Living With Roommates: 5 Expert Tips For Decorating On A Budget

What It’s Like Living in Boston, According to 15 Locals

From football to robot dogs to Miley Cyrus, Twitter has a lot to say about Boston. If you’re new to town and doing some local browsing, you might find that some of what’s said is true — but how often will you really see someone hook a hammock up between their Jeep and a tree on the side of the road? So you set out to […]

Help! My Roommate Smokes and I Don’t

Even though you’ve staved off the temptation and tried hard to avoid second-hand smoke, you just found out your roommate smokes (next time you’ll make sure to use a roommate finder that prevents unpleasant surprises like these). Smoking cigarettes used to be in vogue, but their well-known health risks have made the practice less socially acceptable today. Still, there are an estimated 40 million smokers […]

5 Tips For Living With an International Roommate

Can you imagine moving to a new country and navigating the rental landscape? The American rental market can be difficult to navigate even for someone born and raised in the same neighborhood, so we can only imagine how intimidating it can be for an international roommate. To really understand their experience, we went straight to the sources themselves. We talked to them about making the great […]

4 Must-Know Tornado Safety Tips for Renters

Home to the Alamo, BBQ hotspots galore and the Live Music Capital of the World, Texas is known for many great things (including affordable rentals throughout the state!). Yet with the good comes the bad, and unfortunately, the state is also famous for its unbearable heat and terrible twisters. Just this past winter, tornadoes ravaged Dallas reaching EF-4 intensity, killing 11 people and injuring 38. With […]

5 Major Perks of Living in Austin, Texas, as Told by Transplants

Austin, Texas isn’t your average small Southern town. The Texas capital embodies a big city vibe that makes it the culture center of the Lone Star State. In recent years, Austin has become a magnet for college graduates and young adults in search of something new. In fact, the city is one of the country’s fastest growing among millennials. Living in Austin, Texas If you’re […]

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Renting Homes in Austin: 4 Key Points to Check on Your Lease

Rental leases can often be long and hard to understand. And while they’re partly designed to protect the tenant, they’re written by the landlords and property owners. With that in mind, be mindful of how they can lean in their favor. Here’s what you should be checking when you’re signing a lease for a rental home in Austin, Texas. Rental Homes in Austin When it […]

First-Hand Advice on Avoiding Political Drama With Your Roommate

The 2016 primaries are in full swing and in a city of thousands or millions you’re bound to meet at least one person who disagrees with your politics. Whether you’re rooting for Donald Trump (here’s what we imagine he’d be like as a roommate, in case you’re wondering), trolling a Ted Cruz rally or crossing paths with someone sporting a “Feel the Bern” shirt, opposition […]

Renters Beware: Craigslist Misses Half of Its Rental Scams, Says New Study

The experts have spoken time and time again: Renters and rent prices are on the rise in 2016. So you’re prepared to face the challenges of securing your next rental. You’ve saved up for the upfront fees, found a guarantor to vouch for your good faith, and noted the landlords who made the naughty list. To avoid any more expense, you’ve opted to ditch the […]

5 Ingenious Design Tips to Living Large From Tiny House Owners

Featured image credit: Melissa Dohmen In recent years, the tiny house movement has taken the nation by storm with a high demand for tiny house shows on major TV networks. But while many singles, couples and even families with children have been diving into tiny living with open arms — whether to create a more intimate family environment or to save up for other big-ticket […]