Your search for a roommate finder app in NYC ends here. Roomi has an awesome app that helps you find a roommate in New York City. It also doubles as a great place to find neighborhoods to call home. Some of which are even quite affordable, which is about as common in NYC as peanut butter and chocolate unicorn.

And like all mythical beasts who have the misfortune of being made of such delicious ingredients, they don’t last long. So check out these great reasons to use as your roommate app of choice and grab yours before it’s gone.

81 unique neighborhoods for you to explore, and find a roommate in NYC!

That’s right. Count’em. 81 totally freaking awesome places to find a roommate in and around NYC. One of the amazing things about NYC is that every neighborhood has its own personality. A busy neighborhood with a bustling nightlife can share a border with a quiet area loaded with tons of fascinating museums.

And as you peruse your roommate app, you’ll discover that the personalities of potential roommates are just as varied and tend to reflect the place they call home. So no matter who you are, our roommate app has a unique neighborhood with a fun roommate for you and your lifestyle.

Find affordable neighborhoods easily with our roommate finder app.

New York City has a well-deserved reputation for being expensive. But it makes sense why. NYC has restaurants to satisfy the insatiable foodie, a world-famous nightlife that never stops, shopping galore, museums, concerts, parks, sports, and more. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that New York City has over 50 million tourists a year. That’s more people than the entire population of Canada combined. That’s… that’s just nuts.

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But the good news is, there actually are less expensive places to live in and around the city. And our roommate app can help you find them, and connect with people who already live there or want to.

Fieldston has an average rent of $565.

Located in the Bronx, it’s a really nice part of town that offers the conveniences of city life without the 24/7 crush.

Journal Square is going for about $700 a month.

It’s situated in Jersey City, only thirty minutes from New York City. The super convenient Journal Square Transportation Hub can get you pretty much anywhere you want to go.

Sheepshead Bay is down to $650.

Found in Brooklyn, it has a more laid back feel for anyone who wants to live close enough to the city to enjoy it but would prefer a quieter, calmer place to call home.

Get to know on the go: secure chat feature!

If you live in New York City, your life brings the word “busy” to a whole new level. Finding a roommate takes a while, and you have to fit it in with work and play and back again. Our roommate finder app has a secure chat feature to let you get to know prospective roommates safely and easily. Riding the subway?

Whip your phone out and exchange a few texts. Commiserate over your lousy commute. Just found a great restaurant? Text a prospective roommate and see what kind of food they like, or if they know any good places. You can get to know people safely and securely, from anywhere, while doing anything. Okay. Maybe not while jumping out of a perfectly good airplane to go skydiving. You’ll want both hands free for that.

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Have you ever been skydiving? What was it like? Post your comments below.

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