Living With Roommates: 5 Expert Tips For Decorating On A Budget

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From India’s Startup Culture

FROM INC.: It’s been a good year for startups in India. This summer, Y Combinator accepted a record three Indian companies to its most recent batch. In August, UC Berkeley launched its own accelerator dedicated to Indian startups. And in September, Mark Zuckerberg funneled $50M to Banaglore-based education app Byju. How, you may wonder, in spite of the lack of capital — and the fact […]

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

FROM FORBES: Entrepreneurs are a special breed. The superhuman level of drive and ambition they carry, whether they’re securing seed funding or hustling through the freelance world, is reason enough to be proud. Finding success as a new entrepreneur, however, isn’t easy. It takes time, and a bulletproof measure of discipline through the usual ups and downs of starting your own business. When I launched Roomi […]

5 Ways To Celebrate When You Can’t Go Home For The Holidays

This holiday season, say “Bah, humbug!” to anyone who says you can’t happily celebrate away from home. Sure, Mom might clog your inbox with photos of the family’s perfectly adorned Christmas tree. Yes, you’ll miss that sticky-sweet holiday ham. But with just a bit of prep, there’s no reason why you can’t feel festive, even when you can’t go home for the holidays. Here are five […]

Affordable Housing Vanishing Fast, Says New Study

According to a new rental study by the NYU Furman Center, renting is [still] king. The rental landscape had its biggest gain in any 10-year period on record last year, so it’s no surprise that the nation is struggling to keep up with the affordable housing demands of many new renters. With traditional homeowning populations moving towards renting, vacancy rates are low and still dropping […]

3 Struggles You’ll Face As A Solo Founder And How To Conquer Them

FROM FORBES:  Solo founders are the dark horse of entrepreneurship. We are the risky investment and the unlikely accelerator candidate. We are, Y Combinator’s Paul Graham says, the single biggest mistake that kills startups. I didn’t have much of a choice. Because I moved to the United States without a network, I knew finding a cofounder would take time—time to meet people, get to know […]

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Find Apartments in Los Angeles With 3 Security Deposit Tips

For renters looking to find apartments in Los Angeles, paying a security deposit is a given, as in most other rental markets. However, the amount requested is at the discretion of the landlord, and if you want it back, you better leave the place in the condition it was found. If you’ve rented before, none of this is news to you, but there are some […]

Do You Really Need A Cofounder For Your Startup?

FROM FORBES:  I’m a solo startup founder. When I launched my business, Roomi, I didn’t have the perfect relationship in place to bring on a cofounder, so I simply went it alone. I’ve seen other lone wolf founders like myself, as well as companies with multiple founders – and everything in between. Naturally, there are advantages and challenges to every possible arrangement. Here are some […]

Why Living With Roommates Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

FROM FORBES:  Some founders launch companies out of their garages. Others repurpose a spare bedroom. Me? I built my business while crashing on a friend’s couch. need help with essay writing do my writing go professional writing service to get real writing help At the time, I couldn’t afford to pay rent, but Anup and Chris took me in anyway, no questions asked. Since Anup […]

3 Fears I Learned to Dance With as an Entrepreneur

FROM HUFFINGTON POST:  It was 2014, and I had been rejected by investors for nine months straight. I owed money to my friends, my school, and collection agencies. If I so much as needed something to eat, I’d check my bank balance and wonder, “How am I going to pull this off?” The moment you decide to build a business, you’re choosing the road less-traveled. […]