More information about Global ID

How does GlobaliD preserve my data/privacy?

GlobaliD protects your privacy and data through our verification system and industry-leading security practices. GlobaliD verifications are statements that describe something about you that an independent, third-party verification agency has verified to be true.

Using public-key cryptography, your private data is encrypted and stored in the GlobaliD Vault and can only be accessed or shared with your explicit consent. This means that your data isn’t being redundantly stored by each new service provider you choose, is only accessed on a need-to-know basis, and that these verifications of yours are portable since they can be used to verify your identity with other GlobaliD partners.

In the case of a partner data breach, your data is safe since they were never storing it themselves. That service provider can then request to delete your private data from the GlobaliD Vault. Nobody — including GlobaliD — can decrypt your personal data without your express permission.

Why do I need to connect or use GlobaliD with Roomi?

In a digital world of unsecured data protection, we built Roomi to be a breath of fresh air. We have partnered with GlobaliD to provide you with the safety and transparency you deserve. We are taking verification and security to the next level! From this moment on it is mandatory for all current and new users to connect a GlobaliD account with Roomi so you can enjoy our services.

What is my GlobaliD name?

Just as every website has a domain name on the Internet, every person and entity can have a GlobaliD name. Since it will represent you like a domain in the world, please choose something you like. No two parties can have the same name, but users can have multiple names for public and private purposes. You cannot change your GlobaliD name once it has been claimed.

What to do If I forgot my user name?

If you have forgotten your username, please click here, and it will take you to a login screen. Once you are there, you will click on “Forgot GlobaliD Name” and follow the steps to reset your username.

What to do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please click here, and it will take you to a login screen. Once you are there, you will click on “Forgot Password” and follow the steps to reset your password.

Why do I need to connect my existing Roomi account to GID?

In order to use Roomi, we require that you connect or create a GlobaliD account. With GlobaliD, you collect verifications, which protect your privacy while giving you permission to take important actions online — like applying for a job, renting a room, or sending and receiving funds. Your GlobaliD identity and your verifications are portable, meaning that you can use it with any GlobaliD partner, and puts you in control.

Why my RoomiHandle is changed after connecting my account to GID?

As soon as you connect your GlobaliD account to Roomi we will change your RoomiHandle to whatever user name you created when signup in GlobalID, this helps us verify profiles and to maintain the same data on both ends.