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8 Easy Ways to Make Your New Apartment Homier

Buying or renting your first apartment is an exciting moment in your life. You’ve finally settled down and found the perfect spot, but now you need to tackle decorating. It can be overwhelming shopping for a new apartment and it is often difficult to visualize how you want your new place to look. Not to mention decorating a new apartment can often mean digging deep into those pockets.

Don’t freak out! Decorating your new apartment doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Here are 8 tips to help make your new apartment feel more like home.

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1. Hang string or fairy lights

This is a super easy, affordable way to brighten up your apartment. Hanging string lights has become an increasingly popular room decor trend – and for good reason!
Buy a few strands of fairy lights and brighten up any space in your apartment that is looking bare. Check out Target or Home Goods for affordable string lights and decor. Get even more creative and hang up small photographs or polaroids on your string of lights using clothespins!

2. Buy house plants

Decorating your apartment with plants is both visually pleasing and budget-friendly! Stop at your local grocery store and pick up a few of your favorite potted plants. No worries if you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants will do the trick too!

3. Decorate walls with art and personal photographs

Make sure to include personal photographs in various rooms in order to make your new place feel homier. Photographs give us a sense of comfort and help us to feel connected with family and friends even if we aren’t physically with them. Invest in a few cute frames and hang your favorite pictures on a bare wall to give it some life.

If you’re an art lover, find a few statement art pieces that you enjoy and hang them in your living room or bedroom. Hanging up artwork that you love will make you feel good whenever you enter a room!

4. Incorporate decorative pillows and throws

apartment, homier, decorating

Pick out a color scheme for a particular room and add decorative pillows and throws to make the room pop. If your room is looking bland, add a few colorful or patterned pillows to the room! Fuzzy throws are also a great addition to any couch or chair to make a room feel cozier. There’s no such thing as too many blankets!

5. Invest in a nice rug

Decide what room you’ll be spending the most time in (for example, your living room) and invest in a good quality rug. Do your research and find a reputable company so your rug will last. If you’re striving for a clean and modern look for your apartment, decorating with a white or grey rug would be a great addition to any living room, and the neutral tones will never go out of style!

6. Hang curtains

Hanging curtains is a perfect way to make any apartment feel homier. Once you’ve decided on your color scheme, decide what color curtains would go best in your apartment. Not only are curtains aesthetically pleasing, but they offer insulation and help keep in heat during the colder months.

7. Put candles on display

This is a cheap and easy way to make your new place homier! Adding a few candles to each of your rooms will make your apartment warm and cozy – not to mention they’ll make it smell amazing! Pick your favorite candle scent and add one to each room.

8. Buy decorative lamps

Good lighting changes the aesthetic of any room. Invest in a few decorative lamps in order to create a cozy and homey atmosphere. Get creative and add a few fun light fixtures to your new apartment such as a lantern or a salt lamp!