Best Value Neighborhood Review: Long Island City

Long Island City

Long Island City, based out of Queens, is an industrial center no longer. It has evolved into an affordable place to enjoy a thriving arts scene and a waterfront park with some of the best views of Manhattan you’re going to get this side of a helicopter. Despite being crazy close to Manhattan, a mere 20 minutes, Long Island City feels a lot quieter than you might expect. Perfect for anyone looking to play hard in the city and sleep hard at home.

Thriving Arts Scene

Long Island City is very active in the fine arts. MoMa PS1 is, in fact, one of the largest and oldest non-profit contemporary arts centers not just in NYC, but in the entire country. If the idea of being one of the first to discover an emerging artist whose work stimulates discussion, ignites ideas and drives change, then you should be a regular visitor to MoMa.

The Sunday sessions live performances let you experience firsthand real time performances from new and established artists. You can enjoy their latest musical performances, dances, speeches and more. There are eight different exhibitions going on right now that evoke a variety of thoughts and emotions, with more on the way. And while MoMa encourages donations, the PS1 center is free for NYC residents.

Best Views Of Manhattan

If you want some of the absolute best views of the Manhattan skyline, day or night, then head on over to Gantry State Park. It’s a five minute ride from Manhattan. So getting to the park, or heading to the lively and exciting Manhattan scene afterwards, are pretty easy. Gantry State Park is right on the waterfront. The views of the Manhattan skyline are totally unobstructed. The East River here is very peaceful, making it prime selfie-shot territory to send jealously-inducing pics to your friends.

They have regular events and activities, including exercise classes and a 5K race if running and fitness is your thing. For something a little more cerebral, they have chess and checker matches along the waterfront for you to enjoy. The list of activities goes on and on, from Easter egg hunts to fishing to weddings.

Sweet Choices For Dating And Socializing

Gantry State Park and the surrounding area are full of options for places to eat as well, in case you want to bring your date to a nice spot by the river. The Riverview is very classy but also quite friendly. Their bottomless brunch option is perfect if you’re active in the dating scene. For a more informal place to eat in a group with friends, head on over to the Corner Bistro. It has the kind of energetic vibe that is perfect for winding up your Friday night.

Long Island City has an average monthly rent of $1,018 on It offers affordable living incredibly close to Manhattan. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy the exciting social scene New York City is world famous for, but have a home base to return to where you can actually sleep.

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Best Value Neighborhood Review: Bedford-Stuyvesant


Bedford-Stuyvesant, or Bed-Stuy for short, is an exciting place to live. It has a long, rich history behind it and a future of dynamic change in front of it. Based out of Brooklyn, the residents are proud of Bed-Stuy’s strong African-American culture, and it boasts some of the most beautiful brownstone architecture in all of New York City. The buildings have an almost Victorian-era vibe with lots of intricate details in the walls, corners, and windows. While it isn’t first on the list for parks, it offers a lot of affordable, filling, satisfying food if you like hearty meals.

Comfort Food Central

The food scene in Bed-Stuy is a great place to fill up your stomach without emptying your wallet. For some southern style food that draws inspiration from flavors all over the world, try Peaches Hothouse. Started by Ben Grossman and Craig Samuel, they have a really inspiring, humorous, and mouth-watering answer to the question “What is real New York style Barbeque?” At the Hothouse, you can get your fill of southern classics like Creole shrimp and grits, blackened catfish, and fried green tomatoes. Enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere and take it easy while you catch up with the locals. This place is a little island of southern comfort amidst the NYC crush.

Here’s a good one if you live in NYC but dream of exotic islands surrounded by turquoise oceans. Swell Dive isn’t a rough and tumble dive bar. The swell stands for the rising wave of tropical water, and dive is what you’ll do into the food. With its Caribbean décor and an extensive list of tacos, this place feels like a tropical vacation for your appetite.

Beautiful Architecture

The brownstone architecture is one of Bed-Stuy’s most striking features. Brownstone is a kind of sandstone and New York is famous for it. But even amongst NYC’s rich history and world-class architecture, Bed-Stuy stands out as a prime example. A lot of thought, subtle creativity, and ornamental detail has gone into these gorgeous buildings. A lot of modern architecture embraces a minimalism that can be elegant but easily crosses the line into sterile. Not so with Bed-Stuy’s vibrant community. When discussing Bed-Stuy buildings with your neighbor, you’re more likely to use words like brackets, quoins, fluting, finials, frieze, and cornice branding. And yes. It all looks as beautiful as it sounds.

Exciting And Dynamic Change

Bed-Stuy is growing, changing, and evolving. New restaurants and bars are popping up all the time. Corner store shops and cafes salt and pepper the neighborhood. Bed-Stuy had a pretty rough reputation for a while, it’s true. But the area is definitely gentrifying. The area is attracting more and more people who like a slower paced neighborhood with tree lined streets and lots of history.

With so much to offer, now is the time to move to Bed-Stuy’s historic neighborhood with its comforting food, rich culture, and dynamic change. Bedford-Stuyvesant has an average monthly rent of $1,070 on Check it out and become part of the community!

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Best Value Neighborhood Review: Astoria


Astoria has tons to offer for the price. At first glance, it might seem like a quiet, middle class neighborhood. And while that’s part of Astoria’s awesome personality, don’t let it fool you into thinking this place is boring. Delicious microbreweries, astounding Greek food, beautiful parks, and more are just waiting to be discovered everywhere you go in this incredibly diverse neighborhood. With so many designated bike paths, getting around town is easy if you don’t have a car.

Greek Food Lover And Microbrewery Enthusiast Paradise

If you can’t get enough Greek food and you’ve never met a microbrewery you didn’t like, then Astoria offers more happiness in a few city blocks than all of paradise combined. Beer gardens and little mom-and-pop Greek restaurants are plentiful. Even if you don’t have a specific destination in mind, just taking a stroll through your own neighborhood will reveal all manner of delights.

For Greek food, head on over to Tavern Kyclades. It isn’t just a top destination for Greek food within Astoria. It ranks as one of the absolute best Greek restaurants in all of New York City. The interior has art based on the famous island chain in Greece, complete with the distinctive blue and white homes and idealistic beaches.

For 25 microbrews on tap and full kitchen service until 1 AM, try Sunswick 35/35. The beer covers a range of options, from hoppy to mellow so everyone can find something they like. Hearty pub fare is on the menu, but so are more unusual options like wild mushroom fritters for the more explorative amongst you. They’ve also got trivia and bingo, which can be a fun way to introduce yourself to the locals when you first arrive.

Accessible And Interesting Art Galleries And Museums

Beyond its culinary experience, Astoria is a really educational place. Your first stop should be the Socrates Sculpture Park. Not only are there a bunch of outdoor sculptures for you to enjoy, but there are even art classes. They’re divided into adult, teen, and kids courses, so whether you go with friends or family, you’ll have something you can enjoy. Music, festivals, farmers markets, and yoga are also available there.

The Museum of the Moving Image teaches everyone about the different aspects of movies, film, television, and other digital media. They educate people about how digital media is made and how it affects our society. Their exhibitions change regularly as they examine different people, shows, and technologies.

The Kaufmen Arts District is very supportive of emerging artists. The RaR Bar has showcased a lot of previously undiscovered performers over the last nine years. If you enjoy discovering new music, then living in Astoria will give you access to a steady stream of up-and-coming talent.

Astoria has an average monthly rent of $1,243 on It’s really rare to find a place that is laid back yet exciting. Here, you can come back to a quiet home where you know your neighbors on a first name basis. Then take a bike ride to the nearest transit station and explore new foods, discover great beer, immerse yourself in new music, and have the one of a kind experience that New York City is famous for.

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Best Value Neighborhood Review: Ridgewood


Ridgewood is an affordable, quiet neighborhood of friendly and pragmatic people based out of Queens. Covering about two square miles, it offers an interesting blend of organized living and pragmatic culture combined with friendly people and lots of little one-off corner stores with an old-school feel.

This isn’t the kind of place where artists are making their name and clubs are rock’en it well into the night. This is where you go to see mothers calling out their windows for children to come home for dinner, and you become a regular at a tiny store that only you and the locals know about.

A Layout For Living

Houses are the most common sight in Ridgewood. It doesn’t have the swooping vertical features found in the heart of New York City, giving you a nice view of the surrounding area. The stoops are typically well swept, clean, and organized. The slower pace of the neighborhood is reflected in the easy-going conversations between people relaxing on the stoops and talking with their neighbors.

It takes 35 minutes to get to Rockefeller Plaza and about 40 minutes to Union Square or Wall Street. While the commute isn’t ideal, it’s close enough to be doable but far enough to keep the housing prices lower than other parts of the city.

Great For Families

Ridgewood doesn’t have much in the way of parks, but the Joseph F. Mafera park is a pleasant, quiet little place to relax. It does have more choices in the form of playgrounds. The Benninger Playground, Rosemary’s Playground, and Starr Playground are just a few examples. They provide fun spots where parents can relax and keep an easy eye on their kids as they burn off their trademark endless energy.

The Ridgewood Branch of the Queens Library system offers a more low-key place to catch up with books for the whole family. They also offer music, movies, games, and even teen radio.

Corner Store Time Machines

Scattered amongst the houses are a variety of corner stores. Many of them feel like taking a step back in time, to when days were simpler, and people were in less of a rush. The Ridgewood Pork Store is one fine example. The shop window has little ceramic pigs which greet you upon your arrival. Inside, you’ll find a host of tantalizing smells and options, like smoked lamb with rosemary, and jalapeno and onion sausages. You might think this kind of quality would be super expensive, but many of the shops in Ridgewood are proud to be part of the community and work hard to keep their prices fair. If the houses are the bricks of the community, then these corner stores are the cement that holds it all together. Coffee, groceries, sandwiches, and more await you just around the bend.

Apartments on for Ridgewood have an average rent of $900. If you want a pleasant place to start a family or just like quiet, clean city living, Ridgewood is the place for you. It has managed to hold on to its unique lifestyle, but a 17 story apartment building is on its way. So now is the time to move in and get settled before everyone else in New York and their mother discovers what a great place this is to live.

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Best Value Neighborhood Review: Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is an easily missed neighborhood with a small-town feel, sitting securely amidst the organized chaos of New York City. Located in Brooklyn and snuggled up against the Upper and Lower Bay of the Hudson River, this area offers a low key place to live with access to fast paced places to work. Getting to Manhattan’s Union State takes 40 minutes, which might be a bit much for some. But it also ensures that the low cost of living in the area stays that way.

What Do Bicyclists, Runners, And Stunning Seashore Views Have In Common?

Bay Ridge, as it turns out. This is a great part of town to rent a bike and cruise around, take in glistening views of the bay, watch elegant ferries float along. Stop to take in the sunset with the live action soundtrack of seagulls calling in the background. Shore Park has an especially nice bike path if you want to go for a ride. There are some entertaining and at times intense pick-up basketball games to be had if you’re feeling up to it.

If jogging or walking is more your thing, there are some nice, quiet parks to enjoy. Owl’s Head Park has gently rolling hills and views of the gorgeous Verrazano Narrows Bridge that connects Brooklyn with Staten Island. It’s also a sweet spot for a picnic or a low-key game of Frisbee if you want to relax. The shade of the park’s plentiful trees is just made for lying in.

Affordable And Amazing Food: What Small Towns Do Best

Nobody does great eats that are easy on the wallet like small towns. Nobody. Bay Ridge has a great mix of Irish, Italian, and Arabic residents and the many delicious restaurants to prove it.

The Wicked Monk offers fantastic food and beer in a unique atmosphere, which has a cathedral-turned-pub feel to it. They have great choices for lunch, brunch, dinner, and special late options for night owls. It hosts live events from music to MMA.

Middle Eastern food enthusiasts can head right on over to the Tanoreen. They have amazing options for dining in and offer catering services as well. For dessert, try the house special knafeh. Crispy layers of fillo filled dough filled with sweet cream cheese, soaked in orange blossom syrup and topped with crunchy pistachios. That blurs the line between food and a magic trick.

For something a little classier, try Ginos. Established in 1964, they boast the best Italian food and pizza in Brooklyn for over 50 years. While that’s a pretty big claim, 50 years of happy customers is a pretty big accomplishment. Just a quick heads up, they’re closed on Mondays. Which shouldn’t be a big deal. You didn’t really want to carb-load yourself on the first day of the work week, right?

Try Bay Ridge For Affordable Small Town Living In The Big Apple

Bay Ridge has apartments starting in the $924 range on It offers a chance to slow down, enjoy the ocean, and get to know your neighbors. Ditch the chain restaurants and overpriced ego-trips and become a regular at one of the delectable mom-and-pop style ethnic restaurants.

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7 Reasons To Try A Short Term Rental In NYC

short term rental

Moving to a city with over eight and a half million people in it with some of the most expensive rent in the nation is kind of a big deal. Have you considered the benefits of signing a short term lease to learn more about the city and New York’s unique (read as difficult) move in process? You might even save some hard earned cash by doing so. Here’s a list of 10 reasons why you should try a short term rental in NYC before taking the plunge:

  1.     Make Sure NYC Is For You

The Big Apple is legendary. Intense, crowded, rich in opportunity, diverse, and fast paced. And, hey, it’s not for everyone. If NYC isn’t for you, that’s not a bad thing or a good thing. It’s just a you thing. Better to hang around for a few months, rack up some awesome stories to share with family and friends back home, then say, “Nah, it’s just not for me.” You gave it a shot, that’s what matters. Maybe you like country life, or you want to try an international city, like Tokyo.

  1.     Become A Steely-Eyed Veteran Of The New York Lease Signing Process

Signing a lease in New York is definitely more involved than your average lease agreement elsewhere in the USA. Lots of landlords in New York only go through brokers, and a short term lease can give you a chance to get to know a good one. There are extra fee’s you might not be used to, and you’ll want to bring proof of income plus pass a credit check. You’ll need a guarantor as well. Good apartments move fast in NYC, and a short term rental will leave you seasoned, prepped, and ready to side tackle one the moment it becomes available.

  1.     Pre-Furnished Short Term Rentals Can Save You Cash

Some short term rentals are pre-furbished. Do they cost more per month? Of course they do. But compared to moving your own stuff, you could easily come out ahead for a short term stay. Think about it. Moving furniture in New York City can cost $600-$1000 on average. If you’re only staying for a month or two, and they charge you $200 extra a month for a furnished room, you’re still beating the system.

  1.     Get To Know Your Community

Don’t snag a short term rental just anywhere. It pays big dividends to live in the same neighborhood you’re thinking about moving to long term. Every neighborhood in NYC is unique. Some have more parks, others have more shopping. Some are a pretty spectacular blend of both. Certain communities are tighter knit than others. You’ll pick up on which one’s are more welcoming right away. New Yorkers are famous for many things. Being shy isn’t one of them.

  1.     Experience Your Apartment Complex Around The Clock

The absolute best short term rental scenario is one where you are renting in the very apartment complex you want to stay at long term. A big problem with apartment searching in general is that things seem great when you tour the place on Wednesday afternoon. You move in Thursday, and all is well. Birds are chirping, people are singing. Then Friday night rolls around and you realize, you’re living with the whackos Sons of Anarchy threw out for charges of unnecessary roughness. A short term rental lets you see what your prospective complex is like throughout the weekly cycle, so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

  1.     Get A Job, Pal

New York is famous for being rich in opportunity. In April of 2017, there were 3,825,600 jobs in private sector alone. But don’t expect finding work to come easy. Or fast. A short term rental lets you experience firsthand how marketable you are in such a fiercely competitive environment.

  1.     Take Your Time

You might be tempted to maximize your savings by getting a hotel for a few days. Please don’t. Especially if it’s your first time. New York is too big and complex to get an in depth understanding in such a short amount of time. Can a tourist have a great time in three days? Abso-positively. But being a tourist in any city and being a resident are two very different things. If you get a hotel, you’ll end up running around like Captain Crazypants and ultimately be left with an incomplete picture of what the city has to offer. A short term rental lets you really come to grips with New York Cities particular brand of epic.

Have you tried a short term rental in New York City? How did it go? Post your comments below.

Should I live in Stuytown? Yes, Here’s Why


The colony of red brick buildings on the east side of Manhattan may appear mysterious or even a bit obscure, but these post-war apartments are the cities best kept housing secret.

Stuyvesant Town, or Stuytown, and its sister development Peter Cooper Village make up a complex of 110 apartment buildings stretching from First Ave. to Avenue C, between 14th and 23rd streets.

Most New Yorkers don’t know what to make of Stuytown, having originated as a gas house district converted for WWII vets, the complex doesn’t have the most inviting construction. But one stroll through its green parks the mystery falls away and true appreciation can be found in this underrated locality.

The history of Stuytown is a controversial one. In the 40’s it touted as a  “whites-only” elitist area. This discrimination was struck down in 1950 with the residential campaign leading to the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Despite its past, Stuytown is now a safe and welcoming community with its own public safety force of peace officers.

Living in Stuytown consists of regular walks and bike rides through well paved trails a-mid parks and trees with a fountain in the center of the complex. Amongst the 30,000 residents there is a relaxing small-town feel. Stuytown is close to Manhattan’s east side entertainment, restaurants, bars, music, and theaters. If you don’t want to leave the neighborhood for some grub checkout the Five Stuy Cafe only steps away from your apartment. When you want to venture out the L train connects to several Manhattan and Brooklyn lines.

Strengthening its sense of community, Stuytown has its own farmers market from May to late November. Every Sunday morning you’ll see local vendors setting up shop. From farm-to-table goodies, organic produce, to taco trucks, the Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket is enjoyed by New Yorkers from all boroughs.

Among other amenities Stuytown has, a community gym, is located along east river, and welcomes registered pets. Rent is affordable to middle-class earners and there are quite a bit of of NYU students in the area. Apartments have an open layout with a newly renovated feel. Beyond its affordability the true selling point of Stuytown are its convenient location, small-town atmosphere, and the over all good vibes. Don’t let this overlooked spot pass you by.

4 Perks of Brooklyn Apartments

brooklyn apartment

When people move to New York, they often set their sights on places like Manhattan. It’s in-your-face famous, and just uttering the word conjures up reruns of hundreds of movies in the imagination. But places like Manhattan are soul-crushingly expensive. Have you considered moving to Brooklyn instead? Brooklyn apartments offer the tantalizing New York lifestyle you crave and have extra perks you should consider.

Brooklyn Communities Stick Together: Despite being packed with people, there are parts of New York that can feel surprisingly lonely. Especially if you’re the new kid on the block. No so with Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s reputation for fostering tight-knit communities is well deserved. There is a ton of diversity in Brooklyn, and you’ll actually get the chance to chat with your neighbors. Entrepreneurs, entertainers, restaurant enthusiasts, musicians, mechanics, science geeks, marathon runners, the works. Whoever you are, somewhere in Brooklyn there is a group of people that totally get you.

Plentiful Parks: While the city skyline of New York as viewed from a circling helicopter is certainly dazzling, the view from the ground can get a bit tiresome. Concrete, glass, and brick dominate every angle. If the sky ever fell, you might be the last to know. However, Brooklyn has lots of parks and no shortage of city sights as well. Prospect Park has tons to do, from exercise to barbecues to skating. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens offers all sorts of opportunities to enjoy plants, flowers, and pick up some gardening tips. Pretty handy since apartments in Brooklyn might actually have a yard. So go ahead. Spread-eagle in the grass and take a breather. Or enjoy a pre-work jog that doesn’t require a respirator to filter car exhaust.

Foodie Enthusiasts, Meet Rising Talent: Brooklyn is positively overflowing with great places to eat. And since Brooklyn is such a haven for new talent, there’s always a chance you’ll get to enjoy delightful delectables at pre-world-famous prices. There’s an impressive span of choices, too. Cheap eats, fine dining, ethnic foods, you name it. You don’t have to trek all the way to Hell’s Kitchen and pay heart-attack-inducing tourist prices when there are incredible places to eat in your own neighborhood.

Different Neighborhoods For Different Budgets: Brooklyn is a big place, and it’s built out of a lot of smaller neighborhoods. Each one has its own unique spin on New York living, and the cost of apartments and food can vary. For example, on, the average monthly rent of Bensonhurst is $850, East Flatbush is going for $975, and Downtown Brooklyn will run you $1,712. Options abound, so check out our listings to see the most up to date information on what apartments in Brooklyn are available and who’s looking for a roommate in town.

With such a great track record for tight-knit communities, places to enjoy some open space, and abundant city life options, Brooklyn is a pretty ideal place to call home. Do you live in Brooklyn? What’s your favorite park or restaurant? Post your comments below.

3 Easy To Miss Problems With New York Apartments

New York Apartment

You’ve searched for New York apartments and narrowed your choices with organization, research, and skill. You’ve nailed all the common pitfalls of signing a lease, and you have steely-eyed confidence that nothing, nothing, is going to get past you. You will not be ripped off, scammed, or bamboozled in any way, shape, or form. Right? Hold on there, tiger. Here’s three easy to miss problems that you’ll want to check in any New York apartments you’re considering.

Ground Floor Apartments Are Cheaper For A Reason

That ground floor apartment caught your eye all right. It’s the least crazy-expensive option in the building. You don’t have to fret about feeling like a Sherpa as you haul groceries up several stories on a bi-weekly basis. But why is it the cheapest, exactly? Pests, crime, and traffic. That’s why.

Pests: Cockroaches are appallingly durable little critters, but do you think they relish the idea of scaling the side of a skyscraper and clinging on for dear life just to snack on some tasty garbage? Of course you don’t. Because that would involve thinking about consuming trash and that’s weird. But bugs prefer to infest bottom floor apartments because there is more cover and less exposure to predators.

Burglars: You don’t want to carry a big screen TV up five flights of stairs. Do you think a burglar feels any different doing it in reverse? It’s not as if they got into the burglary biz because of their sterling work ethic. Burglars often focus on bottom floor apartments. More cover, less time. Lower exposure to the police. So, uh . . . for the exact same reasons cockroaches prefer them, basically.

Traffic: New York never sleeps. Anyone who’s lived in a bottom floor apartment with headlights constantly blazing through the window like photonic scythes harvesting sweet dreams can attest to that. Cars pulling in and out, people walking by and talking, laughing, or arguing, the occasional late night crazy person doing . . . something. Something puzzling, morbidly intriguing, and undeniably loud. So if you’re looking to save some cash by sticking to the ground floor, check those windows and check them well. They should form a solid seal to diminish sound, and the shades should be made of solid material that you can pull down and block out light on demand. Those slotted Venetian blinds are like sieves for headlights.

Top Floor New York Apartments Are So Hot

Not sultry hot, just muggy hot. Hot air rises to the top floor. In the sweltering summer of New York, the apartments higher up can be miserable if the dehumidifiers aren’t up to the task. Increased heat and humidity put the apartment at risk for mold and mildew. So make sure the HVAC system can take the heat and keep the apartment comfortable. Even if it can, expect to pay considerably more for utilities in the summer. Although you won’t have to fork over as much of your hard earned cash once winter comes around.

Going Down? Elevator Certification

Elevators in New York apartments and around town are so common they just fade into the background. Like pink flamingos in Florida or swimming pools in Arizona. It’s easy to forget that those things can break, and when they do, it could well mean you’re walking until they get it fixed. When was the last time your apartment building’s elevator got checked out? It should have a certificate in the elevator itself. Scope them out before you commit to signing a lease. Not just the one you plan to use because it’s closest to your room, but the backup options as well.

Have you ever missed something while looking at New York apartments? What was it? Post your comments below.

How To Sublease Your Apartment in New York City

sublease your apartment

The most effective thing to do when you need to sublease your apartment is to remember what it was like when you were searching for an apartment. Remember the mild panic and stress sweats? Yea, not cute. Make the process and discovery of your room or apartment easy and accessible for those on the hunt.

Here are five steps to successful subleasing in NYC.

Permission. There are  very few restrictions on subleasing in New York. Obviously, you should discuss the decision with your landlord. Most should

be fine with this, in fact they better have a good reason not to or you can fight them on it (legally, no landlords are to be harmed during a sublease).  The only rules are that the sublease must be at least thirty days but no more than two years in a four year time period.

Create your contract. A sublease is a legally binding contract just like your lease. Ask your landlord for this contract or any other proceedings they require. Otherwise you can use a sublease agreement template. Here you will need to enter exact dates and prices. Remember-binding contract.

Use a platform. It’s time to spread the word, obviously the web is the way to go. To be even more accessible post your listing on a site that has gone mobile. Apartment listing apps are fire. Roomi app is easy to use. Once your account is created, list your apartment or room giving a full description. Take quality pictures of your place in its current condition- clean it first. All your conversations and connections can be made through the app. No need to give out personal information for every inquiry-simply chat right on the app. With thousands of NYC users, your place is sure to be spotted on Roomi.

Select a subleaser. Choosing the right subletter is as difficult as choosing a roommate and far more important. You are now playing landlord. Have an interview, ask for proof of employment, and request references. Be available, respond to inquiries and offer as many tours as you can muster. You need subletters more than they need you, so make it happen.

Close the deal. Get everything signed in person and collect copies of ID’s and other documents provided by the subletter. Act as a landlord, not to nag about rent, but check in on the tenant, offer solutions to the funny toilet knob, and keep in touch.