San Bernardino is located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. It is also the county seat and largest city of San Bernardino County, California, with strong Government, retail, and service industries that dominate its economy. The area lies close to the Cajon and San Gorgonio passes – thus making it an important intermodal logistics hub. Are you new to the city and ready to find rooms for rent in San Bernardino? Then read on for a city guide for San Bernardino that covers everything you need!

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Getting to know San Bernardino

San Bernardino was originally occupied by indigenous tribespeople who referred to the valley as the “Cupped Hand of God.” The town of San Bernardino was established in 1851, and San Bernardino County was formed in 1853. Lying by the foothills, the city is bordered by the San Bernardino Mountains and the San Bernardino National Forest. Residents experience a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot, dry summers. However, winters here are colder than in most other South Californian cities. Expect freezing temperatures, frost, and even light snowfall around January.

Finding rooms for rent in San Bernardino

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According to the United States Census Bureau, San Bernardino has a total area of 59.6 square miles. The city has a population of 209,924 and a population density of 3,519 people per square mile. This makes the population density lower than other major cities in the state. Living expenses and average rent in San Bernardino are also lower than most cities in Southern California, making it an affordable choice if you are finding rooms for rent in San Bernardino. Here are some of the top neighborhoods to consider!

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Top Neighborhoods in San Bernardino

  • Arrowhead:Arrowhead is a great neighborhood if you are looking for rooms for rent in San Bernardino. It is relatively safe and peaceful and has a suburban feel. And, with the mountains nearby, it’s great if you like taking walks, treks or spending time outdoors.
  • Nena:This neighborhood is safe and friendly, making it ideal for families or young professionals. Having a warm community feel and being close to nature, it is perfect if you are finding rooms for rent in San Bernardino.
  • Downtown:Downtown San Bernardino is the most walkable and lively place in the city, with plenty of options for dining and entertainment. With great connectivity by public transportation, it is convenient and accessible. This makes it handy when you’re looking for rents for rent in San Bernadino.

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Average rent in San Bernardino

Find A Room For Rent In San BernardinoAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in San Bernardino$1,282
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in San Bernardino$2,392
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in San Bernardino$3,519

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University life in San Bernardino

San Bernardino is home to California State College at San Bernardino, opened in 1965 with 293 students. Since then, the College has continued to grow and was recognized as a university in 1984. Thus, it has been known as the California State University, San Bernardino ever since. San Bernardino is a great place to study if you enjoy suburban, diverse city life and want to pursue higher education.

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Average cost of living in San Bernardino

ParticularsCost per month
Health Insurance$110

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Here are the top universities in San Bernardino:

How transit-friendly is San Bernardino?

1. Airports

TheSan Bernardino International Airportis located within the city but does not currently offer commercial flights. The airport is the former site of Norton Air Force Base that shut down in 1994. The next nearest airport with regular commercial flights is theOntario International Airportwhich is 22 mi West of the city. Therefore, keep in mind that getting to the city by air can be slightly more complicated.

2. Taxis

Taxis in San Bernardino are generally safe and cheap as compared to other cities. However, you might find it difficult to hail one at certain places or times, so aim to book one in advance if you can. Ride-sharing apps likeUberandLyftare also available, which can be handy if you are looking for rooms for rent in San Bernardino in an out-of-the-way area.

Taxi rates in San Bernardino

Taxi Rates forCost
Taxi 1-hour waiting (Normal Tariff)$36
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)$2.60
Taxi 1 km (Normal Tariff)$1.62

3. Buses

Buses in San Bernardino are operated byOmnitrans, which serves most of the San Bernardino County. It operates a fixed-route bus service, bus rapid transit, and a paratransit service. TheMountain Area Regional Transit Authority (MARTA)also operates in parts of San Bernardino. Hence, MARTA can be convenient if you are looking for rooms for rent in San Bernardino in areas near the mountains.

4. Trains

transport in san bernardino

Amtrakhas a daily line operating between Los Angeles and Chicago that stops at the San Bernardino station. San Bernardino is also served by theMetrolink regional rail service. The Inland Empire-Orange County Line and the San Bernardino Line serve the city and connect with buses at the San Bernardino Transit Center in the downtown area. Trains can be a great, speedy way to get to the city if you are looking for rooms for rent in San Bernardino.

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Cultural activities in San Bernardino

culture in san bernardino
  • Robert V. Fullerton Museum of Art:This museum has over 500 artifacts encompassing over 4,000 years of Egyptian history. The museum has 7,500 square feet of gallery space and objects focusing on ceramics, ancient and contemporary art. As result, it is popular among history and art enthusiasts and a must visit if you are finding rooms for rent in San Bernardino.
  • California Theatre of the Performing Arts:This theater was originally opened in 1928 and still boasts an original Wurlitzer Style 216 pipe organ. Originally a part of the Fox Theatre chain, it is now run by the Theatrical Arts International. The California theater is a must-visit on every city guide for San Bernardino.
  • National Orange Show Festival:The National Orange show festival started in 1911 as a citrus exhibit where growers gathered to display their fruits. It was originally launched to promote the California citrus fruit industry and its community. You can also visit the National Orange Show Event Center which hosts events and an art gallery.

Dining in San Bernardino

food in san bernardino
  • Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant:This joint is highly recommended on city guides for San Bernardino and a must-visit for vegetarians. With a variety of great vegan and vegetarian options as well as vegan ‘meats’, even non-vegetarians are in for a treat.
  • Alfredo’s Pizza & Pasta:Alfredo’s is a local favorite, with many loyal customers who have eaten here for years. With their Italian meals and catering services, they are known across the city for their authentic dishes. Drop by and try their food if you are finding rooms for rent in San Bernardino and want some pasta, pizzas, soups, or salads.
  • Mitla Cafe:The Mitla Cafe has been around for generations as a favorite of locals and Route 66 trippers alike. This Mexican joint was founded in 1937 by Lucia Rodriguez and her then-husband, Vicente Montaño. Started as a simple lunch counter, it has now become one of the most renowned family-owned restaurants in the city.

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