Just 15 miles away from California is the sprawling city of Santa Monica. A visit here will turn absolutely everyone into a lover of the outdoors! With 3.5 miles of coastline to explore, and 280 days of sunshine to enjoy, being in the fresh air is a major appeal. If you’re contemplating a move to Santa Monica, then this guide contains information about how to find rooms for rent in Santa Monica, the average rent in the area, great restaurants to eat at, and more.

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Getting to Know Santa Monica

Santa Monica is sandwiched between the mountain and the ocean. Its all-year-round sun, picturesque scenery, relaxed environment, varied cultural spectrum, and other unique attractions make it a top destination. If you do find rooms for rent in Santa Monica, then you’re in for a good time.

Find rooms for rent in Santa Monica

Santa Monica has eight neighborhoods, each with its own personality and charm. Wilshire – Montana is the most affordable, and most popular neighborhood with an average rent of $2,951/month while Mid-City Santa Monica is the most expensive at $3,905.

Regardless of the neighborhood you go for, it is relatively easy to find rooms for rent in Santa Monica with up to 58% of households renter-occupied and just 41% owner-occupied. The rent has also dropped since the COVID-19 pandemic, so you could bag a bargain.

Top Neighborhoods in Santa Monica

Wilshire-Montana: Located close to the famous Montana Venue, this neighborhood is a renter’s paradise. It harbors cheap housing, mostly in the form of single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes. Apart from its proximity to the beach line, there are several bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Wilshire.

Mid-City Santa Monica: If you want to find rooms for rent in Santa Monica, consider Mid-city. The easily accessible neighborhood is a one-stop-shop for all things entertainment and art.

Downtown Santa Monica: The Pacific ocean line is a major part of this neighborhood. It plays host to the Santa Monica Amusement park, the Looff Hippodrome Carousel, and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Furthermore, the neighborhood is a world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment center for many.

Average Rent in Santa Monica

Rooms for rent in Santa MonicaAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Santa Monica$1,527
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Santa Monica$3,044
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Santa Monica$4,245

University life in Santa Monica

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University life in Santa Monica is fun and interesting. Institutions in Santa Monica are diverse, and there is a fine blend of the socio-economic, cultural, and racial diversity of Los Angeles. The serene environment, cool atmosphere, and community life also come together to make university life enjoyable.

Students here can enjoy leadership opportunities, scholarships, and internships. Since 7 out of 10 internships lead to a full-time job offer, you know there are some awesome opportunities to grasp here.

Some of the top institutions in Santa Monica include:

How transit-friendly is Santa Monica?

Moving around in Santa Monica is easy given it’s no more than 8.3 miles. There are also lots of public transit options that make getting around a breeze.

  1. Walkability: You can easily walk to most places in Santa Monica, with large pedestrian sideways on most streets.
  2. Biking: You can also get around easily on a bike. If you don’t have one, you can rent from your phone using any of Lyft, Spin, and Wheels services.
  3. Roads and Traffic: The roads are regularly congested during weekdays. This usually gets worse during tourist seasons.
  4. Metro Line: With three stations across Santa Monica, the Metro Expo Light rail connects Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles. It also connects to Long Beach, Pasadena, San Fernando Valley, and South Bay.
  5. Airport: Santa Monica has its own airport, the Santa Monica Municipal Airport. It is operated by the city and offers no commercial services. The city is actively working to limit operations in the airport because it is located in a residential area, which may ultimately lead to its closure.

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Restaurants in Santa Monica


Whether brunch, lunch, or dinner, Socalo has got you covered. The restaurant is located within Santa Monica’s Gateway Hotel and provides quick counter service at brunch and lunch. Moreover, during dinners, it offers full-service dining with cocktails.


Located in downtown Santa Monica, Interstellar offers an Asian-inflected daytime menu with amazing coffee. You’ll particularly love the chicken katsu curry and branzino ochazuke (tea-steeped fish).


Heroic used to be just a good deli and wine bar. Now, it serves quintessential Italian meals in a relaxed environment. While it maintains its core offering (sandwiches), the menu is wider now and features meatballs, pizza, and different kinds of pasta.

Nightlife in Santa Monica

From dive bars to upscale lounges, karaoke spots to jazz bars, there is something for anyone who likes to party at night. What’s more – you get to enjoy the nightlife scene in a more relaxed and less formal manner. This is not like Los Angeles, where getting into places often depends on who you know and the time you arrive. Here are three great bars you can visit:

  1. Chez Jay
  2. The Daily Pint
  3. The Lincoln

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