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Aerial shot of metro passing through Bangalore

Bangalore, or ‘Bengaluru,’ is the capital city of Karnataka, located in Southern India on the Deccan Plateau. Being one of the highest elevated cities in the country, it has a pleasant climate throughout the year. So, if you’re looking to move to India, looking for rooms for rent in Bangalore is a great place to start!

Let’s begin with the story of how ‘Bangalore’ got its name. The earliest reference to the name ‘Bengaluru’ was found in a stone inscription that says ‘Bengaval-uru.’ This means the ‘city of guards’ in old Kannada. Another apocryphal story states that the twelfth-century king, Veera Ballala II, lost his way in the forest. While lost, he came across a poor old woman who served him boiled beans when he was hungry. So he named the place ‘bendaa-kaal-uru,’ which means ‘town of boiled beans!’

Indian historian Suryanath Kamath has another theory that points toward the possible floral origin of the name. He believes it is derived from ‘benga.’ Benga is the Kannada term for the Indian Kino tree that grows abundantly in the region.

With that said, here’s what you need to know about the city when looking for rooms for rent in Bangalore!

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Getting to know Bangalore

Widely regarded as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is India’s leading IT exporter. The city is home to many Indian tech organizations, educational and research institutions, state-owned aerospace and defense organizations, as well as the Kannada film industry. And these make Bangalore a demographically and culturally diverse city.

Moreover, if you’re looking for rooms for rent in Bangalore, you’d be happy to know that the city was ranked the most livable Indian city with a population of over a million under the Ease of Living Index 2020.

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Finding rooms for rent in Bangalore

The temperate climate of the area makes finding rooms for rent in Bangalore a great idea. With industrial and technological progress, the growth of Bangalore has also been exponential. But not just that, it’s also known as the garden city of India, thanks to parks like Lal Bagh (120 acres) and Cubbon Park (80 acres), and the lush greenery found around the city.

Top neighborhoods in Bangalore

  • Jayanagar: One of the older localities in Bangalore, this neighborhood is filled with lovely cafes and market places.In fact it is home to older families with peaceful lanes fringed with lush green trees.
  • Koramangala: A relatively new area, Koramangala is considered to be the youth hub of the city with entrepreneurs and college goers inhabiting the neighborhood. That also promises a great social and night life.
  • Malleshwaram: This neighborhood will give you a sneak peek into Bangalore’s past like no other. Malleshwaram has remained just as it was a few decades back before the IT boom in the city. And that’s what makes it precious!

Average rent in Bangalore

Rooms For Rent In BangaloreAverage Rent
Studio Apartment For Rent In Bangalore₹7,300
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bangalore₹11,591
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bangalore₹21,760
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bangalore₹41,436
4 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bangalore₹58,732
5 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bangalore₹91,930
8+ Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bangalore₹91,496+

University life in Bangalore

Reddit user h8j sums up their university life, and what you can expect from the city when going to university here.

Did my undergraduate studies in Bangalore. I believe it’s the best city in India to go to college to. Back then we had an awesome heavy metal scene, the localites (99%, except for those nouveau riche, real estate uncles/goons looking to create trouble) were great people who were good to you as long as you were good to them and not taking things for granted. All in all, love the people and the culture of Bangalore.

Here are the top universities in Bangalore:

How transit-friendly is Bangalore?

1. Airway

The Kempegowda International Airport (formerly known as Bangalore International Airport,) is located 25 miles from the city center and serves the city for air travel.

2. Railway

A rapid transit system called the Namma Metro is active in some parts of the city. And it’s still being built in stages to connect other remaining parts.

The four major railway stations in the city are Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna railway station,  Bangalore Cantonment railway station, Yeshwantapur junction, and Krishnarajapuram railway station.

3. Buses

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC)’s Vajra buses are used in the IT corridor of the city for work commutes. Moreover, special Volvo buses to airports are known as Vayu Vajra. You can buy tickets when onboard, online, or on the app.

Apart from that, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation operates 6,918 buses on 6,352 schedules. It connects Bangalore with other parts of Karnataka, as well as other neighboring states. The main bus depot that KSRTC maintains is the ‘Majestic bus stand’ or the Kempegowda Bus Station.

4. Autorickshaws

Auto rickshaws are a great (and cheap) commute for inter-city travel. They accommodate up to three passengers and follow a distance and cost meter.

Cultural activities in Bangalore

NGMA, Source:
  • The National Gallery of Modern Art: This gallery is home to an impressive collection of Indian modern art. Also, it hosts exhibitions and talks, dance performances, live painting by famous artists, and guided tours.
  • Ranga Shankara: This theater was opened by the wife of late Shankar Nag, a famous Kanada actor. Furthermore, it is known to be one of the most progressive and accommodating spaces for Indian and global theater performances.
  • Bangalore International Centre: Bangalore International Centre (BIC) hosts all kinds of events. Here, you’ll see Nobel laureate talks, jazz music performances, book readings, talks on archeology for the children, and anthropologists explaining the history of the saree… all for free!

Historical spots in Bangalore

Lal Bagh, Source:
  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace: If you’re a fan of Indo-Islamic architecture and history, head to Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace! Here you’ll find beautiful architecture, floral patterns, and a museum dedicated to king of Mysore, Tipu Sultan.
  • Bangalore Palace: This palace was built in 1887 and spreads across 45000 square feet. Furthermore, the architecture takes inspiration from the Tudor and Scottish Gothic styles. You’ll find beautiful paintings and carvings with floral motifs inside. Additionally, lush green beauty surrounds the place from the outside and makes this the perfect venue for rock concerts, cultural programs, and exhibitions.
  • Lal Bagh: Dating back to the era of Hyder Ali, and developed by him in 1760, the garden is now 240 acres of land with beautiful attractions. These include the glass house, ancient trees and unique tropical plants. Translating to ‘Red Garden,’ it gets its name from the abundance of red roses in the garden.

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