates but have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you’re one? Often times, as human nature would have it, we hold others to high, sometimes unattainable standards. Before seeking out the world’s coolest and most compatible roommate- become one. Here’s how to be a good roommate.

Be considerate of shared space.

There is no crime in being a naturally messy person. But keep the controlled chaos in your room, where no one can tell you what’s what. In shared space like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, pretty much everywhere outside your bedroom, you have to think of others and maintain cleanliness.

Being considerate of shared space includes the amount of it you consume. If you love decorating the living area with vintage lamps, be sure to ask your roommates if they wanted to add their own flair of creativity. This goes for dishes and other furniture you may bring into the shared space.

Be on time.

Be on time with rent, utilities, and house meetings. Roommates usually have busy and varying schedules, so do your part in being prompt.

Help when you can.

Spot a granola bar or two, a ride to campus, or just some life advice, help your roommates when you can. The favor will likely be returned to you.

Follow your roommate contract.

Especially if you gave the most input in creating it, it’s wise to refer to your roommate contract before you decide to have your boyfriend over for a week. If you need an exception to any house rules always ask formally. Do not run it by your roommates as if they don’t have a say, because they do.

Keep roommates informed of schedule changes and vacation plans.

Keeping roommates in the loop is always a wise decision. Let each other know if you’re going out of town, they’ve been waiting for a good time to bring their parents up so while you’re gone is ideal. Plans are often made around each other’s coming and going so keeping a posted schedule on the fridge with marked changes is the best way to stay informed.

Have contact information.

This includes general cell phone number and email along with emergency contacts. It’s important to know who to contact in case of an emergency someone local is ideal.

Be open.

The best thing to do, even if you fail at all the rest, is to be an open minded roommate. Don’t suffocate others in their own home, embrace different personalities and lifestyles. If you don’t already consider yourself open minded, being a good roommate is a great first step in the right direction.

Share The Best Views In NYC With Your Roommate

best views in nyc

New York City is often portrayed in movies as gritty, rough, and industrial. But the truth is, there’s a lot of beauty in The Big Apple. Parks, trams, bridges, and rooftop bars provide ample opportunities to share the best views in NYC with your roommate. So grab your beverage of choice, text your roommate, and meet up at these locations at sunset. Or, if you’re the fitness enthusiast type, sunrise. Just make sure you’re roommate is also an early riser before you prod them awake with your running shoe at 5 am.

The Highline Park

The Highline Park is relatively new to the New York scene compared to other parks. Set up in 1999, it is the result of an effort to save a historical piece of New York’s rail system from demolition. Instead of laying waste to the elevated railway, Friends of the Highline managed to save it and turn it into a beautiful park. They use some really cool self-seeding techniques that make it easier to maintain the natural beauty of the area.

Roosevelt Island Tram

If you’re looking for more of a ride than a walk, check out the Roosevelt Island Tram. It connects Roosevelt Island to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. On Fridays and Saturdays, it’s open from 6:00 am to 3:30 am so you can get your fill of sunrises, sunsets, and afternoon sunshine. You can use your metro card, and they use the same fare structure. It’s a cheap but fun way to ride along and see the city from a whole new perspective.

The Brooklyn Bridge

No conversation about the best views in NYC would be complete without mentioning the Brooklyn Bridge. You can get fantastic views on and around the bridge. Restaurants galore offer spectacularly lit night views in the area. The biggest drawback to the Brooklyn Bridge is that it’s hardly a well-kept secret so you might want to wear eye protection to avoid wayward cameras on selfie sticks as they careen about with uncontrolled enthusiasm.

The Press Lounge

The Press Lounge has some impressive views, and they know it. Their homepage immediately capitalizes off of their stunning scenery with slick, fast loading movies of the view. Modern, stylish, elegant, with a dash of natural setting, this place offers amazing food with a side of stellar views. Marketed as “Heaven in Hell’s Kitchen,” this memorable experience has only one drawback: you get three guesses, and all of them are expensive.

One World Observatory

You’d be hard pressed to find anywhere that offers a better panoramic view of the entire city. The One World Observatory is more than a view. While New York City is an icon of America, this place puts a very special emphasis on international community. The welcome center greets you in 10 different languages. As you ride up the sky pod elevator, you’re given a condensed tour of 500 years of NYC history. The main observatory on the 100th floor then offers some awe-inspiring views of the entire city. If you only had one choice, this might be the very best for views of NYC with your roommate.

New York City is more than taxis, traffic, and skyscrapers. It’s a unique, diverse environment where anything can (and often does) happen. Where do you go for the best views of NYC with your roommate? Post your comments below.

How To Avoid Mutating Bed Bugs In NYC

bed bugs

Bed bugs are unspeakably gross. And in New York City, bed bugs are mutating. As if the nasty little freeloaders weren’t durable enough, their shells are getting thicker. That reduces the effect of common insecticides, making them even tougher to evict from your apartment. Having them removed by a pro can cost $500-$1500 or more. Since exterminating them is such a giant pain, the ideal solution is not to come down with them in the first place. So here are some tips on how you can avoid letting the worst roommate ever into your home.

Educate Yourself

Learn about bed bugs. They are 4-5mm long, or about the size of an apple seed. So they aren’t microscopic. You don’t have to bust out your high school pocket microscope to find them. They have only one item on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Blood. Yup. That’s it. Could these things possibly be any creepier? They can go for a year without eating. That . . . doesn’t even make sense, but there you have it. These things are like aliens from another planet or something. They like mattresses, but not because they’re soft. They like dark crevices that offer lots of protection. Beds are a common party spot for them, but they can also be found gathering in other pieces of furniture, like chairs and tables. Or sheets. Even light sockets.

It’s a common misconception that bed bugs only infest dirty places. It makes sense, at first glance. Dirty, polluted, filthy apartment? Please meet soulless, evil, insectoid avatar of corruption. With so much in common, the two of you will get along great!

But it’s not so. Bed bugs will cheerfully inhabit perfectly clean places if they get the chance. One thing that keeping the place clean does do, however, is make them much easier to spot. Less cover for the little guys as they rush between the trenches. And bed bugs are easier to deal with if caught early. So while being clean won’t necessarily save you from them, it can make dealing with them easier, faster, and cheaper.

Craigslist Is A Haven For Pests

And for once, nobody is talking about scammers. Bed bugs are notorious hitch-hikers. If you purchase a piece of furniture on Craigslist, and they are lurking within the depths of the poofy pillows, you can bring them into your home. Inspect thoroughly. Look for bugs, but also for eggs and skin shucked off when they molt. While not microscopic, it’s still tough to see, so bring a flashlight.

Creepers On The Subway

Public transportation in New York can be a migration mecca for bed bugs. Taxi’s, shared bicycles, even ticket vending machines. The subway is a particularly popular scene for bed bugs in NYC. With so many people coming and going, it’s easy for them to move from one person to another. Or just hang out in the cushions for someone to sit down. In the past, whole New York subway trains have been fumigated after being overrun with the things. While avoiding the subway during peak hours is ideal, let’s face it, most of us have jobs and can’t afford to do that. So just be aware of where you stand, and it doesn’t hurt to check your clothes after you get home.

Do you have any bed bug stories? How about tips for avoiding bed bugs in NYC? Post your comments below.

Find Roommates Who Love Music In NYC

find roommates

Music is a universal language, and you are totally fluent. You love going to concerts, discovering new bands, and maybe even playing an instrument yourself. Roomi makes it quick and easy to find roommates in New York City that share your obsessions, so you should have no trouble connecting with a fellow music enthusiast. Check out the roommate’s personal profile and scroll down to the “Interests” section. You’ll see a list full of helpful icons and descriptions. At a glance, you can quickly see if you share favorite bands, music styles, or concert scenes.

Once you find roommates who share your unbridled passion for all things music, use this list of resources to plan your time together.

Best Free Concerts In New York City

The cost of living in New York can feel like diving into a frozen lake wearing only your birthday suit. But thankfully, there’s also a ton of free stuff to do, including free concerts. Summer Stage at Central Park offers a ton of variety. Margaret Glaspy and Alexander F. provide indie music pop songs where the guitar takes center stage. Digable Planets and Natasha Diggs bring hip-hop. The Metropolitan Opera practices their summer recitals there. For something a little different, try The Gift and Dead Combo’s Portuguese inspired rock, pop, and jazz. Or maybe you want to join a giant dance party with Freedom Party. That’s just a tiny sample of what they have to offer. Whatever style of music you crave, they’ve got it, including some you may have never heard of before.

Best Local For The Performing Arts

The Lincoln Center is a huge campus of multiple buildings. It’s got it all when it comes to performing arts. Quintets, quartets, jazz, blues, orchestra performances, and beyond. Feel like you’ve heard it all? Despairing at the thought that you may never hear something truly new and unique ever again? Take heart, intrepid enjoyer of music. Because Coreyah is going to blow your mind. They fuse ancient instruments rooted in Korean folklore with modern American rock, heart pounding African rhythms, stirring Latin American dance music, and ground breaking Balkan gypsy tunes. Yes. You might want to flip a 180 and read all that again. No joke, these people are that awesome. And while you are at the Lincoln Center, they’ve also got dance, film, opera, and theatre for you to enjoy. Worried you’ll have to choose between take-out and tickets? Don’t be. The David Rubenstein Atrium at the Lincoln Center has free performances every week. Including the aforementioned Coreyah.

Best Spot To Discover Local Bands

If you want to discover emerging talent homegrown right there in New York City, head on over to Joe’s Pub. Part of the Public Theatre, Joe’s Pub offers a great mix of music. World, jazz, folk, funk, rock, cabaret, country, bluegrass . . . and the list goes on. They’re a great location to discover new bands, and if you’re in the mood, you can get some stand-up comedy there as well.

What’s your favorite music venue in New York City? Post your comments below.

5 Tips To Find A Roommate You’ll Love In NYC

find a roommate

You want to find a roommate that shares your interests, pays the bills on time, is friendly, responsible, and reasonably clean. It doesn’t seem like an astronomical request . . . right? That’s the mentality that so many of us set out with when we try to find a roommate. But within the first few interviews, our hopes crash in a train wreck of such epic proportions its special effects budget put Star Wars to shame. Let’s clear one thing up right away. It’s not you. Everybody goes through this. But not everybody has these pro tips that will help you find a roommate you’ll love faster and with less stress.

1.)   Be careful about rooming with friends.

Be careful doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Just think twice. The Roomi team put together a previous article that answers the infamous question, “Should I Become Roommates With My Friend?” There are pros and cons. Rooming with a friend has certain risks involved. Do you really want to take those kinds of chances in New York when there are so many options available? There are more kinds of roommates in New York than Haagan Daaz has flavors of ice cream. And yes, there are some nuts sprinkled in. But ultimately, New York City has roughly eight and a half million people in it, give or take a few hundred thousand. Somewhere out there is a good match for you that doesn’t require you to take risks with a friendship. Probability is in your favor. C’mon. That’s just science.

2.)   Get to know prospective roommates in depth.

Don’t spend fifteen minutes on a decision that could last for a year. A roommate is a big commitment. Maybe not as big as buying a car, but way more serious than buying a moped. If you want a helpful list of things to build your questions around, head over to this article, “7 Things To Check Before You Find A Roommate In NYC.”

3.)   Do more than one interview.

Talk to a person several times. Preferably at different points throughout the week. Try them on a Monday after work, the middle of the week, and on a Saturday or Sunday. Lots of people can put a smile on their face and hold it for fifteen minutes if they squeeze real tight. Not so many can maintain that throughout the week. New York City is overflowing with cool little café’s. Meet them somewhere public and have a coffee. Multiple interviews will give you a much better idea of who this person is and whether or not you’re compatible with them.

4.)   Don’t wait until you need to find a roommate before you start searching.

If rent is right around the corner, you’ll be panicked and prone to making a rush decision. Which could backfire if you’re new BFF can’t actually pay rent and is hoping to find a job over the next month or several years, whichever comes first.

5.)   Use references and chat apps.

Chat apps can be a great way to get to know someone a little at a time. If you’re already using, then you’re covered with our secure chat app. Another option is to get a minimum of three references. Prepare a list of questions ahead of time and give them a call.

How did you meet your favorite roommate? Post your comments below.

Affordable Fun With Your Roommate In NYC


You and your roommate have a lot in common. You both work hard, share some similar interests, and are spread thin in the financial department. New York City has so much to do, but it can seem a little inaccessible when you’re on a budget. The team at Roomi feels your pain and wants to share some things to do that are fun, cheap, and easy to jump into.

Go Green At NYC Parks

Did you know New York City has over 1,700 parks, rec centers, and playgrounds? Okay, so you might be a little old for a playground. (Though, if you wanted to swing on the monkey bars and shoot down the twisty slide again with your roommate for old time’s sake, we’re not going to judge.) But even sans playgrounds, there’s still a ton of places to go for a walk, jog, or picnic within city limits.

New York City parks and rec centers are overflowing with free and low-cost events. Free yoga. A Latin festival. (And yes. There will be salsa dancing.) Skate night with a live DJ. They’ve got skates, or you can bring your own. If you prefer something a little more impulsive, consider purchasing a Frisbee. They aren’t expensive and are perfect for a party of two. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Try a 125-gram disc to start.

Get Your Culture On With Free Museums

New York City has plenty of free museums for you and your roommate to peruse at your leisure. Keep in mind some of these establishments have recommended fees, which are optional to pay. It’s effectively a voluntary donation to keep the place running. Always double check to see if the fee is recommended or if its status has changed with a quick phone call to the museum ahead of time. For a mix of science, culture, and history that is equal parts entertaining and educational, try the American Museum of Natural History. Want something a little more refined? Head on over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you and your roommate are outdoorsy types, take a stroll through the Socrates Sculpture Park.

Affordable Eats For You And Your Roommate

In 2015, New York City had 45,681 places to eat or drink. If you went to one new place every day, it would take you roughly 125 years to get through them all. Wowza. With so many choices, it can be tough to find the cheap ones to enjoy on a budget. Thankfully, Eater New York has compiled a list of 60 affordable eateries for you including meal pics and even added a handy interactive map. Turkish kebabs, anyone?

Free Music For Free Spirits

New York City has a pretty sweet music scene, and you don’t have to take out a loan just to sit in the back row of some huge entertainment complex. There is an eclectic mix of styles and artists available for free. Check out these free concerts and musical events. Classical symphonies, R&B, and a myriad of other styles await you and your roommate for fun on the fly without paying a dime.

What affordable entertainment do you go for in NYC? Do you go with your roommate? Post your comments below.

Shared Housing in Manhattan

shared housing in manhattan

You just got to the Big Apple, the target of all your hopes and dreams. Maybe you’re an aspiring actor trying to break into Broadway, or the burgeoning TV and movie scene? Maybe you are just looking to get out of your one traffic light town and like the hustle and bustle of the big city.  But no one told you that the rent for an average studio is over two grand a month, and a one bedroom is another thousand dollars on top of that. Now, maybe the landlord takes firstborn children for the kind of apartments seen on Friends or How I Met Your Mother, but one shouldn’t assume such things. If you move in with a buddy, or even into a place with strangers, they can help you live those halcyon dreams of the upstart writer in New York, penning the next great American novel by day and pursuing craft cocktail bars in Williamsburg by night.

Human beings are, by their natures, social beings. We crave to be around others, and loneliness is real when you’re all by yourself in your apartment on any given weeknight. Not to mention that housing in Manhattan is incredibly expensive, so splitting the load could make a really nice place with decent amenities.

But let’s be real here, not all of those who want to share housing in Manhattan do so because of rent cost. As mentioned in this New York Times article, there are many who move in with others in the city who don’t have to, because they like the company, or because of cultural reasons. Those who like to have someone around the house, just to push away the silence of an otherwise empty place or to bounce ideas off. Some even don’t mind paying a little more to share an apartment with another.

There are a few reasons as to why finding a roommate could be a preferred mode of living, instead of striking out all on your own. Perhaps you always wanted a dog, but don’t want all the responsibility of having a puppy of your own. Well, if your roomie has a pup, you’d probably get to pet the rascal all day long without needing to pick up any sidewalk treats in the rain and snow. Maybe you are new to the city, and need someone to show you where the cool things are, living with locals can be like having your own personal Yelp page in the next room.

With the idea of having a roommate becoming more acceptable in the American zeitgeist, there are many places where one can find someone they could platonically shack up with. The Roomiapp has made in so simple for New Yorkers and out-of-towners get what they want out of shared housing in Manhattan.

Whatever the reasons, having roommates in Manhattan makes your life in New York City all the better. For a city of over eight million locals, and God only knows how many tourists, living in Manhattan should never be a lonely experience. Sometimes, just knowing that there is another warm body within your four walls could makes all the difference.