Did you know one of the most common reasons for clashes among couples is because of sharing a closet? Fighting over a disorganized closet, closet clutter, and not being able to find items are the most common causes of arguments between couples when it comes to sharing a closet. But you don’t need to go through all these ordeals like other couples. Try these 11 closet organization ideas and create a more harmonious space with your significant other!

Shared closet ideas for couples

1. Declutter

Unless you’re moving to a mansion with a shared walk-in closet, you need to manage with small closet space. Before organizing it, sort and segregate your belongings and review each of the items carefully. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Have you worn it recently?
  • Does it fit?
  • Will you need it in the future?

If your response is a no to all three questions, it is time to discard or donate the item. Make it a habit and repeat this exercise every season.

2. Work with your partner if you’re sharing a closet

Organizing a shared closet takes teamwork. Many couples prefer to split their closet space 50/50 but you don’t need to follow the same rule if you don’t want to. Instead, discuss your work time, morning routine, and habits to organize your closet. The purpose here is to not get into each other’s way while getting ready for the day.

For example, if both of you need to get ready for work at the same time, it makes sense to organize your stuff on two sides of the closet. But if you don’t need to access the closet simultaneously, you can share the drawer or the hanging rods without getting into each other’s way.

3. Store off-season items separately

If you’re sharing a small closet with spouse, use your closet space to store everyday work clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. Store all the off-season clothes like leather jackets, skirts, heavy woolens, etc., in separate storage boxes. Place them under your bed or any other corner of the room.

4. Label storage

Storage boxes come in handy when sharing a closet. They can make up for drawers if you don’t have too many drawer spaces. Keep separate storage boxes for shoes, hats, innerwear, belts, etc. Label them or color-code them so that you don’t need to scramble through everything when getting ready.

5. Hire a professional

When you’re sharing a closet and your closet space is premium, hire a professional designer to maximize space utilization. A professional can help you customize the closet space by adding a shelf here or a cubby there, adding long and short rods, or shoe racks. Additionally, you can include a specialized storage accessory on your side of the closet, like a belt rack on one side and a jewelry drawer organizer on the other.

6. Consider double hanging

Every closet can have enough space if you know how to use it cleverly. Couples sharing a closet often prefer double hanging because it’s the least expensive way to maximize closet space. What’s cool is with double hanging, you can store two times the shirts, blouses, and pants in the same vertical space.

7. Choose velvet hangers over wooden or plastic hangers

Get rid of your chunky wooden and plastic hangers that chew up space and look ugly. Replace them with cohesive hangers. Velvet hangers especially look nice. They are sturdy, add space, and make your closet look much cleaner.

8. Maintain your shared closet

Whether you’re splitting your closet 50/50 or 70/30, you need to keep your closet organized for it to remain functional. Maintain some checks and balances to keep it clean and clutter-free. Like, whenever you take something out of the closet, put it back in the same place. And once a year, take time off from your regular schedule to do an annual decluttering of the closest to keep things organized.

9. Use additional storage

If you’re still running out of closet space, consider using under-the-bed storage to store what you only occasionally need. Another idea is to utilize your wall—place hooks to hang your daily wears, belts, ties, and necklaces. Just remember to keep it neat and don’t dump everything on the hook. You can use creative racks on your bedroom wall where you can keep your accessories neatly arranged.

10. Practice the one-in-one-out rule

If you have limited closet space and there’s no possibility of increasing the closet space, practice the one-in-one-out rule. In practice, this means if you buy a new pair of shoes or a new dress, something needs to be taken out and either recycled or donated.

11. Create visible boundaries

One person’s belongings drifting to another partner’s territory is not an unusual scene when it comes to sharing a closet. So it is a good idea to use colored-coded baskets and bins to segregate the space inside the closet. You can even use different color hangers to hang clothes on the common hanging rod. Finally, use separate laundry boxes to gather your dirty clothes instead of impeding your partner’s closet.

Follow these basic but practical couple closet ideas to keep all your belongings organized, and there will be possibly no hang-ups — be it in your closet space or your relationship. Keep the lines of communication open when it comes to closet-related matters. Finally, be respectful of each other’s belongings and feelings. After all, these are just clothes. What matters most is your bond with one another.

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