How to Find a Roommate: The Complete Guide

Finding a roommate in a large city isn’t necessarily difficult–but finding the right roommate can be a tedious, seemingly never-ending process without the proper tools in place.

Thankfully, we’re now in an age where sophisticated roommate finders do exist and with them come the tools and resources to make this process a whole lot smoother. To show you how, we’ve put together a complete guide on the roommate finding process, with tips on what to know, what to avoid, and how to make the whole endeavor safer and easier for yourself and everyone else.

Sound good? Let’s do this.


Set the right expectations

The fastest way to find the wrong roommate is to have an unrealistic assessment of yourself. Make sure you have a real understanding of where you stand on things like:

  • Cleanliness
  • Weekly routine
  • Quiet hours / bed time
  • Partying / drinking / smoking
  • Financials
  • Visitors and guests
  • Pets

If you want your potential roommate to be honest about it, you need to make sure you are being honest as well.

Use Your Tools

You could drive around with a realtor and look at six apartments on a Sunday, or waste an entire Saturday hosting an open house, but what if a roommate finder website could do most of the work for you and provide verified listings in a verified community – all in one place?

As the modern sharing economy has made the way for several room and roommate finding websites. Some are great and some are not so great – and while we won’t go through every single one, we’ll let you know what to look out for and introduce some of the tools that you can take advantage of.

 Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.36.46 PM


Compatibility Matching

Answer a series of questions about yourself including your likes, dislikes, and other pertinent information to living with someone, and then search for someone based on their answers to the same questions. Not only will you save time searching for a compatible roommate, but you’ll have a greater probability that you won’t be looking for a new roommate in a month. That’s a win-win.

Background Checks

While there are certain laws around employment and landlord background checks, for roommate checks, you are sort of on your own to find a service that is credible.

The good news is that some roommate finder websites include background check options. On Roomi, for example, many of your matches may already have completed background checks so you can be more confident in striking up a conversation.

Secure Chat

Most of us are pretty protective of our personal emails these days, so a secure chat feature can really go a long way.

Some roommate finder apps will provide a secure chat feature that not only allows you to get to know your potential roommates but allows you to do so without handing over your personal contact information—that way if it doesn’t work out, you have nothing to worry about.

Verified Community

Room rental scams are not new, and it is still important to follow your gut when something feels off. An added protection of reputable roommate finder sites is that they work diligently to ensure scam listings never make it on their site and all listings are verified.

Some sites like Roomi, for instance, utilize a combination of human verification and modern advancements in machine learning in order to quickly and accurately filter out fraudulent listings. In fact, on Roomi, roughly 18% of property listings don’t pass through. The AI, customer care and security teams also work 24/7 to respond to and monitor for any suspicious user behaviours on Roomi too – where the community can also flag suspicious profiles for further Roomi investigation.


Essential To-Do’s

This is such an important one. Even with verified info and a background check, a personality can be altered through text and email.

Make sure to meet a potential roommate in person before signing any paperwork. Try to meet them more than once, and shoot for a meeting both during the week and on the weekend. This will give you a better feel for their real schedule and lifestyle.

However, meeting with someone is not always possible due to time and distance constraints or other personal obligations for the two parties. In this case, it’s better to exchange phone numbers with a potential roommate and find a time to talk or video chat over the phone.

  1. Finances Up Front

Money can be difficult to discuss, but if you’re splitting rent and don’t want to get burned, you better talk turkey before moving any further.

A simple credit check can not only tell you if a potential roommate has a history of paying their debts, but can also uncover any prior evictions and mounting credit card debt – both of which may be red flags.

You may also want to get proof of employment to ensure your future roommate will have an income to pay rent. Do yourself a favor and request two pay stubs or, at the very least, an acceptance letter for a new job with the salary listed plain as day.

  1. References

Is your new prospective roommate looking for a new place because they got kicked out of their last apartment? Well wouldn’t you like to know…

It’s totally reasonable to ask for a few references from former roommates. Aim to get an email AND phone number for 2-3 references, and be sure it includes past roommates. People tend to divulge more in conversation, so try a phone call first.

And related to the finances section above, you should also consider using your prospective roommate’s employer as a reference.

  1. Clarify the Little Things

I know you’re in a hurry to move in or fill the empty room but if you don’t do it right, you may be going through the entire process again in just a few months. Make sure you get all the little things on the table so everyone is clear on whether or not you have a good mutual fit.

  • Exact cost of rent
  • Estimated cost of utilities
  • How long everyone is planning on staying
  • What furniture to bring/not bring (including silverware, plates, etc.)
  • Will any pets be moving in?
  • Food and how the refrigerator will be shared
  • Parking!
  • Significant others and sleepover frequency


  1. Ask for a Deposit

A deposit proves a roommate is serious and willing to put some skin in the game. It also protects everyone else if the roommate decides to flake out. Some sites like Roomi will help facilitate first months rent to provide some extra security to all parties.


Essential Don’t Do’s (and What to Look Out for)

  1. Don’t Wire Money

We all know the scam about the African prince who inherited a fortune, but Larry the conman from Greenwich Village is a lesser known evil, and he can be very convincing.

Under no circumstance should you be wiring money to pay rent. Period.

  1. Don’t Send Payment Before Meeting in Person

We’re in the age where it’s very common to buy things online site unseen, and exchanging money via Venmo, QuickPay, and the like are almost as common as buying breakfast.

However, there are too many scammers out there in the rental market to fork over your hard-earned cash without doing your homework and actually meeting them in person.

  1. If it Seems Too Good to Be True…

OK, so the apartment owner already moved overseas for a job and needs to rent the apartment ASAP so they are offering an incredible deal! You’re not in luck, you’re about to be scammed.

We all know the saying, so don’t be duped when it happens to you. Check similar listings in a neighborhood to get a feel for the market rent price. If you find a great deal, make sure to investigate it further and get to the bottom of why it is such a good deal.

If the renter dodges face to face meetings and phone calls, asks for quick wire transfer payment, wants to correspond via personal email, has very poor grammar, or any of the above – you should probably drop it and move on.

  1. Don’t Go to See a Place Alone

Even if you’ve done your homework and everything checks out, you should still take a friend with you to view the apartment. Meeting in a public place is one thing, (and we recommend it for a first meeting!) but meeting in an apartment alone is best avoided if possible.

  1. Don’t Give Out Personal Info

Sure, they should know your name, and it can be helpful to connect on social media so you can feel each other out. But don’t give out any information like bank account, social security number, PayPal account, etc.

It helps to use a platform like Roomi that will verify info for you as well as conduct background check on your behalf. This way both parties can create a trustworthy relationship without giving away any protected information. It’s the best of both worlds, as they say.

we might want to mention that not all scenarios is it possible to actually meet the new roommate in person (long distance moves).  We see a lot of users exchange numbers to video chat/call each other.

The One Thing Every New Yorker Needs… Renters Insurance

protect your belongs from fire with renters insurance

Guest Post about renters insurance by Alex Portera 

This is the image of a fire in the East Village of NYC three years ago.

The building was home to the famous french fry shop, Pommes Frites, the sushi restaurant Sushi Park, and, unfortunately, my friend Sean’s apartment (his name has been changed to protect his privacy).

This is something you read about in the news but never, ever expect would happen to you, until it does. Fortunately, Sean wasn’t home when the fire was blazing. Unfortunately, all of his stuff was. Clothes, computers, cameras, and his bike were all lost in the fire. He heard about the fire through Twitter before ever seeing it for himself.

Like most New Yorkers, Sean wasn’t prepared for this situation. When writing this article, I asked him if he had renter’s insurance. “I didn’t even know renters insurance existed at the time.” In the perfect world, Sean would be an outlier. But the truth is, Sean is in the majority. Most young New Yorker’s don’t know about renters insurance, or if they do know about it, don’t have it.

And that’s a big problem because a fire, burglary, flood or any other devastating event can happen at any moment, to anyone. You never expect them. You never think they can happen to you. They’re always the types of events you look back on after they happen and say, “I never thought it could happen to me.”

The good news is, Sean learned his lesson.

And I say that’s good news because (and I’m not lying here) the next apartment he moved into burned down, too.

I’m not going to share an image of that fire, but this seemingly impossible scenario actually happened. He left his first apartment because it burned down, only to move to another apartment that burned down. Absolutely insane and unpredictable. The only difference is that the second time he had renters insurance which covered his losses.

A lot of people are people are living like old Sean, blissfully unaware of how important renter’s insurance is until it’s too late. But now is the opportunity to get ahead of the game and avoid being one of those people who says, “I never thought this could happen to me.” It seems extreme, but that’s exactly how Sean felt after ubering to his apartment when he got notified of the first fire, unable to get with 1,000 feet because the fire department had closed down the lock.


Don’t Be a Sean. Get Renters Insurance

Roomi was built to make renting as safe and easy as possible. To further that mission, they’ve teamed up with Lemonade, a tech-driven insurance company powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. Lemonade offers instant, hassle-free insurance that protects your stuff from things like fire damage, flood damage, and burglary.

Getting a Lemonade policy to protect your stuff takes 90 seconds – there’s no brokers, paperwork or hassle! It’s ridiculously easy.

Please do it. Now. Go ahead. Your stuff will thank you.

To learn more about how Lemonade works, you can visit their FAQ.

5 Signs It’s Time To Move

signs it's time to move

“Change is as good as rest.” This is a common saying but often overlooked by many. Sometimes it is difficult to determine when to change your town having lived there your entire life and most crucially not knowing when you really want to explore new towns. These are just but a few of the signs it is time to relocate.

You have never lived anywhere else

Having lived in one town your entire life means alot to you. While it feels good to be around people that know you personally and relate well with you, it just feels awkward to get the same feeling each day all the time. Nobody ever wants to feel like people know them more than they should anyway. Walking around town and everybody is calling you by your name or knows your order on entering a joint; damn it just feels like you have no privacy at all. On the same note, you are way too well used with the repeated daily experiences. It’s time to leave your mark elsewhere.

Your finances have improved or you’re  struggling

Mostly people tend to live in a specific town dictated by their financial muscle. If things get better, moving is inevitable. The same way, when you can’t afford to live there anymore it’s time to downsize. Among other things,  a shift in your finances may be a good time to consider where you are and where you need to go.

Your surroundings are no longer inspiring

Personal growth is subject to inspiration you get from your neighbors and the surrounding in general.  A new location provides new challenges and inspirations altogether. If you don’t feel inspired to achieve more wherever you are then there is no point sticking around, move!

Simply assess your internal motivations, find out what you enjoy doing or what inspires you and move in that direction. If you are inspired in farming for instance, then there is no need sticking in the city. The same way if you think you are outgrowing your town and it feels too comfortable, you need some knock ups in a big city to roll you back to seriousness.

You can’t remember the reason why you moved to your current town in the first place

People move to different towns for a purpose. If you think the purpose that brought you around no more keeps you there, then you need to look around and seek to find a location that fulfills your anticipations. Besides, it is time to build yourself on new dreams, relationships, and goals. This won’t happen by standing still.

The only thing stopping you is the stress of moving

Do not let yourself get stuck in your current city simply because you fear the stress of relocation. Moving is much easier done than said. The more you think about everything that needs to be done the more overwhelmed you may feel. Go out,  buy packing supplies, and like Shia La Bouf says, do it.  If it takes convincing friends and family with pizza and beer or hiring someone to do everything from the packing to the transporting,  it can be done once you’ve made the decision.

Be it a big condo uptown or a bohemian shack  with three roommates in Brooklyn – onward!

Roomi Launches Backgrounds Checks To Make NYC Safer

background checks

“Mom, I do this walk everyday, I’ll be fine!” Your parents might worry about you living in the big city but at least they won’t have to worry about who you are living with. Roomi is excited to offer an even more thorough background check program and from September 5th to October 5 th only, background checks will cost just $6.99!

When it comes to searching for rooms and roommates we believe safety is everything. Now, in addition to verifying potential roomies’ social media accounts, you can require a background check to really get to know who they are before you decide to live together.

Putting The “I” In ID: What The New Background Check Looks For

Roomi’s new background checks are incredibly thorough and applies to both people listing rooms and those searching for them. The background check will find criminal records involving violence, theft, sexual or substance abuse, fraud and property damage.

Crimes against fashion, unfortunately, are not yet covered. There’s no guarantee your roommate’s pet isn’t a serial shoe chewer… but at least you know your shoes won’t get stolen!

Roomi’s Security Partners: And

The way our verification works is pretty straightforward. The first step is to verify your identity, then the powerful and easy to use service scans IDs to ensure you are who you say you are. Confirmation is done by checking against a social media site, like Facebook or LinkedIn. Then, Roomi sends the info to the security pros at, who handle the full-blown background check.

Save Big With Roomi’s Limited Time Introductory Rate

Once you successfully complete the background check, you will earn a special badge on your Roomi profile so potential roommates can quickly see if you have completed the background check. Those of you who do the background check will have a big advantage in finding the best roommate possible.

There’s no charge for the service if you’re listing a room but if you are searching for a room, there’s normally a $24.99 fee. We say “normally,” because this fall we are running an introductory deal on the whole thing. So get yourself verified now, save some cash (like $18 to be exact!) and find the best roommate opportunities around on Roomi.  

Press Release:

Roomi Launches Use of Background Check Tools to Screen Potential Renters

NEW YORK, September 5, 2017 – Roomi, the leading shared housing marketplace, announced today it will begin using background check tools to ensure that users can safely vet and connect with prospective roommates when they list their vacant rooms on the platform. The tools will ensure that current tenants (listers) and prospective roommates (movers) do not have a criminal record. The new tool will enhance the likelihood of a safe, trustworthy environment for both the lister and the mover. The background check will include a search for criminal records involving violence, theft, sexual or substance abuse, fraud and property damage.

A mover or lister must verify their identification. Applicants will then be asked to confirm their identity through a social media site such as Facebook or LinkedIn and provide proof of their identity by uploading their driver’s license or by confirming personal information. 75 percent of users connect social media platforms to their accounts.  After the applicant’s identification is verified, Roomi forwards the information to to run the background check. Roomi will launch a special $7 introductory campaign for 30 days from September 5 to October 5. This special offer is reduced from the standard price of $24.99. Listers can be screened at no charge.

After successfully passing a background check, Roomi will issue a special badge to respective movers and listers. The badge will then be attached to the individual’s profile in the messaging area of Roomi’s platform.

Roomi CEO Ajay Yadav said, “At Roomi, our success is dependent on the safety and satisfaction of our users. Our background check service will provide an extra level of safety for both listers and movers. It will help build trust between the two parties, which we recognize is very important when choosing a place to live.”

Thus far, several hundred people have enrolled.

About Roomi

The industry leader in the shared housing marketplace, Roomi is a free mobile app designed to simplify the roommate and housing search process. CEO and founder Ajay Yadav developed Roomi to address the “obvious need” for a tool to help people find housing and compatible roommates. Launched in 2015, Roomi is based in New York City. To learn more visit


How To Assess Room Share Ads In NYC

room share

As you traverse the net in search of a room to share and potential roommates, you’re going to come across a lot of different styles of ads. Some will be from legit people looking for a good situation. Others . . . not so much. Here is a helpful guide on what to look for in room share ads so you can assess whether the person is for real or up so something scummy.

Price Points: Reasonable Rates, Or Too Good To Be True?

When you see low rent in New York City, it can feel like wandering the Sahara desert for forty days and forty nights and stumbling into an oasis. Your heart races, your eyes grow wide, and with a wild whoop of joy, you race towards it, exhaustion forgotten.

Now, in the cartoons, this always turns out to be a mirage. And the over-eager wanderer ends up with a mouthful of sand.

New York City is crazy expensive. But the rates are that high because supply and demand allow it. With a strong emphasis on demand. New York is so incredibly awesome, so rich in opportunity, that people are willing to pay through the nose to live in one of the greatest cities on Earth.

So, there are two lessons here, really. One. Don’t wander around deserts without water, a map, and a camel. That’s just science. Two. If someone is posting really low rent, you should be very, very cautious. There’s a good chance they’re up to no good.

Room Share Details: Quantity Has A Quality All Its Own

Let’s compare two different room share ads. One says, “Brooklyn. $1000 a month. Got floors. A window. Thanks.” Okaaay. Not super detailed. Hopefully, the ceiling is included with this amazing package deal. The other ad has offered lots of helpful info about the lease, stressed the roommate’s lifestyle choices, and added a few free-written paragraphs about the room. Like this well done article on Nice! Lot’s more information here.

The obvious advantage is that you can get a better understanding of the room. But there’s a second, less obvious reason to go for the well written article and avoid the sparse one. The person who wrote a detailed ad was willing to invest their time.

If someone isn’t willing to put in a little effort to write up a complete ad, what’s that say about them? They don’t seem very respectful of your time. They expect you to do all the work. Heck, they may even be hiding something. That would explain why they are treating their room share ad like an interview with the police and offering as little information as possible. Not good signs. So always look for well written, detailed, complete ads that show the individual is honest and willing to put some effort in to make you feel at home.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

So ten pictures are worth, like, ten thousand words. Throw in twenty pictures, and we’ve got a novella. If an ad reads well and the price is right, but there aren’t any photos, buyer beware. This isn’t to say there needs to be hundreds of photos to qualify as a good room share ad. There could be five if they’re chosen from helpful angles. You should get a sense of the entryway, the main room, the bedroom if it has one, bathroom, and kitchen, at the very least. If there are fitfy pictures of the main room and not a single one of where you’ll be sleeping, then approach with extreme caution. Maybe they didn’t take a picture of the bedroom because if they opened the door, all the stacks of pizza boxes and ramen noodles cups would tumble out. And the cockroach colony hates that because they labored for days to arrange it all into a miniaturized village.

Hey. It’s New York. Anything could happen.

What do you look for in a great room share ad? Post your comments below.

Best Features In A NYC Apartment Finder

apartment finder

Every apartment finder is a little bit different, and there is no shortage of websites that specialize in the New York City area. With so many options, it can be tough to figure out how to prioritize one over the other. Here is a list of qualities you should look for in the best apartment finder websites that specialize in serving New York:

The Apartment Finder Should Help With Roommates Too

Most of us can’t afford to live on our own in New York City. Mere mortals like us need a roommate to help with rent. So if you’re using an apartment finder in The Big Apple, it really needs to help find roommates too. Otherwise, you’re putting a lot of effort into winning only half the battle. That’s like ordering a BLT and getting empty bread. Or worse, getting the meat without the bread . . . messy. So find the peanut butter to your jelly and get together with a great roommate while you’re searching for an awesome place to live.

Treasure Hunt: Scrollable Map Feature

You don’t really need a car in New York City. In fact, having a car in The City That Never Sleeps is more likely to rev up your stress than anything else. Parking is a full contact sport, sans helmets. Assuming you can find one close enough to where you want to be without passing out from dehydration before you trek there. Cars are just another expense too. Not just car payments. Oil changes. Tune ups. The occasional trip to the body shop, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood scratch artist. So yeah, skip the car if you can. But not having your own wheels means knowing what’s available in your local area is super important.

Public transportation. Grocery stores. Super cool bars and clubs. Parks. Coffee shops. Craft breweries. Nobody packs more diversity into a single city block than NYC. Nobody! Every neighborhood in NYC has a different personality. So check out the local eats, music scene, and shops on the apartment finder in detail. Don’t commit to an apartment, buy into a neighborhood.

Safe And Secure

Shady brokers and shifty landlords are like cockroaches. You can hear them scuttling around out there, but the second you turn on the lights, they vanish. You shouldn’t have to invest a bunch of your time making sure the person on the other end of the email is legit. Let the apartment finder take care of that for you. The site should have real, actual human beings digging through the listings and taking out the trash as a service to you. That way, by the time you get there, it’s pristine, safe, and secure.

Accessible Customer Support

You should be able to talk to someone quickly and easily in case you have a problem. Some apartment finders make you submit an email, and it can take days for them to respond, or longer. In New York City, a good apartment can get snatched up in a fraction of that time. Heck, even a bad one moves way faster than that. Customer service should be on hand when you need them. Or at the very least, able to get back to you within 24 hours. That way you’re not sweating it out wondering if that perfect place vanished while you were waiting for someone to get back to you.

Offers Advice, Tips, And Tricks

Renting in New York City is more complicated than renting in other states. There’s practically enough paperwork to build an entire apartment out of recycled forms. There’s a lot of extra steps, and you need a guarantor who makes at least forty times the monthly rent. Yup. That’s right. Forty. So make sure that whatever apartment finder you use also gives rental advice and tips for living in New York. offers all that and more. We work hard and take pride in delivering to you the safest, most informative and fun apartment finder experience possible. Check out our New York listings and see what’s available.

What do you look for in an apartment finder? Post your comments below.

How To Sublet In NYC


The biggest cause of stress for most of us in New York isn’t traffic, it isn’t neighbors . . . it’s rent. 80% of millennials can’t afford NYC rent. Which makes sense since the average price of rent is 120% higher than the national average. No wonder, right? And if you ever wanted to take a trip or visit family then that NYC apartment can start to feel like a ball and chain. How are you supposed to enjoy your freedom if taking time off to see the rest of the world is impossible?

Enter the sublet.

Let’s take a look at what a sublet is, what it isn’t, and how you can do it in The Big Apple.

A Sublet Is Like A Temporary Leave Of Absence

You’re going to Europe for a month or two, but you are totally coming back. With so many people looking for a place to stay in New York City, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to let the apartment sit there all alone without someone to keep it company. And pay your lease while you’re away. Lots of people need a temporary place because they just got to the city and need time to find something more permanent.

A Sublet Is Not Forever

That’s the difference between a sublet and assigning a lease. If you intend to come back, you need a sublet. If you are trying to get out of your lease and you want someone to take it over completely, then you’re assigning it.

How To Pay Rent While You’re Not Around By Subletting

Okay. The City of Dreams sleeps on a big fluffy bed made out of paperwork, so make sure to check off all the little details. Here’s the basic overview of what to do:

  1. Gather the information you need. It’s gonna feel like a lot, but none of it should be too hard to get:
    1. Sublease length. How long are you going to be out of town?
    2. Name and address of the subletting tenant. Hopefully, you found them on, because then you can use the chat feature to get all that from them. If you don’t have it already.
    3. Why you’re doing this. Traveling musician? Visit family? Hula dancing?
    4. Written consent of anyone else who has the primary lease with you, such as a guarantor or cosigner. Because wouldn’t your roommate be surprised if you magically changed into another person without warning?
    5. A copy of your own lease, if you can.
  2. Send a written request with all that jazz to your landlord. Use certified mail, and make sure to ask for a return-receipt. Don’t skip steps. The Capital of the World loves to pounce on people who skip steps.
  3. Okay, now it’s your landlord’s turn. They might have more questions or need additional info. If they do, get it to them as soon as you can. Once you send off any extra stuff, the 30 day countdown begins.
  4. Your landlord’s got 30 days to say yay or nay. If they don’t get back to you at all, then that counts as yay.


Now, it’s New York, so it shouldn’t come as a big shock to find out there are exceptions and special circumstances. Check out the “Tenant’s Rights” document, courtesy of the Attorney General, for more information.


Have you ever done a sublet before? How’d it go? Post your comments below.

5 Tips To Hiring Trustworthy NYC Movers

NYC movers

You’ve completed all the packing, probably, and now you’re ready to get all your stuff to your new dream home, but how do you find NYC movers who won’t play volleyball with your fine china? These tips will help you find people to help you in your moving adventure.

Don’t be afraid to shop around.

Your mama didn’t raise no fool, and you’re probably well versed in checking multiple sites price checking different products, so why wouldn’t you do this for a moving service? Get multiple quotes, check their reviews, not only on sites like Yelp but on the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs. Most trustworthy moving companies have profiles on the BBB with star ratings, so you can see if they are worth the money they’re asking for the job. Make sure that the company you hire can do the work for the budget you have.

Get all the information you can ahead of time

Professionals are moving most, if not all of your worldly possessions, from one of your homes to another, don’t you want to know who exactly they are? Get their names, numbers if possible, and as much information about when they will be coming. Try to obtain information on the vehicle they will be using and estimated times of arrival. Confirm movers have opted for an appropriate sized moving vehicle and should they have a high level of skill in Tetris doesn’t hurt. It’s important you can trust movers as people, professionals, and the equipment.

Do everything you can possibly do before the movers get there

Even the most trustworthy movers can’t be superheroes, and some of the onus is on you to make sure things go smoothly. Movers come to do their job so make sure there is not still food in the fridge and you’re not in a robe. If movers charge hourly, save yourself money by making boxes easily accessible, big and heavy in the front, smalls in the back.

Trust, but verify

Having done your research you’ve opted for the highest rated movers in town but don’t rest on those five stars. Take pictures of your high value items and keep track of the number of boxes that will be moved. Additionally, never sign the company’s agreement without a full read-thru. Most insurances offers by moving companies provide coverage of things by weight, and up to a limited amount, so be vigilant of the small print.

Use Moved, the free service that will handle it all

There is a lot to do to make sure your belongings are in good hands. If is seems like too much the Moved does it all for you. Moved is your NYC based middle man and deals with the moving company on your behalf. Moved fulfils all the tips provided while making sure you are in the loop at all times. If you need trustworthy movers but don’t have the time for a filtering process, find your free concierge service here.

Moving should be a time of excitement and new beginnings, these tips make for a smooth moving experience.

How to Find Apartments in Brooklyn to Rent

apartments in brooklyn

Brooklyn is an amazing city to move into but finding apartments in Brooklyn has its own share of challenges. It’s either expensive broker’s’ fees or apartments that do not fit your budget and requirements. Check out ways to aid you in finding perfect apartments in Brooklyn.

Social Media

Word of mouth is still part and parcel of passing information to relevant parties even with the high tech options available. You can secure the best deals from your friends or workmates on social media who have an ear on the ground. Contact a Facebook friend or group member who does email marketing to send messages to all contacts in Brooklyn who can help you in securing a rental depending on your budget. Use your other social media handles (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) to reach those contacts with attractive offers. You are one click away to getting help up by a former college mate whose neighbor just moved out. Unless you ask, you will never know!


RentHop is a friendly website where landlords, real estate developers and apartment agents do direct and ethical dealings on vacant apartments. The site keeps up -to-date information and refine options according to your desired housing (size/budget/area).

In order to post on the site landlords have to go through a security procedure. This gives home hunters peace of mind.

Roommates on Roomi

The best budget decision to make when moving  Brooklyn is finding roommates. You will get the most bang for your buck when it comes to amenities, size, and location if you are splitting the costs with others who also don’t want to forgo their entire income just to live alone. Roomi is a hub of roommate with space available. The website also has an app so you can respond quickly to people answering questions about the room you’re interested in. It’s convenient and with the large number of users, there are always tons of Brooklyn listings. This app is your most effective tool when looking for a great apartments roommates included!

Hit the road

After searching for available apartments around Brooklyn on the internet, it’s best you walk around the area. The walk will help you point out things that were not advertised on the internet. Look around for “Vacant apartment” signs and walk into those buildings to view the vacancies. You will be surprised at how easy it is to find a pad without the help of brokers who sometimes charge almost the price of the rent for their services.

Finding an apartment for rent in Brooklyn is no walk in the park but the above sources will get your desired pad sooner than you expected.