The Lehigh Valley is a region located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is known for its rich heritage, beautiful scenery, and many historic landmarks. Those looking for rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley would be happy to know that it has grown to become one of the most diverse regions in Pennsylvania! From pristine parks and trails to world-class shopping areas, museums, amusement parks, and much more- there’s always something to do here! So let’s not wait, and, instead, jump right into knowing more about the area, lifestyle, neighborhoods, and cheap rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley.

Getting to know Lehigh Valley

Situated between the charming countryside and gentle hills, Lehigh Valley is a region located near the intersection of Northampton, Carbon, and Monroe counties. Lehigh Valley has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are cold and snowy, while summers are hot and humid.

Here’s good news for all the foodies looking for cheap rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley- the region is one of America’s most populated and diverse regions, making it home to one of the most expansive dining cultures!

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Finding cheap rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley

The Lehigh Valley is a great place to live. Finding apartments for rent in Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton provide you with access to every opportunity the area has to offer. With easy access to both New York and Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley gives you the best of two worlds if you’re looking for someplace affordable that still offers access to larger cities.

Neighborhoods, where you can find cheap rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley, include Balliettsville, Old Post Terrace, Parkland Pointe, and Scheidy, where the average rent would be $1,008.

Neighborhoods, where the average rent in Lehigh Valley is slightly more expensive include Mountain Park, South Bethlehem, Spring Valley, and Camp Helena. Here, the average rent would be $1,414 or more.

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Top neighborhoods for rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley

Finding cheap rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley can be a tiring task. But don’t worry, we got your back! You can read further about the top neighborhoods for rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley and learn what life is like in these neighborhoods.

  • Breinigsville: Life in Breinigsville, PA is a unique experience. The neighborhood has its own culture and history, a diverse group of residents, and an abundance of natural beauty. You can take part in many festivals that are held throughout the city, from food markets to art festivals, and even karaoke competitions. Try joining one of Breinigsville’s community theater groups or attending one of its many musical concerts for only $5 per person!
  • Cetronia: This neighborhood is the charming and quirky gem of the Lehigh Valley. From the unconventional community gardens to the ever-flowing craft beer taps, this place has a deep culture that sets it apart from anywhere else in the world. You can find cheap rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley at Cetronia and also be part of a space unlike any other!
  • Trexlertown: The Trexlertown area has a very small-town feel with quick access to major locations such as Bethlehem and Allentown. There are great options for dining and shopping. You can get to the city life within minutes from your new home in Trexlertown.

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Average Rent in Lehigh Valley

Rooms For Rent In Lehigh ValleyAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Lehigh Valley$755
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Lehigh Valley $1,638
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Lehigh Valley $2,457

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University Life in Lehigh Valley

If you are looking for university life in an environment that is diverse and has something for everyone, then finding rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley will be a decision you won’t regret! With a variety of dining areas, activities to do, and various sources of entertainment, Lehigh Valley will give you memories to last a lifetime. Here are the top 5 universities to check out:

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How transit friendly is Lehigh Valley?

In Lehigh Valley, there are numerous options for getting from one place to another even without owning a car. Public transportation is one of the easiest, effective, and most affordable options to get around the region, but everything is available at walking distances as well. So, Lehigh Valley passes the transit-friendly test!

1. Taxis

Lehigh Valley has quite a few options of local taxi services and also provides Uber and Lyft services to its residents and visitors. However, it might be harder to hail a taxi on the street. So, if you are looking for rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley, then you can rent or book a taxi at your convenience!

2. Walkability

The Lehigh Valley is a relatively easy place to walk most places. There are some hilly areas and the very large parking lot at Palmer Park is a significant detraction, but overall, the area scores decently on Walk Score’s scale. In fact, the region has stronger walkability than several other metropolitan regions.


The Lehigh Valley Railroad is a major form of public transportation in the region. Many employees and students get around the area using the train, which can be seen going around the city while driving. You should definitely try the train ride when you’re out hunting for rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley.

4. Public Transportation

The Lehigh Valley has an extensive public transportation network. This makes it easy for people to get to work, school, and other activities without the need for a car. As this infrastructure continues to improve, you will always be able to take advantage of the convenience that public transportation brings.

Cultural Activities in Lehigh Valley

Whether you’re looking for indoor activities for the family or something exciting and adventurous to do with your friends, there is always something fun to do in Lehigh Valley. In addition to the rich history, the Lehigh Valley has a lot of events worth celebrating; so, you might get tired of marking your calendar but the fun never stops here!

1. Visit the Allentown Art Museum

The Allentown Art Museum in Lehigh Valley is a treasure trove of both international and local art pieces. Established in 1972, the museum aims to promote the arts and provide an environment that fosters creativity. It does this through its exhibitions, which have included popular artists such as Andy Warhol and James Rosenquist, among many others.

Allentown Art Museum

2. Attend the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

If you are looking for something fun to do in Lehigh Valley, consider attending the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. This festival is an incredible theatrical event featuring some of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays and stories. Don’t miss this opportunity to see these classic stories brought to life!

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

3. Vibe at Penn’s Peak

Penn’s Peak in Lehigh Valley, PA is one of the most popular places to attend a music event in the area. This rustic, country-western-themed venue has been a go-to for live music since it opened in the early 1990s. For many years, it’s been known as one of the best places in the Lehigh Valley to hear live music in a beautiful setting. You can find all types of musical genres here; no matter your style, you’ll probably want to make a return trip time and again!

Penn’s Peak

Restaurants in Lehigh Valley

Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out with your significant other or dinner with your friends, there are so many delicious spots to choose from. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a list of some of the top-rated restaurants in Lehigh Valley.

  • Pacific Palm: The Pacific Palm in Lehigh Valley is a great restaurant that offers Asian cuisine and sushi. Some of their most popular menu items are the Chicken Lo Mein, Pad Thai, and the Pork Egg Roll. They also have a large selection of vegetarian dishes for those who do not eat meat. All of their food is made fresh and to order, so it’s guaranteed to be delicious every time you go!
  • Valley Prep: Valley Prep is the first meal prep restaurant in the Lehigh Valley. They offer convenient grab-and-go meals with a variety of options for every taste, dietary need, and lifestyle. Do try their dishes when you take a break from house hunting for rooms for rent in Lehigh Valley!
  • Dunderbak’s Market Cafe: Dunderbak’s Market Cafe is a German fine dining restaurant that serves the most delicious and the freshest Swedish, Scandinavian, and American dishes in the Lehigh Valley. You can enjoy your meal in our dining room or outdoors on our patio—the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day.

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