As humans, we have a profound need to share our lives with fellow sapiens. If you’re lucky, living with roommates is one of the best phases of your life. Most of us have had our fair share of both good, bad and even some perfect roommate experiences. While some of us might feel living solo is better, others disagree. Life can certainly be fun with roommates. Before you choose your side, we want to show you some surprising reasons why having an awesome roommate along for the journey of life is truly a blessing.

1. Having an awesome roommate = You always have someone to talk to!

Good day or lousy day? You will always have someone to hear you out and cheer you up. A roommate can offer a fresh perspective to your current situation. While you might want to burn your ex’s gifts to ashes, your roommate might offer some creative DIYs to transform those gifts. Now imagine having to deal with a bad day all alone – doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?

2. You won’t be cooking for one- we all know how much that sucks!

Why even bother cooking when peanut butter and jam have all the nutrients to keep one alive? We all know how much it sucks to cook for yourself. It is a tedious process and by the time you’re done, you don’t even feel hungry anymore. With a roommate, cooking is always fun – especially if your roomi is from another country. Hello, delicacies I never knew existed.

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3. Your life will turn into a great adventure. Courtesy: your awesome roommate!

If you live alone, it’s easy to drop into a boring schedule – dinner by 9 pm and weekend movie marathons. With a roomi, you invite tons of spontaneity into your otherwise dull schedule (sorry about that assumption, maybe your life is super fun). Midnight runs, photography sessions, stalking your current love interests, and catching up on movies are glimpses of the spontaneity you may be missing, living solo.

4. You’ll feel safe!

There’s no doubting the level of comfort, security, and safety you feel when living with a roomi. Especially, if you’re scared of the dark or theft – knowing that you’re not alone is reassuring.

5. Your expenses are shared!

Now we are talking! This is a finance hack – most of your bills are shared, and it takes a load off of your earnings – from rent, groceries, electricity to Netflix & TV subscriptions. Believe it or not, this is a jackpot, and you’re in for the gold.

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6. Your roommate may actually become your close friend!

It could be that you and your roommate were friends before you started living together or became friends after moving in together. Life is always more fun with roommates anyway! Either way, your bond will strengthen over time – you will be able to confide in them and vice versa. It’s a beautiful friendship built on trust, companionship, and mutual respect that everyone should get to experience. And what’s better than living your best life with a perfect roommate/ bestie?

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7. You always have someone to fall back on!

Your roommate is your support system!

Lost your key – thank god for roommates! Feeling low and existential – press the roommate button! No matter what you need support with, a good roomi, like a good friend, will always be there. Be sure to be there for them when they need you.

8. You now have an extra pair of helping hands!

All your chores are divided, so keeping the place looking pristine doesn’t seem like such hard work. Busy with a meeting? Your roomi will feed/take Pablo for a walk. Your roomi is occupied with her online class – you offer to do the dishes. It is a give and a take relationship.

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9. There’s never a dull day!

Everyone who has ever had experience living with a roommate will agree to this. Every day may not be different or exhilarating, but it also will never be dull. Having fun with roommates is easy-peasy. You will always have a snack buddy, a yoga partner, a sous chef, a gossip queen, or a silly dance instructor, all wrapped up in one perfect roommate.

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