It’s Halloween month, 2020! And unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the only trick or treaters that might pop up around your home would be the infamous Halloween celebrities: the creepy crawlies! So one dreaded but super important activity to keep the nightmares at bay: Pest Control! And if you’re looking for DIY pest control in NYC, you have landed on the right page. So read on.

It’s true that the creatures we consider to be pests aren’t all harmful. Some have even become pets over time! But it’s still justified for us to shudder at the sight of these creatures around our homes. They lurk in the dark. Live in dirty, smelly areas of our house. And most have multiple legs, which makes them the perfect horror movie material.

So it’s justified when even thinking about them might give some of us a sour face. And it’s no wonder we want these stubborn roomis to move out of our house, ASAP! So we have two options. We can either go for DIY pest control measures. Or choose the last resort of calling pest control in NYC.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. So here are some ways to prevent pests from making your home their own before you need help from pest control in NYC.

1. Pest control 101: It’s time to get clean

If you have a bug problem, it’s time to get clean! Deep cleaning your house every month can help you avoid calling pest control in NYC. Creepy crawlies do come uninvited, but they mostly infest places they can feed in. If you keep your house a barren land for these little creatures, they might stay out of your hair for good. Clean all the nooks and crannies of your apartment with sanitizer and disinfectant. And try to make it a monthly regime to ensure rigid pest control at home.

2. Discontinue pest buffet services

The place we want them the least is where they want to be the most. THE KITCHEN. So you need to make sure your kitchen doesn’t host charity meals for the pests lurking around your house. If you keep everything cluttered out on the countertops, the creepy crawlies will make your stuff their playground. And god knows where those legs have been! So start by decluttering your kitchen. Not only will it help with pest control, but it will also save space in your kitchen.

Apart from decluttering, keep these DIY pest control measures in place

  • Keep your loose, open snack packs in containers and make sure all your storage containers are air tight.
  • Each time you or your roomis use the kitchen, wipe down the counters before and after use.
  • If you drop food on the floor, don’t put off cleaning it for tomorrow. Pick it up and throw it in the bin right away.
  • Don’t leave food stuck on your utensils as they can attract ants and rats. Even if you don’t wash them right away, always keep them rinsed.
  • Always keep your sink empty and dry. A sink full of water is a pool party venue for cockroaches and mosquitoes. And you don’t want to be invited!

Along with your kitchen, it wouldn’t hurt to practise these hygiene tips for your entire apartment for pest control. It doesn’t mean you have to get obsessive about your cleaning routine. But these simple cleaning practices can keep your apartment mouse and bug-free.

3. Say yes to doggy doors, no to crawly doors

If you have a pet, you might have installed a doggy door in your apartment for them to come in and go out as they please. But if you don’t consider the wall lizard or cockroach to be your pet, then you need to shut down those creepy crawly doors as a pest control measure. The common household pests usually like to take shelter in places we can’t see. Think patched walls or tiny cracks in your doors. So it’s time to crank up your DIY home repair skills. Get started to seal all the crawly doors you can spot as pest control.

4. Try natural pest control measures

Using pesticides might feel like the most convenient way for pest control. But when you do use those, you might get a feeling they were designed to kill you too. So instead, maybe you could face your fear and see the common household pests in a new light. They’re just trying to survive this harsh world like the rest of us.

If they pose harm to your health, call in the professionals

If the pests that infest your home are poisonous and could pose health risks to you or your roomis, then it is justified to take harsher pest control measures to eradicate them. But if they’re relatively harmless and aren’t really bothering you, then you could try natural methods to drive them away instead of killing them.

After all, some bugs are pretty cool!

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