Downtown Los Angeles, aka DTLA, is one of LA’s fastest-growing neighborhoods. This is solely an urban area, filled with many adventurous spots and vibrant experiences for residents and tourists alike. You can find many renowned restaurants, bars, historical landmarks, boutiques, theaters, and markets that are sure to keep you busy. Read on to find out about the average rent in Downtown Los Angeles, getting around, the safety of the area, and more. We think you’re going to fall in love with this unique and diverse neighborhood!

Where is Downtown Los Angeles?

Part of Central Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles is a neighborhood divided into multiple districts, such as the famous Financial District. It is the central business district of Los Angeles, as well as a largely diversified neighborhood. There’s lot to love about this neighborhood, and there’s no wonder those who love an exciting life flock here!

Find Rooms for Rent in Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is filled with many landmarks of history, meaning you can find older buildings mixed with recently developed apartment buildings and contemporary condos. About 90% of Downtown LA residents rent their homes. Recent gentrification has made Downtown Los Angeles a hot spot, and you can expect to enjoy a life of convenience in this neighborhood located at the heart of the City of Angels.

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Average Rent in Downtown Los Angeles

It’s no news that living in central LA is expensive, but while searching for rooms for rent in Downtown Los Angeles, you can usually find apartments that fall within your budget. Apartment rent has increased by 7.2% in the past year.

Rooms for rent in Downtown Los AngelesAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Downtown Los Angeles$2,195
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Downtown Los Angeles$2,462
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Downtown Los Angeles$3,912

Is Downtown Los Angeles safe?


It’s a generally safe area, but residents should still avoid walking alone at night. If you’re looking for rooms for rent in Downtown LA, then here are some resources to help you learn about its safety.

  • Trulia: This website allows you to take a deep dive into neighborhoods and provides you with resident reviews, original neighborhood photos and vital local insights.
  • AreaVibes: Using the AreaVibes Livability Score helps you rank various cities according to their amenities, crime rates, schools, housing and more. It’s definitely an important tool to use when searching for rooms for rent in Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Niche: Niche has the most comprehensive data on neighborhoods in the United States. They analyze data from various public sources that help you learn more about your neighborhood.
  • Hotline Numbers: If you have an emergency or you’re in immediate danger, call the 24 hour, toll free number 911. For local non emergencies in LA, dial the toll free Non-Emergency Information Line: 1-877-ASK-LAPD.

Public Transit in Downtown Los Angeles

1. Walkability

As you search for rooms for rent in Downtown Los Angeles, you’ll love that it’s the 3rd most walkable neighborhood in Los Angeles. According to, it has a walk score of 93. Amazing!

2. Roads and Traffic

Since LA is a generally busy area, that bustles with activity during the day and night, you may frequently experience gridlock traffic. However, its roads are well set up for cyclists, so you may be able to avoid the delays if you’re on two wheels.

3. Nearby Train Stations

Downtown Los Angeles is a neighborhood that has a world-class public transportation system. The closest stations near the area include Hill/4th, Hill St & 4th St (Northbound), Hill/5th, among others. You can find out more on the Moovit website.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

The following bus lines and routes stop near Downtown Los Angeles: 10/48, 14/37, 16, 2, 4, 62, 94.

Restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles

Because of the neighborhood’s diversity, you can be sure to find a variety of tasty cuisines from different cultures. Having multiple restaurants close to you means you’ll never get bored of living in Downtown LA.

1. Bestia

Bestia is one of the many Italian restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles. Who doesn’t love good Italian food? This trendy restaurant provides customers with seasonal Italian meals cooked by a cool husband and wife duo.

Water Grill

This landmark restaurant serves you a wide array of delicately prepared seafood in an elegant environment.


A French inspired restaurant, Perch LA is definitely a hot spot in Downtown Los Angeles. This rooftop restaurant is located on the Persing Square Building and you can enjoy a fine outdoor dining experience, while savoring the city skyline views.

Parks in Downtown Los Angeles

  1. Grand Park: The Grand Park provides you with amazing views of many Los Angeles landmarks, which you can enjoy in this vibrant garden environment. The park itself boasts of four distinct areas with amenities like the historic Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain that adds to the appeal of the beautiful space.
  2. Grand Hope Park: Take a breather from the busyness of Downtown Los Angeles in this green space that gives you the opportunity to relax. It’s a great spot for tourists and residents alike, especially for the families. It’s also close to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Museum.
  3. Pershing Square: Located in the Jewelry District of Downtown Los Angeles, this public space is a nice place to relax. It is decorated with monuments, statues, playgrounds, a chess area, and even an amphitheatre. Events are regularly held in this park.

Museums in Downtown Los Angeles

Grammy Museum L.A. Live

This museum pays tribute to the rich cultural history of music. It provides educational programs, exhibits, artists’ performances, panel discussions, and more that will leave the guests wanting more.

Japanese American National Museum

You’ll learn more about the Japanese American ancestry in this museum. It not only preserves the history of Japanese Americans, but promotes cultural and ethnic diversity with its exhibits and special events.

The Broad

The Broad is a one of a kind museum in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a contemporary art museum which offers free general admission, through which you can experience its collection of artworks, as well as special performances.

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