Cincinnati is a wonderful city in many ways. The city is well known for its stunning skyline, but there is so much more than that. If you’re looking to move, this is your go-to guide, from finding cheap rooms for rent in Cincinnati to exploring the university life, you’ll find everything here! It’s a stunning place to live in, as Queen City is in the running for the most beautiful city in the country.

Getting to know Cincinnati

Cincinnati is the Midwest’s most historic city. It’s been a major urban area for over 200 years, attracting waves of British, German, Italian, Greek, Latin-American, African and Asian migrants. With its stately 19th century Downtown architecture, elegant skyscrapers, huge acres of green space and fabulous museums, Cincinnati is as classy as they come.

Finding rooms for rent in Cincinnati

Average rent in Cincinnati is $1,036 per month. Over the past three years the average rent in Cincinnati has grown by more than 9%. Moreover, 52% of the rental units in Cincinnati have monthly rents of $1,000 or less. Renter-occupied housing units in Cincinnati account for 55% of the occupied housing units in the metropolitan area.

Neighborhoods with cheap rooms for rent in Cincinnati are Sayler Park, Queensgate, and West End Cincinnati where rents are less than $655 per month.

Rooms for rent in Cincinnati on the expensive end for renters include Over-The-Rhine, Pendleton, and Mount Auburn where rents average about $1,600 per month.

Top Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

Downtown Cincinnati: Downtown is located in the midst of Broadway and Central Streets and has a dramatic skyline. There’s no better way to experience the view than by ascending the Carew Tower. Make sure to check out the exceptional Cincinnati Art Museum and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. This spot marks the city’s crucial role in helping escaped slaves before the Civil War.

Avondale: If you are looking for a convenient, safe and family-friendly neighborhood in Cincinnati, Avondale fits the bill. Not only are there great golf courses like Indian Valley and the Taft Museum of Art, but Avondale is also home to the city’s world-famous zoo – a great place for kids to spend an afternoon learning about nature.

Clifton: Probably the best area of Cincinnati for food and nightlife lovers. In other words, Clifton is diverse and welcoming. In the Clifton Gaslight neighborhood, you’ll find great French restaurants like La Poste or Indian eateries like Amol. And you’ll also find cultural attractions like the Clifton Performance Theater. It’s ideal for younger visitors who want a lively area to base themselves.

Average rent in Cincinnati

Rooms for Rent in Cincinnati Average Rent in Cincinnati
1 Bedroom Apartment in Cincinnati$761
2 Bedroom Apartment in Cincinnati$1,384
3 Bedroom Apartment in Cincinnati$1,734

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Average cost of living in Cincinnati

ParticularsCost Per Month
Health Insurance$375

University life in Cincinnati

Student life in Cincinnati is all about discovering values, developing friendships and universities help realize your full potential. You can define explore hundreds of organizations, support services, academic experiences and activities.

Top universities in Cincinnati

If you’re looking for cheap rooms for rent in Cincinnati, while pursuing your studies, Roomi will help make the process easier. Here are the top 5 universities to checkout!

How transit-friendly is Cincinnati?

Public Transportation

Buses are the dominant form of public transportation in Cincinnati. The most useful routes for tourists are operated by SORTA (Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority). Exact change is needed to pay fares, and most fares will be $1.75, although there are slightly higher charges out to suburban destinations. South of the river, TANK is the operating authority. They run the airport buses, as well as a network of routes in Kentucky, and their basic fare is $1.50. So, If you transfer between TANK and SORTA buses, you will have to pay a small transfer fee of around 50 cents.

Cincinnati Bell Connector

The Cincinnati Bell Connector, a modern streetcar system, connects The Banks to Over-the-Rhine, through the Central Business District. It operates 365 days a year. There are 18 stops along the route. Popular destinations between these points include: Government Square, Fountain Square, Contemporary Arts Center, Public Library, Aronoff Center, School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Music Hall and Washington Park.

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Taxis in Cincinnati generally cost $3.50-3.60 for the initial mile, then $1.60 per subsequent mile, so they are an expensive way to get around the city. Uber offer a cheaper option, with their UberX vehicles charging a meter drop of $1, then $0.80 per mile after that. See a complete list of taxi companies offering service downtown.

Driving around Downtown Cincinnati is fairly simple. Although outside the central core, the grid disappears and one-way streets can be confusing. This makes is handy to have GPS installed in any rental vehicles. Finding a parking space in busy areas is rarely a problem, with 4,000 metered spaces. Prices vary, but are usually around $2 per hour. The city also provides cars for rent.

Cultural activities in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati’s Oktoberfest, known as Zinzinnati, is truly legendary. The biggest Oktoberfest in the U.S., Zinzinnati is held every year between Walnut and Elm Streets in downtown Cincinnati and draws from Southwest Ohio’s German heritage. Next up, The Underground Railroad Freedom Center is an important memorial to slavery, while Harriet Beecher-Stowe House is where the famous author wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which helped bring slavery to an end.

Further, Cincinnati Music Hall is home to the prestigious Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. You’ll find beauty in the historic homes and landmarks, charming streets, popular destinations, and especially in the people who call Cincinnati home.

Restaurants in Cincinnati

This city features vibrant Findlay Market, which gathers hordes of foodies on the weekends. Although Cincinnati was settled by German immigrants, the city’s culinary scene has been influenced by countries, all over the world.

  • Abigail Street, one of the most popular Mediterranean restaurants to dine in Over-the-Rhine.
  • Nicola’s Ristorante with Italian cuisine, also in the Over-the-Rhine district, is highly praised.
  • Loving Hut if you’re vegan, you’ll want to tempt your taste buds over at the Asian-style situated in northeast Cincinnati.
  • Findlay Market serves a diverse array of ethnic eats on.
  • Downtown’s Graeter’s Ice Cream or northeast Cincinnati’s Aglamesis Brothers are perfect local shops for ice cream!

“Cincinnati is a beautiful city; cheerful, thriving, and animated,” said celebrated novelist Charles Dickens. And we quite agree.

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