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4 Tips To Stop Hating Your Job All The Time

If you’re walking around the house singing ‘work sucks, I know‘, and you can’t stop bickering about how much you hate your job, you need a shift in perspective.

Before we start our lives as working adults, and especially when we’re college seniors, we might be tempted to romanticize about work. We might find ourselves daydreaming about how we’ll be conquering the world with our skills and talents, earning money by the day, and sipping margaritas at business parties by night.

Although, unfortunately, a few months after you start working, you might find yourself gulping down beers with your friends, constantly complaining about work while they roll their eyes and listen to the same old story.

So how do you continue to work at a job you absolutely hate (without losing your sanity)?

Even though it might not always be possible to turn any job into a dream job, it is possible to bridge the distance between hate and love for your job and find a bearable middle ground.

1. List down the things you hate about it

Write out a hate letter to your job. (Don’t send it in to your boss) but get those feelings out on paper to better understand why you keep saying, ‘I hate my job.’ Once you’ve done that, evaluate if you can work to change the things you hate. Some things to think about while you do that:

  • Will another job solve the problems that make you hate your current job?
  • If not, can you change something in your own mindset to solve those problems?

The fact remains that all jobs come with a list of pros and cons. What you need to ask yourself is – ‘what are the cons I can deal with’?

2. Release the negativity

Your friends might be annoyed by your constant venting, but that’s what friends are for! So vent it out every chance you get, but while you do that, don’t forget to evaluate the content of your venting. And when a friend offers advice, don’t follow up with ‘no.. but.’ Instead, try and hear what they have to say and think about whether their advice can work in your favor.

If that doesn’t help, break down in the shower without any shame or guilt. Cry it out and let the toxicity out. Once the negativity is released, you can look at your problems with a clearer mind, and thus find more effective solutions.

3. Reach out to colleagues and make friends at the job

Even though nothing else might be working out at the job, there are always people you can relate to. So don’t be stuck to your screen when dealing with a job you hate. Try to find the ones who seem chill enough to share a couple of beers with.

At the end of the day, what you make of your time right now matters the most. So instead of constantly dreaming of better things to come, reach out to people and find your office tribe!

Bonus: Bitching about your boss with office friends will be much more fun than with friends outside of work! Just be careful about who you share with!

4. Find another purpose

Making money is a significant need to survive in the world. But does it have to be your only purpose in life?

Even if you have your dream career, it’s impossible to love all aspects of it at all times. Finding something outside of the job can help fulfill your sense of purpose and give you a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

You could cultivate or polish an existing hobby or put time into learning a new skill. Find anything that gets your mind off of work and gives you more meaning to the life you’re living.