Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and has a population of 590,157. Milwaukee is a cultural and economic hub. This makes it a great choice if you are looking for rooms for rent in Milwaukee. It has a regional GDP of over $107 billion and is considered a “Gamma” global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. Milwaukee is also one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities making it a great place to live in. Read on to learn more about the city, the average rent, and where to find cheap rooms for rent in Milwaukee.

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Getting to know Milwaukee

The name “Milwaukee” comes from the Algonquian word “millioke” which means “good”, “beautiful” or “pleasant land.” Milwaukee is located on the southeastern portion of Wisconsin on the western shore of Lake Michigan. Milwaukee’s first inhabitants were Native Americans who lived near the confluence of Milwaukee’s three rivers into Lake Michigan. Milwaukee grew as a city with immigrants, mainly Germans arriving and settling here. It has a humid continental climate, with cold, snowy winters, and hot, humid summers.

Finding rooms for rent in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a total area of 96.80 square miles and is mostly located within Milwaukee County. Synonymous with Germans and beer, it is a major economic hub and home to brands like Miller Brewing and Harley Davidson. If you are looking for rooms for rent in Milwaukee, here are some places to narrow your search to.

Top Neighborhoods in Milwaukee

  • Eastside: Eastside spans from the northern edge of Downtown and is home to many college students. This is helped by its proximity to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This makes it perfect if you are a student looking for cheap rooms for rent in Milwaukee. It is also close to the heart of the city and has many bars, restaurants, and options for entertainment.
  • Third Ward: The third ward is located south of Downtown and is home to the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. It was key to the modern renaissance of Milwaukee and is also host to Summerfest, The World’s Largest Music Festival. If you want a lively environment and a hip and happening neighborhood this is it. However, rent here is slightly higher if you are looking for cheap rooms for rent in Milwaukee.
  • Bay View: Bay View is a popular choice with first-time buyers and renters. It is a hip and charming neighborhood that is home to many young professionals and families as well. You can find a variety of great restaurants here with various cuisines. Bay View is a great choice if you enjoy a suburban vibe and are looking for rooms for rent in Milwaukee.

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Average rent in Milwaukee

Rooms for Rent in MilwaukeeAverage Rent
1 Bedrooms apartment for Rent in Milwaukee$647
2 Bedrooms apartment for Rent in Milwaukee$1,400
3 Bedrooms apartment for Rent in Milwaukee$2,034

University life in Milwaukee

Milwaukee can be a great place to study if you enjoy fast-paced city life in an economic and cultural hub. There are great options for higher education or research as well too. You can easily find cheap rooms for rent in Milwaukee as a student or even take up campus accommodation. Here are the living costs and the average rent in Milwaukee.

Top Universities in Milwaukee:

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Average costs of living in Milwaukee

ParticularsAverage Price
Rent $1072
Traveling $60
Utilities $142
Food $1145
Health Insuarance$76

How transit-friendly is Milwaukee

1. Buses in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) serves most of the city and has great coverage. Other than regular buses, you can find Express buses called “Freeway Flyers.” There are also special buses called U-Buses, that take you to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. These can be great if you are a student looking for cheap rooms for rent in Milwaukee. You can also get an M-Card or Ride MCTS app prepaid if you are going to travel frequently.

2. Taxis in Milwaukee

You can easily use taxis in Milwaukee and they are generally safe and convenient. However, you can find difficulties finding one in some places. Hence it is advisable to book one in advance. Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are also available. They can be great if you are looking for rooms for rent in Milwaukee in an out-of-the-way area.

Taxi rates in Milwaukee

Taxi Rates for Cost
Taxi 1-hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)$21.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)$2.75
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)$1.56

3. Streetcars in Milwaukee

The streetcar system, The Hop connects Milwaukee Intermodal Station, downtown Milwaukee, and Ogden Avenue. The line began service November 2, 2018 and has grown since. No tickets or vouchers are needed. Just hop on and hop off wherever you’d like. If you are in area served by streetcar, it can be a convenient option to get around.

4. Cycling in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is great in terms of accessibility by cycle. It was awarded bronze status from the League of American Bicyclists. You will find several separated bike lanes and a network of trails called the Oak Leaf Trail. If you are looking for rooms for rent in Milwaukee and have a short commute, cycling will be a great option.

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Cultural activities in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Milwaukee Art Museum: Milwaukee’s most recognizable landmark, with the bird-like wings of the building’s Quadracci Pavilion. It is a widely recognized museum for the fine arts and a must-visit. Make sure to visit while you are looking for rooms for rent in Milwaukee.
  • St. Josaphat Basilica: This building was built by the city’s Polish community. It used the dismantled materials of the Old Chicago Customs House and Post Office. You can even see the original ornamental bronze railings, lighting fixtures, and doorknobs of the customs house.
  • Henry Maier Festival Park: The location of the iconic Summerfest and popularly known as “the Summerfest grounds.” Head here to find a variety of events, with a fest happening almost the weekend. A great place to go part if you are looking for rooms for rent in Milwaukee and plan to settle.

Dining in Milwaukee

  • Milwaukee Ale House: Visit this brew-pub/restaurant founded by local homebrewers in 1997. Enjoy the live music, fresh beer, and great food. It is located in a brick and timber warehouse building downtown in the Historic Third Ward. Enjoy their hand-crafted beers or some food, every day with late-night food on the weekends.
  • **Apollo Cafe:** A cafe that serves authentic Greek food. Enjoy a variety of healthy yet tasty food here that is sure to impress. A must-try if you are in the area and are a fan of Greek cuisine.
  • George Webb’s: Grab a bite, anytime you want at this 24 hrs open joint. A great and cheap local diner chain, it is popular among locals. It is known for the two clocks next to each other in each restaurant. Can’t beat it for a late-night snack that won’t hurt your wallet.

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