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How To Be Productive While Working From Home

Hey there, procrastinators, are you all set to leave your old ways behind and be productive? Many of us are spending a lot of time indoors working from home because of the novel Coronavirus pandemic. While this may be something you’ve yearned for for years, it somehow feels challenging to be productive, especially when there’s no one watching you.

Whether you start work way after sunrise or at the witching hour, and whether you’re a full-time employee or a freelancer, these tips are for everyone. Let this article be your guide whenever the lines between comfort and work start to blur.

1. Define a work station

If you are like 98% of us who get distracted easily, you need a workstation like an island; serene but cut off from the world. Are you familiar with the distractions of the bed and the seduction of those crisp fresh sheets that call you to nap? Don’t fall victim to those temptations – separate your workstation from your nap station. Start by dedicating a corner or a room as your ‘workplace’. That way, when you enter it, you know, you are ‘going to work’. Bottom line – don’t try to sleep where you work and don’t try to work where you sleep.

2. Set a Time

Imagine reaching your 10 am shift at the office by waking up at 10 am. Impossible right? Unless you’re Barry Allen – then it’s possible! For a successful work from home scenario, you need to work exactly how you used to work at the real-life office. If you used to wake up at 8 to exercise and commute to work, try following the same pattern with your WFH regime. Switch your otherwise commute time with a shower, prepping coffee, enjoying a hearty breakfast, or studying your to-do list.

3. Don’t stay in your PJs

We are all guilty of this. Working in our PJs and throwing a shirt on top for those office conference calls has become the ‘new normal’. However, studies suggest that staying in your PJs all day long may affect your mental health, focus and productivity. We are a product of routine, and getting dressed every day plays a huge part in our daily routine. One of the biggest luxuries of WFH is the freedom to wear what you want. So ditch your regular sleepwear and get into those comfy clothes and only change into your PJs when you decide to call it a day.

4. Declutter

All the messy people in the house get your hands up…and clean. If your workstation adorns superhero miniatures, tangled up wires, and dishes from last night – it’s time for you to put those things away and declutter.

An ideal desk should be close to a window and have all the stuff you need, like a bottle of water, quick snacks, and stationery. The goal is to avoid distractions, your trips to the fridge, and to maximize productivity.

5. Give yourself a break

Schedule break times and use them to recharge (come what may).

This will increase your productivity, especially when you start boring tasks that you have been procrastinating over for a while. When beginning these tedious tasks, set a 15-minute timer and train yourself to focus. When you know that there is light at the end of this dull tunnel, you will glide through it like a pro. Make sure your breaks are not more than 10 minutes, or this activity will turn counterproductive.

6. Prepare your to-do list and your meals the night before

The pain of working from home and prepping your meals alongside this is something that we are all too familiar with. Save yourself the trouble and prep your meals and your to-do list the night before – it saves you plenty of time and energy and is something the entire Roomi team swears by. How else do you think you get an article every day?! Also, for all of you living on instant noodles and potato chips – get yourself a real meal, you guys!

Is the concept of a home office depressing you? Try some of these tips to enhance your home office and lighten your mood 🙂