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It’s that time of year again! The leaves are falling and the weather is getting crisper, which means Halloween is just around the corner! Between juggling work and the stress of the pandemic, it has been hard for everyone to keep track of time. It’s important to continue to celebrate traditions like Halloween in order to have some fun and make our lives seem (kinda’) normal again. But wait, what about your Halloween decorations? Should you make a trip to your local department store? Should you go full DIY Halloween decorations on your porch? Haha, don’t worry, you know we got you covered,

Halloween is an awesome way to destress and enjoy yourself! Stressed about expensive Halloween decorations? There’s no need to overspend on elaborate decor. Get creative and try these 5 easy DIY Halloween decorations that are guaranteed to make your home more festive!

Halloween decorations on display with carved pumpkin!

Want to get creative? Plan a pumpkin carving night and use your carved pumpkins as homemade decorations! No worries if you don’t like carving; you can also paint your pumpkins as well!

Celebrate the occasion by watching classic Halloween movies while decorating.

Easy DIY Halloween Decoration: Cobwebs!

These are super simple and are guaranteed to add some spookiness to any room! All the supplies you will need are cotton balls and hairspray.

Pick out an area where you’d like your spiderweb to be displayed (such as a chair or empty wall). Take your cotton balls and begin to pull them apart. Continue this process until you get the desired size of your spiderweb. Place the pulled cotton balls on your chosen object and spray with hairspray so they stick together. Cute and creepy!

Flying bats for Halloween decorations? Hell yes!

If you love arts and crafts, this DIY decoration is just for you! In order to complete this decoration, you’ll need a bat stencil, a pencil, scissors, black construction paper, string, and clothespins or staples.

First, print out your desired bat stencil. Next, cut out the image and place it over black construction paper. Use scissors to cut out the image. Cut out as many bats as you would like to use for your decoration.

Once all of your bats are ready, cut the appropriate amount of string that you’ll need. Then, begin to attach the bats to the string using clothespins or staples. Continue this process until you have a garland full of flying bats as your Halloween decorations!

Candy corn garland: Decor everyone’s going to love!

Do you have a sweet tooth? This DIY decoration is perfect for you! All that you’ll need for this project is a few bags of candy corn, thin string, and a sewing needle.

First, you’re going to cut your string to the desired length. Tie one end of the string in a knot so the candy corn does not fall off. Next, you are going to tie the sewing needle at the end of the string so you can string the candy corn together. One by one, poke the candy corn through the string until the string is full.

Try adding this festive garland on a mantle or drape it over a window for an extra pop of color!

Pumpkin spider candles for some real spooks.

Here’s another creative way to incorporate pumpkins into your decor! In order to do this DIY, you’ll need a few mini pumpkins (however many you want), tealights that are able to fit inside the pumpkins, scissors, and black pipe cleaners.

First, you’re going to carve the pumpkins and scoop out the insides. Next, you’re going to place the tealights inside of the pumpkins. Then cut six equal pieces of black pipe cleaner. Mold each piece of the pipe cleaner into a bent spider leg and attach three pieces to each side of the pumpkin to make a pumpkin spider. Add these creepy candles to any centerpiece to spice up a room!

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