Are you planning to travel to Bogotá? We have investigate everything you need to know for your exchange, where you can live, what you need to carry in your luggage, how much it costs to live in Bogotá and of course the best places to party. This is a complete guide, so that you don’t have to worry about anything else than enjoying your exchange in Bogotá.

What do you need to carry in your luggage?

Bogotá has a climate that goes between 7ºC and 18ºC, the rainy seasons appear between March/April and since September/November. However you can experiment the four seasons in a day. So we recommend to carry in your luggage comfortable clothes.

How much it cost to live in Bogotá?


The costs of accommodation depends of the property and where is located, in general the cost goes between $600,000 a $1,400,000 COP per month (200 a 500 dlls). Many students prefer shared housing for living with friends or other students, also in college residences or with families, options that can reduce the cost of accommodation.


Trasmilenio: It is a transportation system that connects almost all of Bogotá. It counts with many stations all over the city and it cost $2.000 COP (0.6 dlls).

Cabs: The cost depends of the distance, but the minimum cost of a ride is $4.100 COP (1.3 dlls).

Bike: Bogotá has a an extensive route for bikes that connects the city, so you can go to college riding a bike with any problem.


Counting that you have 3 meals per day, you will spend everyday between $3,000 a $6,000 COP (1 a 3 dlls) at breakfast, $5,000 a $10,000 COP (1 a 4 dlls) at lunch and $3000 a $6000COP (1 a 3 dlls) at dinner.

Other expenses:

In case you need to buy material for a class or you want to go to cinema, to party or everything else, you will need $50,000 a $100,000 COP (15 a 40 dlls) per month.

Where do you can party and met people?

Bogotá has a lot of places for having fun and party with your friends, this is the list of best places for met people and have the best night ever in Bogotá!

Andrés Carne de Res. One of the best restaurants in Latin America, it is a great place for dance and having a great night. A party place like no other, the dining room extends into an indoor and outdoor night club.

El Fabuloso. Located on the seventh floor with views out over the city, perfect for dining and drinking great cocktails. The atmosphere is vibrant and stylish, you will love its terrace.

El Bembe. This restaurant has all the influence from Cuba, so if you want to dance salsa like a professional this is the perfect place.

Armando Records. This place has four floors where you can enjoy differents rhythms in each one. It is the best option for all the moods.

El Coq. A bar with french influence that everybody loves, it plays alternative music, and if you want to taste the best cocktails in the city, this is the place.

Gaira Café. Restaurant, bar and club, the atmosphere is one of the best in Bogotá, so if you don’t know what to do for having fun, Gaira is your best choice.

El sitio. Live music that combines with the best food, an option for a quiet night or a date.

Cuban Jazz Café. A magic place located in downtown, this place offer the best jazz music in all the city.

Titico. This place has the best atmosphere for dancing the best salsa ever, if you want to dance all night you have to visit this place.

Jack Diamond. A place for electronic music lovers, the cocktails are made for one of the best mixologist all over the city.

Cine Tonalá. This amazing place is a cinema, art gallery, library, bar and restaurant. It serves the best mexican food in Bogotá. If you want to enjoy a movie drinking beer you have to visit this place.

Theatron. One of the biggest gay night clubs in the world, this place has the greatest atmosphere for dance all night long.

Céntrico. An exclusive bar, located at the 41th floor of the former Hilton. There is a stylish restaurant area serving excellent food and an open air terrace that would let you have the best view of the city.

What museums you can’t miss?

Bogotá has a great cultural offer, with museums you can’t miss during your exchange.

Colombian National Museum: The first colombian museum and one of the oldest in America. The museum is divided into differents sections: plastic arts, archaeology, history and ethnography. Perfect if you like to know everything about colombian history.

Gold Museum: Bogotá’s most famous museum and one of the most fascinating in all of South America, the Gold Museum contains more than 55,000 pieces of gold and other materials from all the major pre-Hispanic cultures in Colombia.

Botero Museum: In the year 2000, Fernando Botero donated an art collection of 208 pieces to Banco de la República. 123 of these were his personal artwork and 85 were from his private collection of renowned international artists.

Bogota’s Museum of Modern Art: MAMBO focuses on various forms of visual arts like painting, sculpture, photography and video, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. Exhibits change frequently, often highlighting Latin American artists.

Bogota’s Planetarium: An incredible experience that you can’t miss, there is an astrotheque, the Space Museum, an amazing terrace where you can watch the stars, and a dome with an unique screen in the world.

Which are the best neighborhoods for living?

Cedritos: Located between 134 and 156 street on the highway. Perfect for everyone that is looking for a modern and reachable place.

Usaquén: Located between 106 and 116 street around carrera 7. If you want to love in a fancy and quiet neighborhood this is your best choice.

Chicó and Parque de la 93: Located between 90 and 100 street. If you are looking for a fancy and modern neighborhood at north of Bogotá this is the choice, also this is a very safety spot.

Chapinero: Located between 53 and 82 street. This spot is perfect for young people, it is one of the most attractive areas for its entertainment options.

Candelaria and Downtown: Located between 9 and 26 street. The best spot for students and young people, it has a lot of places for entertainment and party. If you live in this neighborhood you don’t have to worry about moving to find party and fun. Perfect for everyone with a bohemian spirit, this place has a lot of cultural attractions, also this spot is near of the best colleges in Bogotá and in this area is located Livinn Bogotá, the best residence for students and young people, definitely you will love this place.

What do you need for rent in Bogotá?

If you want to rent by your own an apartment in Bogotá it is necessary to count with certain requirements as your bank statements and surety, also a EPS certificate for make sure that you can pay the rent.

If it seems difficult for you, exists other options for living. Many students opt for shared housing, is the best choice for found roomies in Bogotá. Another option is Livinn Bogotá, their buildings are perfectly designed for young people, students and entrepreneurs, offering fully furnished bedrooms and apartments with flexible accommodations to rent. The benefits that include are: study area, game room, gym, terrace, internet, laundry, concerts and many activities for met people and be easier for you to adapt.

If you were already an exchange or you are living in Bogotá, what other recommendations would you give us so that more people are encouraged to make their exchange in Bogotá?