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Are You Too Old to Have Roommates?

Late twenties to mid thirties,  decent job with livable salary, you’re single and having the time of your life. You’ve brought a new friend home from the cocktail party and whilst getting to know each other your roommate is coming through the front door complaining about the lack of Corona in the fridge. With a dash toward her jacket your new friend scoffs “aren’t you a little old to have a roommate!?” and makes a run for it.

An expectation for the steps in life have been proposed as follows-college, career, marriage, family. But it’s in between those huge milestones where life actually happens.

College years, even for a fourth time senior is relatively acceptable age and phase in life to have roommates. People are usually always expecting you not to live alone. Thirty year old professionals have it pretty bad. Being a bachelor or bachelorette doesn’t help either. If people aren’t wondering why you’re not married they are assuming you party nonstop with your roommates.

Are you too old to be making fiscally responsible decisions in the most expensive city?

Regardless of age, if you’ve moved to NYC you are clearly comfortable coloring outside of the lines and live by your own standards. Let’s face it,  New Yorkers don’t take smack from anyone. So,  while the thick skin develops, trust your decisions. There is nothing wrong with having a roommate at any age.

What is admirable about living alone?  If you must defend your independence point out all your other life decisions. Whether they were made according to societies box,  they were yours.

The skinny?  There is nothing admirable about living alone. Having a roommate,  at any age,  is more than acceptable even recommended.

If you’ve recently made a  big life shift, a break up, graduation, new job,  or felt it was time to move to the city, you can expect in a population of 8.5 million others in a similar position. Having roommates after thirty doesn’t require a transitionary period or the relieve a financial burden, simply wanting one is good enough reason to do so.

Having roommates while older proves your financial responsibility, openness for non romantic companions,  and a big f-you to societies prescriptions.