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Renting Homes in Austin: 4 Key Points to Check on Your Lease

Rental leases can often be long and hard to understand. And while they’re partly designed to protect the tenant, they’re written by the landlords and property owners. With that in mind, be mindful of how they can lean in their favor. Here’s what you should be checking when you’re signing a lease for a rental home in Austin, Texas. Rental Homes in Austin When it […]

First-Hand Advice on Avoiding Political Drama With Your Roommate

The 2016 primaries are in full swing and in a city of thousands or millions you’re bound to meet at least one person who disagrees with your politics. Whether you’re rooting for Donald Trump (here’s what we imagine he’d be like as a roommate, in case you’re wondering), trolling a Ted Cruz rally or crossing paths with someone sporting a “Feel the Bern” shirt, opposition […]

Renters Beware: Craigslist Misses Half of Its Rental Scams, Says New Study

The experts have spoken time and time again: Renters and rent prices are on the rise in 2016. So you’re prepared to face the challenges of securing your next rental. You’ve saved up for the upfront fees, found a guarantor to vouch for your good faith, and noted the landlords who made the naughty list. To avoid any more expense, you’ve opted to ditch the […]

5 Ingenious Design Tips to Living Large From Tiny House Owners

Featured image credit: Melissa Dohmen In recent years, the tiny house movement has taken the nation by storm with a high demand for tiny house shows on major TV networks. But while many singles, couples and even families with children have been diving into tiny living with open arms — whether to create a more intimate family environment or to save up for other big-ticket […]

Among Texas Millennials, Homeownership is Out, Renting is In

Renting is the new black, says a recent study published by Trulia. The report from February highlights the nationwide increase in renting and the subsequent decline of homeownership across multiple age groups in the last decade. Notably, older Millennials are waiting longer than ever to take the leap into homeownership, choosing rents over mortgages, unlike their parents’ generation. And while many American cities have seen impressive increases […]

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The Eco-Life: How to Minimize Expenses While on Vacation

Your passports are renewed, you got the time off work approved, and your big roommate vacation is all set. Your bags are packed and you can’t get out of town fast enough. You and your roommate have gone over how to prevent burglary in the most common sense ways, and you’ll be sure to practice your everyday safety measures, too. You’ve set your vacation budget […]

The Case for Short-Term Rental Homes in Austin

It’s almost Spring Break, and that means South by Southwest is around the corner. Whether you’re heading down to Austin for the music, film or tech events, SXSW is world-famous for bringing together some of the brightest and most creative minds to the Texas capital for a week-long festival. And with 72,000 people expected to attend this year, you can assume finding affordable accommodations will […]

5 Myths You Probably Believe About Living in Texas

Texas has a reputation for many things: namely for being big, cheap and friendly. In fact, these widely-held beliefs are, in part, the reason why Texas’s major metros are the fastest growing cities in the U.S. The Lone Star State is one of the few places where the financial crisis of 2008 seemed to graze over, so it’s hardly surprising that young professionals are flocking […]

The Eco-Life: Conserving Water and Cutting Energy Costs

Who doesn’t love a long, relaxing shower after a stressful day of school, work and household chores? Well, if you’re a California resident, you’re going to have to find another way to unwind. The Golden State has been in a record-breaking drought for the last four years, putting pressure on all Californians to scale back on their water use. That doesn’t mean you have to […]