Moving to a new city is always nerve-wracking, but a few tips can help you learn more and navigate it with ease. If you’re looking for rooms for rent in Cleveland, you’ve come to the right place.

Getting to Know Cleveland

Inexpensive living, exquisite food scene, and quality education are few reasons why people may want to move to Cleveland. Exploring the city is filled with surprises, whether you are looking for entertainment or great food. With extensive public transportation in place, exploring the city is a breeze as well. Although rooms for rent in Cleveland can be inexpensive, if you are planning to move here to explore new job opportunities, you may have a tough time of it.

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While winters can be snowy and chilly, the beautiful view of the Lake Effect can make them worth it. During the winter, if you’re not afraid of the snow, the city comes alive with various winter adventures to participate in as well.

Finding Rooms for Rent in Cleveland

Living in Cleveland is quite inexpensive; hence, many young professionals move to this city. The average rent in Cleveland is quite low, making it possible to explore opportunities for living without a roommate. While Cleveland offers an excellent standard of living, costs are quite manageable within the city.

Top Neighborhoods in Cleveland

  • The Flats: Cleveland’s waterfront neighborhood is famous for its thriving nightlife. Experience water taxis which make getting around a breeze. Rentals in this neighborhood are a little more than the average rent in Cleveland, but the view makes up for it.
  • Warehouse District: What could be better than a blend of old and new architecture? This neighborhood is able to preserve its rich history while paving the way for innovative architecture as well. It has a stunning view of the city, along with numerous dining and eatery options.
  • Tremont: A mostly residential neighborhood, which features numerous restored architecture. Here, you will find art galleries, laid-back clubs as well as stunning churches. You are likely to find cheap rooms in this Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood.

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Average Rent in Cleveland

Rooms for Rent in Cleveland Average Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment in Cleveland$639
2 Bedroom Apartment in Cleveland$1,350
3 Bedroom Apartment in Cleveland$1,593

University Life in Cleveland

Cleveland is pretty inexpensive, making it an ideal city for students to explore. There is a lot to do in Cleveland, apart from enjoying its happening nightlife. University life in Cleveland is like any other city, except it has a few more pocket-friendly options for university students.

Average rent in Cleveland, Ohio is quite cheap, which allows students to look beyond university housing as well. It isn’t a necessity to find a roommate when you’re looking for rooms for rent in Cleveland, though it can be helpful. With cheap public transport that connects the city, if you are moving to Cleveland for your University, you are in for a treat.

Some university options that you may want to explore in Cleveland are:

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How Transit Friendly is Cleveland?

Apart from the low average rent for rooms in Cleveland, public transportation is cheap and accessible as well. Owning a car is not a necessity when you are in Cleveland, rather, the extensive public transportation connects the city well. From rails and buses to taxis and cycling, you can reach your destination in no time.

1. Walkability in Cleveland

The city is quite easy to navigate for pedestrians, with some neighborhoods being more walkable than others. Overall, Cleveland ranks well in terms of walkability. Some of the most walkable neighborhoods in the city are Coventry Village, Detroit Shoreway, and Downtown Cleveland.

2. Roads/traffic in Cleveland

Traffic is usually light in the city, even during rush hours. Those who prefer to travel via car will be happy to know that you do not have to navigate the city while sitting through endless hours of traffic. The city also offers excellent parking facilities, making it easier to own a car in the city.

3. Taxis in Cleveland

Apart from Uber and Lyft, there are several taxi services to choose from in Cleveland. However, taxi fares can be a little expensive in Cleveland, with base fares starting at $5.25 with an additional $2.24 and the waiting fare being $35 per hour.

4. Public transportation in Cleveland

Cleveland’s public transportation is affordable and accessible. From rails to bus service, getting around Cleveland is a breeze for residents. The city also offers Scooter and Bike share programs. Cleveland’s Regional Transit Authority services the city and runs free buses at specific timing throughout the week. It also connects Tower City Center and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport via rail line, which runs every 15 minutes.

5. Airports in Cleveland

The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, which is Ohio’s largest airport services passengers in Cleveland. It located 12 miles southwest of Downtown Cleveland, serving over 10 million passengers every year. This international airport connects Cleveland to two countries and forty-six destinations.

6. Cycling in Cleveland

Cleveland is a haven for those who love to explore the city on a bike. With several bike-sharing companies servicing the city, such as the Bike Rack and the Ohio City Bicycle Co-Op you have numerous options to choose from, even if you do not own a bike. Enjoy renting a bike for the day as you explore the city on bicycle-friendly roads.

Restaurants in Cleveland

The food scene is booming in Cleveland, and not just because of Michael Symon’s establishments. Apart from the fine dining experience, Cleveland’s street food is worth exploring as well. From Slyman’s Corned Beef Sandwich (that you might have to wait in line for) to finding the tiniest ice cream parlors around the city, foodies will have endless fun exploring the food scene in the city.

Nightlife in Cleveland

When the sun goes down, Cleveland comes alive; from locally-owned bars to comedy clubs and breweries, there is a lot to explore in Cleveland apart from clubs and nightclubs. Moreover, Beachland Ballroom and Tavern offer delicious food along with music from up-and-coming artists and indie bands. Club Velvet is an upscale option with well-known comedic acts along with casual dining and drinks. Located among other well-known bars and restaurants, the Wonder Bar is a locally owned bar that serves craft beer, hand-crafted cocktails, and delicious food as well. From live music to comedians on stage, you can experience it all when you are in Cleveland.

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