If you are planning to do a college exchange in Bogotá and you are looking for a place to live, recognize the safest and nicest neighborhoods where you can live. This is the guide to find the best neighborhood in Bogotá for you.


Located between 134 and 156 street on the highway.

Pros: A residential that has completely new buildings, most of them offer benefits like: pool, gym, common spaces and more. The best of all is that you can find affordable rents compared to other neighborhoods in Bogotá.

Cons: There is not much things to do, only in the 140 street you can find some stores. Your best choice is moving in bike, so you can avoid all the traffic in the zone.

Perfect for everyone that is looking for a modern and reachable place to live. If you doesn’t need to move more than 100 street, this is the best place for you.

Cost of rent for a room: $500,000 to $800,000 COP (Aprox. 160 a 300 dlls).


Located between 106 and 116 street around carrera 7.

This spot is well located if you need to move in 100 street, it has the best restaurants and stores.

Pros:You will find luxurious apartments, quiet and familiar atmosphere and cheaper rents than in neighborhoods like Chicó, Chapinero Alto and Rosales.

Cons: Carrera 7 is an avenue that connects with all of Bogotá, unfortunately is always with traffic and moving will take you more than an hour.

If you want to love in a fancy and quiet neighborhood this is your best choice.

Cost of rent for a room: $600,000 to $900,000 COP (Aprox. 200 a 300 dlls).

Chicó and Parque 93:

Located between 90 and 100 street.

Pros: Living in this spot is very nice, it is very quiet, has big apartments and is close to downtown. Walking by this neighborhood is amazing it has the best infrastructure of the city because all the embassies are located in this area also it is one of the safest neighborhoods in Bogotá.

Cons: Anyone really, except if you need to move to the business area it will take like 30 minutes walking.

Perfect for anyone that is looking for a fancy, modern and safe neighborhood in north of the city.

Cost of rent for a room:  $800,000 to $1,200,000 COP (Aprox. 270 a 400 dlls).


Located between 53 and 82 street.

Pros: An area for young people where you can find all the entertainment in Bogotá. It has the best restaurants and coffee shops in the city. A characteristic of its enchant is its English architecture. Chapinero includes neighborhoods like Zona G where you can find amazing restaurants, el Nogal a neighborhood with european bakeries and Zona Rosa where you can find parties all day. In this area is everything for having fun with your roomies.

Cons: Expensive rents.

This spot is perfect for young people, it is one of the most attractive areas for its entertainment options.

Cost of a rent for a room: $500,000 to $ 900,000 COP (Aprox. 170 a 300 dlls).

Candelaria and Downtown:

Located between 9 and 26 street.

Pros: The favorite neighborhood for exchange students. It has a lot of cheap options for having fun, it is very close to the best colleges in Bogotá, you can find museums, restaurants, cocktails bars, stores and more. If you are looking for a bohemian experience and to meet other students this spot is the perfect for you. Also you can find a lot of cultural events like theater plays, street art and exhibitions of art.

Cons: Don’t walk by La Perseverancia neighborhood it is not a safety area.

Perfect for everyone with a bohemian spirit, this place has a lot of cultural attractions, also this spot is near of the best colleges in Bogotá.

Cost of a rent for a room: $500,000 to $ 900,000 COP (Aprox. 170 a 300 dlls).

An excellent option for young people, students and entrepreneurs enjoy the best of the city is Livinn Bogotá, the residence is located in downtown, close to colleges and the best atmosphere for all the students. In case you need a room or an apartment Livinn Bogotá offer you the best options. Their buildings are perfectly designed for having fun, it has terrace, gym, study area, game room, concerts and many activities for met people.

If you were already an exchange or you are living in Bogotá, what other recommendations would you give us so that more people are encouraged to make their exchange in Bogotá? Which is your favourite neighborhood and why you will recommend?