Whenever you ask someone where you can find rooms for rent, it’s hard for them to provide a clear answer. Some lucked out on Facebook, other found referrals through friends, and others may have braved the world of Craigslist. However, since these platforms aren’t room finding portals specifically, they don’t always cater to your needs. Here’s where room finder apps like Citru and a popular alternative of Cirtru, Roomi, step in.

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Now, you may already be aware of room finding portals, but you’re on the lookout for the best room finder out there. Just going through tons of Citru reviews isn’t worth the time, it’s much better to compare it with a popular Citru alternative, Roomi!

Features: What filters & preferences do these room finders offer to help you find your perfect room?

No one wants to scroll through listings endlessly when trying to find rooms for rent. The best room finder app should offer the ability to filter rooms according to your preference, for fast finding. Websites like Cirtru allow users to filter according to the price that fits their budget, type of accommodation and some specific requirements like pet-friendliness. However, when you’re trying to find the best room finder, having a few more filter option helps.

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Here’s where Roomi proves to be a great Cirtru alternative. It not only allows you to filter rooms according to your budget and listing type, but it also has options to filter listings based on house rules like no smoking, vegetarian roommates and whether the listing is couple-friendly.

✅No fee apartments

Roomi allows you to list your rooms for free. You can list an entire apartment or any room in your apartment that’s available. On this app, you can list up to two rooms in the same address for free.

Citru also allows users to list their rooms for free and indicate the number of available rooms.

✅Pet-Friendly Apartments

Roomi allows users to browse and find rooms for rent that are pet-friendly. If you have a pet lizard, don’t worry! On the app, you can not only filter according to whether the apartment is cat or dog-friendly, but you can also filter according to an “Other Pets Allowed” filter.

Cirtru allows users to filter rooms based on whether they are cat or dog-friendly only.


On Roomi you get two listing credits for free, or you can buy up to fifty listing credits to list more rooms. You can also list more than one room as long as they are at the same address, so if you’re looking to sublet your apartment, Roomi’s a convenient app for you.

Cirtru also allows you to list multiple rooms in an apartment.

✅Filtering rooms based on amenities

Need to ensure that your room has a desk or wi-fi? Roomi understands that everyone has unique needs, so they’ve made it easier for users to filter rooms based on the amenities they provide. You can not only find typical amenities like Wi-Fi and a fridge but other not-so-common amenities like meal provision and security features.

On Cirtru you aren’t able to filter rooms based on amenities, so if you have any specific needs you’ll need to read each listing carefully.

✅Filtering rooms based on Listing Type

On Roomi, you can filter listings based on whether the entire house is for rent, or a shared room or single rooms are up for grabs. It’s easy to filter rooms based on what you need.

Users on Cirtru can browse through all listings or filter options where the entire house is for rent.

✅Filtering rooms based on House Rules

What makes Roomi a unique Cirtru alternative is that you can filter rooms based on house rules. From typical rules like no smoking or drugs, you can also select listings that have a no boys or girls allowed policy. For users who’re renting rooms for the first time, this feature helps them opt for listings they’re comfortable with.

Pricing: Which app offers the best free and paid features?

Roomi has a freemium as well as a paid plan – the Roomi Gold subscription. Users can get most of the required features for free, but enjoy more benefits when they opt for the paid plan. When you opt for the monthly Roomi Gold subscription for $29.99 you get a fully verified profile that people can trust, a listing boost and additional listing credits so you can list more rooms for rent.

Cirtru also has a premium plan for its users, which costs $29.99 and offers users a listing boost to help find roommates faster. However, there aren’t many other useful features that you can unlock with a paid plan, which is why users often look for better Cirtru alternatives.

✅ Allowing Free Listings

When users opt for the Roomi Gold plan, they get 5 additional listing credits. These credits can be used to list up to 5 rooms within the same address. In case you need more, you can buy up to 50 listing credits separately.

Cirtru allows users to list the number of rooms they have for rent in their house or apartment.

✅ In-app messaging

Once you’ve subscribed to Roomi Gold, you unlock unlimited swiping and unlimited in-app messaging to various users. It’s easy to connect with users and get to know them, before making any commitments.

On Cirtru, you can send messages to users when you’re interested in their listing as well.

Security: How do these apps ensure that the listings are credible?

Wondering whether websites like Cirtru and Roomi are legit? Room finder apps need to provide a set of safety features to keep their users from falling for scams.

Roomi details how they ensure that listings on their website are credible. This room finder app also uses a GlobalID to verify their users’ ID, which not only ensures the credibility of the user but protects their data as well. They not only have various verification levels but also have a 24 x7 in-house content moderation team that ensures that any scam or spammy listing is taken off the platform as soon as possible. In addition, users can easily report suspicious listings.

Cirtru requires users to verify their email address and their number when they’re listing a room. With Cirtru, reporting a listing is slightly more complicated as you can only report a lister once you’ve started a conversation with them.

So, Which Is the Best Room Finder For You?

Now that we’ve analyzed all features carefully, which one’s the best room finder platform? It’s hard to choose between the two platforms as they both offer great features. Cirtru helps users list rooms for free, and connect with potential roommates through their secure in-app messaging. Have a read of Cirtru reviews and you’ll find most people are happy with the end result.

However, what makes Roomi a popular Cirtru alternative is that it offers all features that typical room finder platforms have, and more! You can not only filter listings according to the type, but also by amenities and house rules. For users who have specific needs, Roomi is undoubtedly the best place to find rooms for rent.

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Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!