Staten Island may be known for the wrong things from the past. Like being a place of drug transit between New Jersey and other parts of the city. However, things have changed and the Island is flourishing that everybody will envy you living there. The following perks make Staten Island a great place to live in.

Living & exploring fun things to do in Staten Island

1. Great entertainment

Obviously, nobody wishes to live in a boring environment at this age and time. Living in Staten Island brings unlimited entertainment options with state-of-the-art redesigned cinemas, amazing bowling places, great bars, and nightlife entertainment, St. George Theater, and the Staten Zoo just to mention a few.  If you really intend to impress your roommates the first time you meet in Staten Island, you will be spoilt of choice of the best entertainment joints available to choose from.

After a long and busy week at work, you can be sure of the best entertainment that will blow your mind as you chill through the weekend. Entertain yourself at Fly High Indoor Trampoline and Escape the Room together with the Christmas tree lightings that every second in Staten Island a lovely place to spend the rest of your life in.

Unlike the rest of the city, access to numerous parks makes Staten Island such a place you would love to live in. the park system uplifted by the redesigned landfill offers the best natural beauty that will take your breath away. Quite a number of roommates prefer these natural sceneries as they explore the city’s borough.

2. The new Ferris wheel and Construction improvements

Credits: The New Republic

The $580 Million Ferris wheel in St. George expected to open in 2018, with several other residential and commercial constructions make Staten Island the place to be. The Ferris wheel is an awesome upgrade of the Island with the addition of the renovations of the mall.

Great residential constructions also can’t be left out such as Urby, the Island’s largest residential building with about 900 apartments. The residential construction is an eco-friendly building that attracts class of its own kind.

3. Living in Staten Island = Amazing food

We all love amazing food and this place won’t disappoint you. With the first day out with your roommates, you intend to have the best food possible and with the best places to eat in Staten Island, according to my opinion, you will get all options you want, thanks to the cultural diversity of the people living here. With Japanese, Italian, Tex-Mex, Spanish, Vietnamese, desserts, and many other restaurants and food joints to eat at, you can be sure you will find every kind of food you want. There is absolutely everything for everyone on this small Island.

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4. Convenient and easy transportation

The best part of Staten Island; you have convenient transportation that connects you to other cities and neighborhoods. Despite the fact that the transport system can’t be said to be the best ever, at least it offers the convenience for commuters who love travelling outside the Island.

Moreover, there is the railway system that connects the Island to Tottenville through St. George, a ferry connecting to Manhattan, and bridges that connect Staten with New Jersey and Brooklyn. You don’t need to worry about transport if you want to live in Staten Island while working in other parts of the city. Roommates from any of the New York City’s boroughs can conveniently reach out to each other, thanks to the convenience of the transport system.

Staten Island is a small and least populated of New York City’s boroughs. This is an amazing thing to consider if you are looking for a home that gives you enough room to breathe. Staten Island brings forth a wealthy history, peaceful fascination, and attractive neighborhoods that will go well with everyone’s everyday life preferences. For a Millennial, it is a great place to live solo but among the best area to have roommates.

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