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Are Brooklyn Apartments Still Cheaper Than Manhattan?

New York City is growing by the thousands every year, pushing the population near the number city planners were projecting for the year 2020. That’s right — not only does NYC never slow down, it’s one of the reasons that rent prices have risen even as incomes have remained stagnant. And while Manhattan may still have the honor of being New York City’s most expensive borough, you might […]

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10 Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Signing a Lease

After a long, exhausting, sometimes even thrilling hunt, you’re in the home stretch. You and your roommate are so close to finally signing the lease to your dream apartment that you can practically taste the victory — but wait a sec. Before you start booking movers and picking out paint samples, you really need to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. A lease […]

The Secret to Negotiating a Broker Fee in New York City

It’s the age-old question in the world of NYC rentals: Is it possible to negotiate the fees in New York City? It’s a pretty simple question with not such an easy answer. But long story short: Yes, it is totally possible to negotiate the broker fee in New York City. It just depends on the time of year and your negotiating tacts. Read on and […]

Help! How Do I Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

So, you and your roommate(s) have bed bugs. Before you do anything else, take a deep breath — it’s gonna be okay. Yes, your worst renter nightmare just came true, but the good news is: You’re not in it alone. In fact, there are about 4,490 bed bug reports in New York City, alone, as we write this — and that’s not even the worst […]

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What No One Tells You Before Moving to NYC

Possibly one of the most comforting things about moving to NYC is knowing that it’s a city of expats. Sure, you’re bound to find plenty of those “classic” New Yorkers (whatever that means, anyway) — but really New York is just the land of dreamers, who have traveled far and wide to claim their own piece of fame and fortune. What you realize once you […]

Apartment Hunting in NYC: 6 Things to Consider Before Living in a Walkup

Apartment hunting in NYC is not without its share of trials and tribulations — especially when you know there’s a good chance you’re going to end up in a walkup. These classic New York dwellings are homes to millions of residents who know that day-to-day life in a walkup apartment ain’t always easy. While they’re marginally less expensive than other NYC housing units (find some […]

Do I Need an Unlimited Monthly MetroCard in NYC?

One question a lot of New York newbies often have is: How do you get around this city? Public transportation is the lifeblood of NYC, and it’s pretty much the reason 8.5 million people can get in, out and around the sprawling metro. The MetroCard issued by the New York City MTA is the golden ticket to getting around via the city’s public transportation, but […]

Renters Rights: Is Your Fire Escape Garden Illegal?

It’s an undeniable truth: New Yorkers have a soft spot for nature. Amidst all that concrete, iron and steel that make up most of the city’s infrastructure, New York City has a real love for the natural world. Summertime in the city especially brings out a longing to enjoy the sight, smell and feel of greenery. But without any private outdoor space (unless you’re one of […]