Find Rooms For Rent In Fremont

Room for rent in Fremont

What can you expect when moving closer to the Bay Area? As you prepare to find rooms for rent in Fremont, pack our handy guide in your pocket and discover everything you need to know about living in the city.

Getting to know Fremont

If you’re a fan of Charlie Chaplin movies, you may be familiar with Fremont, with most of his movies being shot in this city. Before Hollywood, Fremont had a wonderful history of movies and films, especially silent films.

Most people move to Fremont for the wonderful weather, numerous parks and the opportunity to hike along Mission Peaks. For those who want to be closer to the Bay Area, but love the quiet suburban life, Fremont is the place to be.

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Finding rooms for rent in Fremont

With the living expenses in Fremont being 214% higher than the national average, living here ain’t cheap. Although most residents either travel to the Silicon Valley or San Francisco for work, some work within the city in various tech companies. However, buying a house may not fit the budget for most.

The average rent in Fremont can also be high, so finding cheap rooms for rent might prove to be a challenge. Most residents choose to rent their homes, so the market can be competitive, especially for those looking for cheap rooms for rent in Fremont.

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Top neighborhoods in Fremont

  • Glenmoor Gardens: With ranch-style homes that have a large backyard, this neighborhood is perfect for families looking for rooms for rent in Fremont. Glenmoor Gardens is a planned community, with several well-established schools located nearby, along with shops and parks.
  • Baylands: Families prefer this neighborhood due to low crime rates, and high liveability score. Rental prices are much higher than the average rent in Fremont due to the number of amenities available nearby, such as parks, entertainment options and more.
  • Niles: This neighborhood has a high walkability score, where you can walk to nearby restaurants and antique stores. With various events taking place in this neighborhood throughout the year, it is a perfect fit for families and young professionals.

Average rent in Fremont

Rooms For Rent In FremontAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Freemont$1,191
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Freemont$1,768
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Freemont $2,964

University life in Fremont

While Fremont may be a great place to raise a family, with plenty of good schools nearby, it isn’t quite as ideal for university students. Not only is is difficult to find cheap rooms for rent in Fremont, but with most univerisites located outside of the city, you’ll need to travel at least 30 minutes to reach your campus. Mostly, students opt to live on campus and experience the thrill of college dorm life.

Although Fremont is relatively safe, with low crime rates, it’s not famous for its buzzing nightlife, with most places closing by 11 PM or midnight. However, if you’re looking for a chilled-out college life, where you get to explore a new city, then Fremont could be the ideal place for you.

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Some universities close to Fremont that you may want to check out are:

How transit friendly is Fremont?

Fremont’s geography is characterized by hills on the eastern side, and the bay area on the west. Most residents prefer driving around the city, followed by car pooling options. However, if you want to opt for public transit, you have the AC Transit bus routes at your disposal.


With a walk score of 48, Fremont has average walkability, where only some errands can be completed on foot. Some of the most walkable neighborhoods in the city are Sundale, Irvington and Centerville. Depending on where you find rooms for rent in Fremont, you can enjoy a few peaceful evening walks.


Just like any other city in the Bay Area, traffic in Fremont is an ordeal. The average commute time is 33.6 minutes, with most people opting to drive alone, or carpooling. About 9.4% of commuters opt for public transit, with fewer opting to bike or walk to their destination. If you find rooms for rent in Fremont that are closer your workplace, you can probably get by without owning a car.


Taxis are not typical in Fremont, although you may have some luck trying to hail one when you’re in town. In most cases, if you need taxi services, it is better to plan ahead. Taxi stands near the Fremont BART station is the main taxi station in the city, though there are some other taxi services where you can schedule a ride. Uber and Lyft services are also available.

Public transportation

Although for most residents, driving is the preferred mode of getting around the city, some commuters use public transport as well. The AC Transit provides buses across Fremont, along with other cites in the East Bay. Bus schedules and routes are designed according to the needs of the daily commuters in the city, so if you are a casual traveler, ensure that you check the latest schedule to know when to catch your bus.

There are two Fremont BART stations in the city which also act as bus terminals where passengers can change bus routes.


Three main airports are located near Fremont and frequently used by the residents. Oakland International Airport is preferred by most as it is only a 20-minute drive away from the city. Passengers can also hop on the BART tram which connects Fremont to this airport. San Jose International Airport and San Francisco International Airport are other popular choices. Although it can be difficult to reach this airport via public transit in the city, San Jose Airport is just a 30-minute drive away from the city. San Francisco Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, so you will find plenty more flight options here. You can reach SFO within 30 minutes, via the Fremont BART Station.


Fremont is fairly bike-friendly, with all major roads having a bike lane. However, it is best to avoid roads that lead to the freeway, as they are likely to be more congested and dangerous. You can find a detailed map with all bike trails, alternative pathways for bikes, and information about congested or dangerous routes via the map of bike pathways provided on the official City of Fremont website. Order printed copies of the map via the website, or find it in any government building.

Restaurants in Fremont

Fremont is ethnically diverse, with a large Asian and Afghani population. Hence, the food scene in the city is fun to explore.

  • De Afghanan Cuisine: For when you’re craving kebabs, Bolani breads or shawarma.
  • Suju’s Coffee: Independently owned coffee shop serving the city since 1992.
  • Classic 50’s Diner: Transport yourself to the 1950s with checkered floors and music from the jukebox. This spot offers a new take on old-school menu items.

Cultural activities in Fremont

Want to explore Fremont? Although it may not be the most famous city in California, there’s a lot that you can do in the city, with plenty of activities you can take part in.

  • Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum: Housed in the former Edison Theatre, you will be thrilled by various film memorabilia that helps you learn more about the history of films.
  • Central Park and Lake Elizabeth: Lake Elizabeth is Central Park’s signature feature, where you can go kayaking, or simply enjoy the beautiful view.
  • Aqua Adventure Waterpark: For those looking for a fun outing with family, head to the water park in Fremont. It is open during the summer months, from June to September, where you can either lazily float around the lake, or head to the water slides.

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