Living With Roommates: 5 Expert Tips For Decorating On A Budget

Living with roommates doesn’t mean you can’t get a fun look for your space. With the right strategy and a few smart buys, you can decorate your space in a way that makes everyone happy—and keeps your budget in check. Give your shared home some personality with these easy interior design tips. Living with Roommates: 5 Expert Tips For Decorating On A Budget 1. Share […]

Sharing A Tiny Kitchen With Roommates? 6 Ingenious Tips You Can Use Right Now

Ahh, New York City. A place where you can follow your dreams, push your limits—and somehow cook dinner with only three inches of counter space. When big city living means sharing a tiny kitchen with roommates, what in the world can you do? We spoke with private chef Jumoke Jackson (Follow him on Twitter and Instagram) to get his expert advice on cooking in tight, communal […]

Help! My Roommate Smokes and I Don’t

Even though you’ve staved off the temptation and tried hard to avoid second-hand smoke, you just found out your roommate smokes (next time you’ll make sure to use a roommate finder that prevents unpleasant surprises like these). Smoking cigarettes used to be in vogue, but their well-known health risks have made the practice less socially acceptable today. Still, there are an estimated 40 million smokers […]

5 Tips For Living With an International Roommate

Can you imagine moving to a new country and navigating the rental landscape? The American rental market can be difficult to navigate even for someone born and raised in the same neighborhood, so we can only imagine how intimidating it can be for an international roommate. To really understand their experience, we went straight to the sources themselves. We talked to them about making the great […]

First-Hand Advice on Avoiding Political Drama With Your Roommate

The 2016 primaries are in full swing and in a city of thousands or millions you’re bound to meet at least one person who disagrees with your politics. Whether you’re rooting for Donald Trump (here’s what we imagine he’d be like as a roommate, in case you’re wondering), trolling a Ted Cruz rally or crossing paths with someone sporting a “Feel the Bern” shirt, opposition […]

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The Ups, Downs and In-Betweens of Living With an Enabler

So it’s become obvious that you and your roommate are having some trouble sticking to New Year’s resolutions, which may or may not involve your dietary habits. Hey, there’s always next year, right? But what if your roommate’s influence goes beyond convincing you that stuffing your face with cream cheese Oreos at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday is a stellar idea? What if they’re more […]

5 Real Roommate Problems and How to Resolve Them

From early morning bathroom run-ins (when you’re not even in the mood to face your cat) to tiffs over paying the shared bills (do you really need HBO when GoT isn’t playing new episodes?), you have to be prepared for the everyday hiccups that bubble up when you’re sharing space (at least with apps like Roomi, you’ll have the transparency you need to prepare for […]

5 Confessions of Roommates Who Live With Their Parents

You’ve packed your bags and locked the door to your college apartment for the final time — the last thing you expected to do was move back in with your parents. After the independence of undergrad life, it’s hard to go back to your childhood room, abide by new rules, and tiptoe around the house after a night out with friends — but it has […]

How You Can Conquer the Language Barrier With Your Roommate

We know that communication is the key to solving and preventing a number of issues that come up in a shared home. From dirty dishes and untrained pets to the S.O. who never leaves, you have to talk it out if you wanna work it out. So what happens when your roommate’s first language differs from yours, and neither of you is bilingual? While it […]