Well, it’s winters in New York again. That means the snow covers every surface, getting up in the morning is 100 times worse than usual and everything is gloomy and depressing. It’s also the time where we say goodbye to our good friend, the Sun! So long, my friend, we shall see you in a couple of months! If you’ve lived here long enough, you know what winters in New York is like, and you don’t need a survival guide. But if this is your first time spending winters in New York…. Oh boy… You’re in for a real shock, especially if you’re from sunny California.Surviving winters in NYC can be tough for anyone, but it’s extra difficult for the newbies. This is why we did the work of making a comprehensive survival guide for your first new york winter. These are NYC winter essentials that you cannot do without. So without any further ado, let’s begin!

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Winters in New York- NYC winter essentials

You have to be very particular about your wardrobe if you’re spending the winters in New York. Cutesy stuff won’t cut it- you have to go into full survival mode. But worry not, we’ve gone through the trouble of making a list of NYC winter essentials. Here are the things that you will absolutely need to survive the New York winters-

NYC winter essentials#1 Puffer Jacket

Like any good survival guide, this one also begins with a sturdy jacket. Yes, I know, a puffer jacket isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But trust me, you’re going to need it in New York. It is an absolute NYC winter essential. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for one-

  1. It needs to bewindproof. The thing about winters in New York is that it’s not just the temperature that hurts you, it’s the wind speed. In fact, the wind speed might actually be worse. So be extra careful about only buying one that is windproof.
  2. Your jacket should have ahood. Yes, this hood will go on top of a different cap that you will also need to wear. Believe me, New York is not messing around.
  3. Make sure your jacket is alsowaterproofbecause what’s the point of going through all this trouble if you’re just going to end up drenched from all the snow.

If you take away only one thing from this survival guide, let it be this- buy a good puffer jacket, even if it means spending a little bit more money than you normally would.

Roomi Tip- it’s better to buy a puffer jacket that goes down to your thighs, kinda like a coat. You’d be surprised at how much that helps battle the winter.
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Sweaters, Sweaters, and Sweaters

Don’t we all love sweaters? It’s the perfect piece of clothing- both cute on the outside and comfy on the inside. You do have some leeway here to go for cute stuff, but again, it’s function over fashion. Survival mode, remember? If you’re buying woolen sweaters, try to get a high percentage of wool. If you can get one that’s 100% wool, nothing like it, New York winter won’t be able to touch you. You can also buy cashmere sweaters, which are more insular than wool but are also more expensive.

Special MentionUniqlo’s Heattech line is pretty damn good. This survival guide would not be complete without mentioning Heattech, it’s like they’re made for surviving winters in New York. And as a plus point, they look pretty damn good at a very affordable price. So, get your New Yorker self to the nearest Uniqlo and pick yourself some new stuff.

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NYC winter essentials#2 Snow Boots

Now for the more fashionable part of the survival guide- boots. But no, your cute little Chelsea boots won’t survive the harsh winters in New York. Better keep them in the closet for next fall. What you need now are snow boots. Yes, kinda like the ones you see Eskimos wear. This is the second NYC winter essential. Here are some things you should keep in mind before purchasing your very first snow boots!

  1. Buy your snow boots at the start of winter. You know, how when you put off your Christmas shopping till the very last second but by then all the good stuff is already sold out? Yeah, that happens with snow boots as well. Finding good snow boots during winters in New York after it’s already started snowing is like trying to find the lost city of Atlantis. So,plan ahead.
  2. Don’t even try to wear any of your cute ankle-length boots out in the snow, they will die an excruciating death. Instead, buy something that at least goes up to yourmid-calves.
Roomi Tip-Check out Hunter for boots. They’re a pretty trusted brand by most New Yorkers and will survive the entire season. If you want to go extra hard,then go for Sorel, these will last you for a loooong time and have a very sturdy grip.
NYC winter essentials

While on the topic of boots, invest in some cute knee-length woolen socks. These will keep you warm and if you get cute patterned ones- they’re adorable to look at.

A few other things you’ll need to survive winters in New York-

Roomi Tip- if your building turns up the heat way too high, invest in a humidifier. Trust us, it will save your life (and skin).

And that completes our survival guide of NYC winter essentials. Hope you spend your winters in New York totally cozy!

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