Alas, the holiday season is upon us! The beautiful Christmas trees, the festive lights and the sparkling decorations…it’s all so magical! It’s one of few times in a year that you get to spend quality time with your friends and family. And just bask in the spirit of the holiday season while cooking up thoughts of making extra money for the holidays. So in this blog we’re going to talk about how to make money for Christmas to take your celebration up a notch!

But since the pandemic is here to stay, just like with everything else this year, this one is going to be a little different. There won’t be any big Christmas celebrations or New Year’s Eve parties this time around. However, the one thing that will remain the same is that your expenses will increase. And for once, most of us have the time to pick up a side hustle and make extra money for the holidays. So, in the spirit of this festive season, let’s all gather around (while socially distancing, of course.) And figure out how to make extra money for the holidays, pandemic style.

1. Make and sell holiday crafts

How do you make extra money for the holidays during the season? Well, if you are gifted in arts and crafts, you could consider sharing your skills and selling holiday crafts. After all, one of the best parts of this season is the decorations!

Christmas stockings, holiday cards, seasonal candles- the list is endless. And it doesn’t have to be all about Christmas; if you want ideas for Hanukkah decorations, here are some great options! Whether you want to stick to traditional decorations or craft something entirely new, we guarantee there’s an audience for it.

Sites like Etsy, eBay and Fiverr are great platforms where you can put up your stuff and get a really good deal. So pick up your supplies and get crafting to make extra money for the holidays.

2. Become a holiday driver to make extra money for the holidays

Holiday season invariably means that there will be a hike in package deliveries. Sending out gifts and packages to your loved ones who live across the country has become a pretty standard part of the holidays. And the pandemic has made mailing gifts even more popular. Which is to say that drivers are in pretty high demand during the season.

So if you have a car (enjoy driving), and don’t mind odd hours, this could be the job for you to make extra money for the holidays! Simply do an internet search for delivery jobs in your area. Then find a listing that suits you, and you could become your neighborhood’s friendly gift bearer! Ahoy Santa!

3. Become a holiday helper to make money for Christmas

Holiday helper kinda sounds like a job for Santa’s elves. And as charming as that picture is, you don’t actually need to be an elf to be a holiday helper. This season brings with it a variety of jobs to make extra money for the holidays. And you can choose from being a holiday shopper to wrapping Christmas presents to helping families with putting up their decorations. So keep an eye out on your social media handles for these jobs to come across many such listings.

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4. Retail jobs are a good way to make extra money for the holidays

Retail jobs, also known as the dream job of any 15-year-old looking to make extra money for the holidays or otherwise, can be tricky. If you’ve worked in the service industry before, the idea of working a retail job during the holiday season might make you want to scream. And that’s before even taking into account the whole pandemic situation. After all, people in general aren’t known to be at their kindest while holiday shopping.

However, if you can get past this, a retail job can be an excellent way to make extra money for the holidays. Especially because of the increase in demand during the holiday season.

And you don’t even have to necessarily work the cash register. There are many different jobs waiting to be filled! So check out your local retail outlets, social media and job sites for something that’s right for you to make extra money for the holidays.

5. Consider house/baby/pet sitting to make money for Christmas

Ah yes, ‘tis the season where numerous “sitting” jobs are in high demand to help you make money for Christmas. The pandemic may mean that families aren’t travelling much this year, but that doesn’t mean house sitters are going out of business.

The holiday season is as stressful as always, so babysitting and petsitting jobs seem to be going nowhere. So, call up your friends, families and neighbors and see if any of them are looking for assistance and get on your way to make extra money for the holidays.

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