With the new year around the corner, most of us might be cleaning and reorganizing our homes, with a plausible resolution to declutter our spaces and our lives. And in doing so, we might come across a lot of stuff lying around the house that we have never used, or rarely use. So, what do you do when you want to declutter but don’t want to just give things away or throw them in the trash? Well, you might want to try using apps for decluttering your home. That’s right, there are apps that will help you get rid of stuff.

With the internet at your disposal and new apps going live so often, there are many more platforms aside from Craigslist to sell used goods online. So stop kidding yourself that you’ll use this stuff someday, and sell your used goods online for a fresh new start.

Bonus: Declutter while adding extra cash to your gifting budgets for the festivities ahead!

1. Decluttr

The Decluttr app will help you… well… de-clutter your home! Firstly, you can use this platform to sell all used tech goods that you have no use for. For example if you have old cell phones to DVDs to game consoles, you can sell them all! Moreover, it’s not just good devices in working condition – you can sell your faulty devices too.

What’s more, there’s no hassle of taking pictures, adding descriptions and waiting for a bid! Because this app promises to make selling used goods online quick and seamless. So, if you’re looking for apps to get rid of stuff, check Decluttr out. Because there’s a reason it’s one of the most popular apps for decluttering!



  • The app gives you free instant valuation for the used goods you want to sell.
  • With easy shipping, you can simply drop the box with your item at the nearest shipping location.
  • Get automatic in transit insurance for the items you ship.
  • Receive payment via PayPal or direct deposits the next day.
  • Get an option to donate your profit to charity.
  • If you don’t get the price offered, you can request your gadget back for free!

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2. One of our favorite apps for decluttering: Poshmark

So, if you’ve ever looked at someone else’s clothes and wished you had that, now you can! (of course, that’s only if the owner is willing.)

Poshmark is a used clothing app that helps you be a part of a fashion loving community because it allows you and other people to shop from each other’s closets. So, If you’re looking for apps to get rid of stuff from your closet, this one’s perfect for you!

Because if you have things hanging in your closet that don’t fit anymore, or clothes and accessories you’ve outgrown, this is one of the best apps for decluttering your closet!



  • Attend ‘Posh Parties’ that are virtual events for buying and selling used clothing. Browse, buy and list items with friends.
  • Sustainable shopping made easy and super fun!
  • Get pre-paid, pre-addressed labels for your used clothing and accessories.
  • Leverage simple shipping. Simply drop the package off at a USPS mailbox or have it picked up for free from your home!
  • Posh Protect and 24/7 customer service keeps you and your items safe.
  • Shop or sell for a diverse audience on this used clothing app. A marketplace for all genders and kids! Filter by styles, brands, sizes and price points.
  • Become a part of fashionable communities. Connect with people and make new friends who love your kind of fashion.

3. Nextdoor

The Nextdoor app is the perfect platform to connect with your local community. For instance, you can sell used goods online, or find events around the neighborhood, or stay updated about the neighborhood you live in! It’s one of those unique apps for decluttering that will also help you get to know your neighbors!


  • Connect with your neighbors and stay informed about local news.
  • Stay safe with a fully private app that is restricted to your local neighborhood only.
  • Sell used goods locally and declutter!
  • Get an option to ‘sell for good’ and donate your proceeds to a cause.

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4. Bookscouter

This is one of the best apps for decluttering for all the bibliophiles out there! So, If you have books that you’re done reading or will never use – from college textbooks to novels – this platform helps you sell used books online. Bookscouter will help you declutter while you earn some extra cash! So, if you’re looking for apps to get rid of all your books, check this one out!


  • Get connected with companies that buy used textbooks online.
  • Get the best prices for your books.
  • Leverage free shipping on the books you sell.
  • Get paid the same day your book is received by your buyer.
  • Check ratings and reviews for vendors who buy used books online.

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