Roomi. Hot, Sicker than your Average Start-Up

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be part of the Roomi Community? Andrew Recato breaks it down for us.  FROM ANDREW RECATO: Moving to a metropolitan area from your small hometown can be intimidating to anyone, especially when the metropolitan area is New York City. I’ve learned that the best remedy for the new-found anxiety is to put yourself out there and try […]

#CoLifeOutings: Roommates in Chicago List Their Top 4 City Spots

Chicago is famous for many things: The sweeping cityscape, the unbeatable nightlife, and of course the to-die-for pizza. But whether you’ve been there for a while or you’re new to town (and need a break from apartment-hunting), you might want something fresh to do with your roommates in the city. For roommates in Chicago, there is no end to activities in The Windy City — […]

#CoLifeOutings: 4 Must-Attend Spring Festivals For Boston Housemates

The sun is finally out, and Boston is slowly but surely climbing toward warmer temperatures. Sure, there might be a bit of snow and 50° weather in the forecast, but it’s time for Boston housemates to get outdoors and start enjoying their city. You’ve done the hard work of finding a new home and housemate to share it with — so get out and there […]

4 Non-Political Spots Roommates in Washington Will Love

You’ve pledged your allegiance to a political candidate, followed the debates and made your obligatory visits to the White House and Washington Monument. Now that America’s political hub is your new home , you’ve committed to fulfilling your duties as model roommates in Washington. But despite going through the motions, you’re not into politics as much as you hoped. Sure, you’ll discuss the topic in […]

5 Ingenious Design Tips to Living Large From Tiny House Owners

Featured image credit: Melissa Dohmen In recent years, the tiny house movement has taken the nation by storm with a high demand for tiny house shows on major TV networks. But while many singles, couples and even families with children have been diving into tiny living with open arms — whether to create a more intimate family environment or to save up for other big-ticket […]

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The Eco-Life: How to Minimize Expenses While on Vacation

Your passports are renewed, you got the time off work approved, and your big roommate vacation is all set. Your bags are packed and you can’t get out of town fast enough. You and your roommate have gone over how to prevent burglary in the most common sense ways, and you’ll be sure to practice your everyday safety measures, too. You’ve set your vacation budget […]

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep in a Noisy City Apartment

Not getting enough sleep? You’re not alone. According to a recent study, more than one-quarter of the U.S. population isn’t getting enough shut-eye. Couple that statistic with the fact that the windows in your new city digs are right above the noisy street corner, and you and your roommate are probably in for some long, sleepless nights. The good news? It’s absolutely possible to take […]

What Happens When Your Roommate Brings Home Carbs

This was the year you were going to follow through with your health regimen. You’d written down your goals, pre-packed your salad lunches for the week, signed up for a gym membership, and enlisted your roommate to join you. Your chances of hitting your fitness goals were looking pretty good this year — until your roommate fell off the wagon. And to your great annoyance, […]

The 6 Critical Steps of a Fire Safety Plan

So you’ve finally moved into your own place and are ready to begin life as what they call “an adult.” Paying bills, picking up after yourself, and being smart about protecting yourself and your belongings are now completely your responsibility. That means anything from preventing burglary in the most common sense ways to being prepared for a manmade or natural disaster — big or small. Over 1.2 […]