Living With Roommates: 5 Expert Tips For Decorating On A Budget

Meet Ajay Yadav, Founder and CEO at Roomi

Ajay Yadav sees every day as a new opportunity to make positive co-living experiences easier to find. He’s guided Roomi through its debut in New York and expansion to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Philadelphia, with other markets and services launched in 2016. Ajay also serves as a Lean Startup Machine mentor, advising early-stage startups during crucial growth points. He loves working with […]

More Homes For Rent in Los Angeles, Says New Study

In a nation where vacancy rates are plummeting, Los Angeles is almost keeping up. A recent NYU Furman Center study showed that the number of homes for rent in Los Angeles increased almost enough to meet the demand. New rental units went up 12 percent — just shy of the 15 percent increase in the city’s renter population. This 3 percent difference — when compared to […]

The Quirks of Living in Washington D.C., According to Twitter

Featured image credit: Architect of the Capitol Living in Washington D.C. is nothing like living elsewhere in America. As the seat of national government, D.C.’s residents are among the most powerful and influential in the world. So while you’re focused on the hunt for rent-controlled apartments and other affordable housing in D.C., don’t forget to look up every once in a while and see who’s […]

Roommates in Philadelphia Opting For Single-Family Homes

Looking for roommates in Philadelphia? Check the single-family houses. That’s right: Contrary to the idealistic image of roommates stacking up in a chic little apartment or flat, one in five renters in Philadelphia are living the spacious life in a single-family house, according to a new study by the NYU Furman Center. In fact, the trend of renting single-family homes has increased sharply as the […]

4 Non-Political Spots Roommates in Washington Will Love

You’ve pledged your allegiance to a political candidate, followed the debates and made your obligatory visits to the White House and Washington Monument. Now that America’s political hub is your new home , you’ve committed to fulfilling your duties as model roommates in Washington. But despite going through the motions, you’re not into politics as much as you hoped. Sure, you’ll discuss the topic in […]

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An Intro to Biking Laws for Roommates in Washington D.C.

One of the best offerings the northeast metros have is their variety of transportation options. If using public transportation or driving through hour-long traffic aren’t your preferred methods of getting around, biking through the capital city is another great option. For roommates in Washington D.C., who are already battling rising rent costs, using programs like Capital Bikeshare or investing in your own two wheels can be […]

Houses for Rent in Boston in Higher Demand Than Ever

Alright, so Boston is an expensive place to live. Where isn’t these days (besides Texas)? Prices on apartments and houses for rent in Boston increased by nearly 6 percent in 2015 — the most rapid rise in at least six years. Much to the dismay of students and young professionals, Boston is just one of the many metros where neither the rent prices nor vacancy […]

Why Baltimore Roommates Should Plan a Staycation in Charm City

When moving to a new city, you take into consideration things like potential job opportunities, affordable housing, and the social scene. While working your dream job may be your top priority, finding ways to enjoy your time off comes in as a tight second. While you may assume you need to jump on a plane and fly across the world to explore, don’t forget about […]

Finding Rent-Controlled Apartments for Rent in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.: America’s capital city and the fourth most expensive rental market in the country. If you’re on the hunt for a new home, you’re likely looking for the most affordable apartments for rent in Washington D.C., right? Rent control is a pretty nice setup in some of America’s major metros, and Washington D.C. renters are among the lucky who can benefit from it. A lot […]