Cohousing is a method of forming a community. It’s sometimes referred to as an intentional living, and it’s just that: people living in a society that they’ve purposefully created. One important thing to note here is that, cohousing communities are neither forced nor regulated by external authority. All decisions are made and values are created by the residents alone. That’s what makes this kind of community living special and a lifestyle worth considering.

What is a cohousing community?

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We have learned that intentional living societies are described as a group of people coming together to create a neighborhood. Here, everyone has their own personal living space, in addition to a shared common house. This house typically includes a large kitchen, dining room, den, and laundry room.

Cohousing communities represent a set of values. Much of the time, the ideals revolve around living in a manner that fosters connection, fosters a sense of caring for one another, and is environmentally responsible.

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How intentional living can make us happier

Cohousing communities are organized around common space, so the relationships extend beyond civility. There’s a sense of unity and integrated support, which makes this concept a modern house with village virtues. People living in these communities collectively celebrate important occasions, new spouses, babies, and businesses. Moreover, offer comfort after the loss of a job or a loved one.

This is cohousing. It’s dependent and personal, but for all good reasons.

When I come into the common house on a dinner night, the babble of voices lifts my heart. If I’ve had a bad day, I know I’ll feel better after a home-cooked meal and dinner table conversation with my neighbors. – Laura McCamy who has lived in an intentional community for more than 14 years.

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This type of a community can also act as a safety net during natural disasters such as heat waves or hurricanes. Sociologist Eric Klinenberg discovered that the close relationships built in cohousing communities set them apart — far more so than resources or preparedness — in successfully enduring such disasters.

What is cohousing for seniors

Interest in cohousing communities for seniors is rapidly growing. Many seniors have embraced this form of community living, and it’s on the rise in the US.

Senior living communities include 20 to 40 single-family or attached homes arranged so that everyone shares the same lawn space and walkways. eople are living longer, and the demand for houses that are constructed for people to stay independent for longer with community support are high on the wish list.

Not just that, but loneliness and social disconnectedness have raised the need for social bonding and health services in many places.

In affluent cities, sharing daily meals in a community can be both cost-effective and mentally and emotionally relaxing. Rather than relying on the nuclear family unit to fulfill all of their emotional needs, residents have access to a diverse group of individuals.

Part of this growth is a recent boom in senior housing community, according to The New York Times. The Cohousing Association of the United States reported 13 completed senior housing developments, with two more being built and another 13 coming together, in the US.

How much does cohousing cost

Cohousing homes typically cost more than other new condos or townhomes, due to generous common facilities and environmentally sustainable features.

CityAverage Rent
San Francisco$1,233
New York City$3,091

Most communities offers communal living including regular maintenance and free Wi-Fi. When you compare that to the median rent of the same cities for a one-bedroom apartment, intentional living starts to look appealing.

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In other places, intentional housing developments include single-family residences within a community. Wild Sage, for example, is a community neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, where homes cost more than the Denver metro average; a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home was advertised for $725,000 at the time of publishing. Residents, on the other hand, contribute to house share management, resulting in lower homeowners association (HOA) costs.

Premium services are included in some cohousing communities. The WeLiving group in New York City has community studios starting at $3,091 a month, which include furnishings, housekeeping, a 24/7 front-desk crew, and a common chef’s kitchen.

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How to decide if intentional living community is for you

Depending on your lifestyle choices, you can live in a general cohousing environment or one specifically for seniors. Some individuals, for example, would choose to live in a mixed-age environment with a more family-like atmosphere and different age groups. Seniors will be willing to move to a quieter, slower-paced environment, such as a senior housing community.

Moreover, a study conducted by Cohousing Research Network in 2011 found that 96 percent of people interviewed who lived in cohousing communities reported improved quality of life; 75 percent felt their physical health was better than others their age, and 96 percent had voted in the 2008 presidential election.

Remote and location-independent workers who enjoy moving easily and often may appreciate intentional living. Modern properties cater to several needs, offering fully furnished units and flexible rental terms so that occupants are never stuck in a lease.

If you want to combine the best parts of solo living with the benefits of a small community then cohousing is for you. It’s a beautiful way to build meaningful social connections, utilize community amenities and, hence, a lifestyle worth experiencing.

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