No one likes moving, but it’s especially sucky when you’re moving to a completely new city. When you don’t have any relatives or friends in new city, it can be challenging to find rooms for rent. Are you on the hunt for the best room finder out there? Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you! Let’s break it down…

Finding rooms isn’t easy – you’ve got to go through reviews, contact people individually, check whether the price fits your budget, etc. etc. Even the best website to find rooms for rent can fall short at times. Sounds like a familiar story? We know how tough it can be. So, we’ve brought together a series to help you learn which app is the best fit for you. If you’ve been wondering “Is Roomgo a legit website to find rooms?” This is a must-read for you!

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Features: What filters & preferences do these room finders offer to help you find your perfect room?

Not willing to go through pages of Roomgo reviews to find out if the app is a match for you? It’s a challenging task to find out which is the best room finder out there. Here, we’ve listed a number of features that are important to ensure that you have an excellent room finding experience. Let’s find out how well Roomgo and its alternative, Roomi, both fare!

✅No fee apartments

Roomi and Roomgo allow you to list your room for free. On Roomgo, you can indicate the number of rooms available for rent while creating the listing. According to some Roomgo reviews, however, you may need to upgrade to a premium plan to get more matches on your listing.

✅Pet-friendly apartments

Roomi and Roomgo allow you to indicate whether the room that you’re listing is pet-friendly. When trying to find rooms for rent on Roomgo, you can filter the available rooms based on this feature. On Roomi, you can also quickly filter your options to find rooms which are happy to accommodate your furry friend.


Roomi and Roomgo allow you to list only the available rooms instead of the entire apartment.

Roomi allows listers to have at least 2 active listings to make it easier to advertise the available rooms.

While trying to find rooms for rent on Roomgo, you can indicate whether you’re advertising as the landlord or as a roommate.

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✅Filtering rooms based on amenities

Roomi understands that each user has different needs. Hence, this room finder app encourages users to filter room according to the amenities that they require, to get them closer to finding the room of their dreams. Based on this feature, Roomi is definitely a preferred Roomgo alternative.

Though listers have to specify the amenities available, when trying to find rooms for rent on Roomgo, users aren’t able to filter according to the amenities they prefer. That could mean more time spent endlessly scrolling through listings that aren’t right for you. And that’s time you could be spending picking out your new plant, is it not?

✅Filtering rooms based on Listing Type

Roomi allows users to quickly filter through the listing type. If you’re comfortable with shared rooms, you can only view related listings. It’s easy to browse through rooms which are tailored to your preference.

Roomgo allows users to filter according to house type, though you only get to filter based on your preference for a home or an apartment. However, unlike Roomi, you cannot filter based on preferences for renting an entire place or opt out of shared rooms.

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✅Filtering rooms based on House Rules

Another unique feature that Roomi offers but is not yet available on Roomgo, is the ability to filter rooms according to house rules. This feature is crucial when you’ve specific needs such as a non-smoking roommate.

Pricing: Which app offers the best free and paid features?

“Nothing is free”, but does that hold true when you’re trying to find the best room finder app? When you’re trying to find the best website to find rooms for rent, you may not always have to shell out cash to find the perfect match.

Roomi’s free plan offers a variety of features that suit most listers down to the ground. However, you can do more when you subscribe to Roomi Gold for $29.99 per month.

Roomgo’s monthly plan is $24.00 which unlocks a lot more features than the basic plan.

✅ Allowing Free Listings

All Roomi users can have at least 2 active listings at any time. You can increase it to 5 by susbscribing to the Roomi Gold membership, or buying listing credits. When you buy listing credits separately, you can have up to 50 active listings on your profile.

Roomgo allows multiple free listings on their platform as well.

✅ In-app messaging

Roomi makes it easy to connect with listers – even those on the basic plan can securely send messages to listers via the in-app messaging system. With a Roomi Gold membership, however, you can unlock unlimited in-app messaging which helps you get to know your lister (and potential roommate) better. So don’t hesitate to reach out and nab the place of your dreams before it’s too late!

On Roomgo, you can only contact a limited number of people when you’re on the basic plan. Though you can indicate your interest for free, you can only message listers if at least one of you has a premium account. Upgrading your account allows you to contact a lot more people and even check who’s viewed your profile or listing.

Security: How do these apps ensure that the listings are credible?

What’s the most important feature when trying to find the best room finder app? It’s the security features that help safeguard your privacy.

Roomi verifies their listers’ contact details to ensure that you only get to see the legitimate listings as you scroll. Think something’s wrong with a particular listing? It’s easy to report them to alert Roomi’s content moderation team.

What makes Roomi an incredible Roomgo alternative are the safety features on offer. Though both Roomi and Roomgo have a content moderation team that verifies listings, Roomi takes it one step further by offering various verification levels.

Though Roomgo allows users to report listings, they do not verify contact details for listers or those who are trying to find rooms. Additionally, when listers upgrade to a premium plan, other users can see their number and listing address, even when they’re on the basic plan. Hence, you’ve got to be a little cautious.

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So, Which Is the Best Room Finder For You?

When you’re moving to a new city for a job or uni, you’re already bogged down with work. Who has the time to read through every listing to see whether they have the features you need? A good room finder should help you find a room that fits your needs, as soon as possible.

While Roomgo has some great features as well, it definitely falls short in some departments. Contacting listers, filtering rooms, and even knowing whether the listing on Roomgo is legit is a bit of a challenge. Without an air-tight verification system, it’s hard to know whether you’ll end up with a credible offer.

As you can see, Roomi delivers all this and more, making it an excellent Roomgo alternative! You can not only filter rooms based on the amenities, but according to house rules as well. It is easy to see whether it’s a sublet apartment, or you get the entire place to yourself as well. With Roomi’s safety features, you’re assured that all listings are legitimate and that you’re not wasting your time on a scam.

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!